How To Style Long Hair For Formal Event/Interview

  • Posted on 15 March, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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What'S going on boys, so today's video is going to be for all you guys who have long hair and in today's video, what i'm going to be going over is how you should style your hair for a formal occasion, if you have very long hair, let's get Into it all right, so let's get into this video guys so how to style your hair for a formal occasion, if you have long hair now for some reason there is this stigma that having long hair is not professional. Maybe it has to do the fact that most men have always had their hair short for you know, business attire and just anything that pertains to being a little bit more professional, but that does not mean that you are unprofessional if you have long hair. If you take care of yourself and you take care of your hair, it says a lot about you and i don't think it. It takes away from how you present yourself professionally. So with that being said, guys the first way that you can style your hair for a formal occasion, it's going to be just letting it flow okay, but there are a few things you have to look out for if you are styling it like this, and that Is you want to make sure that you are taming down the frizz in your hair? Okay, you do not want this to be a big old, poofy messy ball. You still want to have a nice uniform shape when it comes to having your hair from all angles. Guys, it's all about the silhouette of your of your overall shape. That'S the most important part when it comes to hair, styling and haircuts is the silhouette and the shape. So, even though my hair is down right now, as you guys can tell if i pull all this stuff forward, okay, what i'm gon na do is you don't even need to use a comb or nothing like this guys is depending on your hair texture. What i do is, i just grab grab it with my fingers. My thumbs underneath and my fingers up here comes kind of like a brush and i pull from the roots to the ends of my hair, okay and i like to see how it likes to lay naturally and flat, and when i do that, what i do is I look at the overall shape. Okay, now i can see i mean there's some things that you cannot control like this is sticking out now you know, but in certain areas you can control the overall shape of your hair. You know and run your fingers down from the roots, to the tips to kind of shape the hair into a more appealing and nice. Looking looking hairstyle when you are, are letting it flow down and just doing its thing. Okay and then what you can do to finalize this is to use a little bit hairspray to really lock in the overall shape of your hair. Now, obviously, having long hair it's going to move around, you know the elements wind and stuff, but if you're needing to take some pictures - or you know you really are - you know - you're having a a meeting or something on no resume or something. This is a really good way to just keep it simple, but professional, throw on a nice shirt and there you have it. You know nothing too fancy, so that is the first way to style. Your hair for a formal occasion is to just leave it natural and let it let it flow, but just make sure that this shape everywhere is nice and clean. Also, you want to kind of mess around with how your hair likes to fall. Naturally, up here with a part, my hair lights apart right here, okay, it looks very natural, i'm not trying to force it a lot of the times i like to go like this. Now you guys can see when i do this. My hair does not look as well kept as far as it being in a professional setting. This looks good as they just you know, laying around more more just a you know: easy going style, that's okay, but for a former formal occasion we want this to be nice and cleaned up. Just like that, all right now, the second style that i would highly recommend - and this is probably the one that i would say, is going to be your best bet. If you're really worried about it, uh you're going to need a few things for this, and that is going to start off with a hair tie. Okay, i like to use the long hairs hair ties. The xl hair ties is where i found these guys online. You see these are massive hair ties. These are great for guys who have really thick coarse hair like me, that way it does. It doesn't provide so much tension at the root when it pulls up okay, so you want something: that's not going to be. Super super uh, no tension on your hair. They make hair ties for specific hair types guys so, when you're buying hair ties double check to make sure that it, it suits your hair texture and your hair type. You know the spine course medium. There'S a bunch of different hair ties for different densities of hair. So but i like the exhales, because it's just the less tension on my hair and they're, the most comfortable and honestly they're, the most manly, i think, okay, so you're gon na have to you need a hair tie. The next thing you guys are gon na need is some type of hair product. Okay, what i like to use is a pomade, an oil-based pomade. This is the stuff that i make uh. This stuff will be available soon guys. So if you guys are interested in my pomades, the adam's hair, stuff, fresh slick and the adam's hair stuff og blend, the stuff is gon na be available soon. I will make a video on release, dates and stuff coming up, so the next thing you're going to need is a pomade or you can use a clay you can use whatever okay, depending on what you're going for. I like a more more shiny appearance. If you want something, that's more matte, uh or - or you know not as as shiny use, use a clay or something like that, something that suits you also for these hairstyles. I also wanted to mention real quick is that my hair is not washed okay, i have not washed my hair in about a week. Okay, so my hair is not all poofy, not all frizzy, which is really gon na help with maintaining this hairstyle and making it more manageable guys, because when you wash your hair too much, it gets too brizzy you strip the oils out of it. Okay, now it makes it a lot more manageable for me as it's been about a week, so that i would say, is a good, a good little tip, for you is to make sure that you're not washing your long hair too much to get it more manageability. One last thing: you're going to need guys is a brush okay, so for this hairstyle, what i like to do is i brush my hair first, okay, and what we're gon na do is we're gon na brush our hair all the way back, all right, just like So what we just want to get it all flowing in the same direction? Okay, show you from the back we're just going to get get it all flowing. Now you can't also throw in a hair tonic at this point to uh. You know get get some stimulation down to the scalp and everything so we're just gon na get it flowing all back. Okay. Now, once we have this stuff, nice and flowy like this. Okay, honestly, i don't even need to use pomade if i don't want to, because i still have a little bit of residue left in my hair. My hair already has a good shine, but i'm going to use a little bit anyway. So, like i said, i'm using myself adam's, hairstyle, fresh slick and the beauty of the oil base that i like for long hair guys is. You barely need any i'm literally using a pea sized amount if that, okay, just a little bit, what i'm going to do is once i have my hair nice and brushed back like this, i'm going to grab my pomade okay and i'm going to work it in Also, these hairs ties i'm going to make sure that i have it where i can set it all right got my pomade. What i'm going to do is i'm going to lightly pull my hair back from the roots and back and we're going to grab the hair and put it up into a bun. Okay, all right, so we're just gon na keep doing this where we're grabbing the hair. Nice and tight and nice and uniform okay i'll show you from the back here. So i'm grabbing all my hair as much as possible into the center of my head, and i like it to be a little bit lower. Do not put this too high guys we're going to try to give the illusion that we have a nice slicked up hairstyle, even though we have long hair, okay. So now what i'm going to do is i have this hair right, i'm gon na pull the ends out, get this palm mate in here now that i have this set, i'm gon na grab my hair tie. Okay, pull it over once pull this hair through twist. Okay, depending on the tension of your of your hair tie and i'm gon na grab this hair. Okay, pull this end out. I'M gon na grab the end of my hair, tie, pull up and just go over halfway on the hair and then and then gently remove my thumb from the center and just dress this up a little bit. Okay and then i grab the rest of this hair and just get it nice and uniform okay, you can put it back put it this way. Okay, that's my bun and then what we're left with is a more nice slipped up. Hairstyle and like i said, if you need to, we can move that hair and now it just gives the illusion that i have a nice selective hairstyle. Now, if you're going to go one step further, what you can do is grab, i would recommend grabbing a bore brush like this. Okay, you want a board brush that does not have bristles okay and then what we're going to do is we're going to lightly brush the hair with a bore brush. What this is going to do is lay away any flyaways okay and get it nice and slicked up against your scalp, but when you're using this brush, guys we're not trying to get into the hair the hair strands itself, we're going in and we're lightly lifting away. Okay, because you do not want to cause more frizz, which you can, if you do not do this technique right, okay and there we have it guys, a nice slicked up hairstyle for a formal occasion, if you need it, okay, now another thing you can do. Is you can grab a little bit of your product and grab this stuff and then what you can do is actually twist this bun on itself. If your hair is long enough and then feed it into the rest of your hair of your of your hair tie, so then you got a more cleaned up bun and you can use a little bit of hairspray a little bit of pomade to kind of dab To make the frizz a little bit less men uh less noticeable and that right there guys will be our final hairstyle with long hair for a nice formal occasion that way, if you have a wedding or you have an interview or something like that, this will be Very beneficial to keep your hair like this okay, i would highly recommend uh using an oil-based pomade boar brush, and i really do like the long hair, uh they're called the long hairs. Uh hair ties because they add they pose little damage to the hair. When it comes to pulling on hair strands, especially for guys who have very thick hair, they do make regular hair ties as well, and it just gives a more professional appearance. I guess you could say so uh yeah, that is going to be the best way. I would say to style your long hair for a formal occasion, bonus style, for you, guys, okay, and that is going to be the half pony guys. Now i really do like this style. I don't think it is the best for a formal occasion. It does look really good, though uh, if you are doing something, that's not like super formal. Okay. I like this, look because it gives more of like that medieval kind of look, and i really like that, like like the witcher or lord of the rings, or you know, game of thrones kind of vibes is what i get from it: okay, and that is going To be the half pony, okay, now, sometimes i don't like doing this with my hair, because my hair is really wavy if you have really straight hair. This is a really good one you to use and also, if you have fine hair, because i find with thick hair. Sometimes this stuff doesn't want to cooperate, it sticks out and it gets annoying and doesn't look the best uniform, because you want this to be kind of flat, okay and then what you, what you're going to do is basically just grab your thumbs. Pull it up, pull pull a half pony and then tuck the rest of this hair behind your ears, you, don't you can't, leave it like this, to give more of that aragon from lord of the rings kind of vibe. You know, but i like to tuck it behind my ears, to give it to open up your face just to give you a better, no more bright kind of feeling in your appearance. Okay, you know this seems more closed off to me when you have your hair, laying this way you're ready to ready to go into war. You know what i mean, but this really opens up the face. I think makes it look a lot better for a formal occasion, guys so bonus style, for you guys very easy to do, but i would say: stick with the last style, if you really need it to be nice and formal and nice and cleaned up for pictures Or something like that, but this is also a very good hairstyle right on guys, that's going to wrap it up for this video. I appreciate you guys watching this, and, if you liked this video be sure to give me a thumbs up, it really helps me out with the algorithms on youtube. Also no share the video and all that good stuff. If you have not yet man be sure to check out the channel, and if you like what you see hit that subscribe button turn on the notification bell that way: you're not missing any of my future content. Also for all you guys who have long hair and our experience with it, leave a comment down below for all the other guys, so you can give them some advice on. Maybe some hairstyles that worked out for you for dressing for formal occasions or any feedback leave them in the comments below guys. Like i stated earlier in the video guys, adam's hair stuff pomades are going to be available very soon. I'M going to be making a video on a launch date here in the next couple weeks or so so keep an eye out for that guys, really good stuff. That i've been working on uh put my my all into this, and it really works well with long hair and styles like this, and also just classic hairstyles, so adam's hair stuff is going to be coming out very soon. Also links in the description guys for the boar brush and also the other brush that i use in this video, which is actually a boar brush with some bristles on it and then uh. You know as far as hair ties and stuff go, i would recommend you know doing some research for yourself. I would. I would check out the long hairs um. You know, they're, not sponsoring, for this video or nothing like that, but um. I really like the product. So i would check them out all that being said guys, i am an amazon affiliate, so anything you do purchase in those links down below. I do get compensated for so i just want to be straight up with you about that right on guys, stay fresh because you deserve the best and we will see you guys next time. Take it easy. You


Wilson Molina: This was a great video, thank you for your explanation, it was clear and easy to follow. Regards.

Childfreedude: Fresh out of the shower, my go-to is a French fish tail braid beginning at the occipital. I'll either roll it up into a low bun like you did in this video, or will leave it long and tie a red ribbon (my hair is dark brown, and looks almost black with pomade in it) down the length of the braid like the Native Americans do. I'll take out the braid after a few days and, given that it was wet and dried in the braid, it's wild and crazy and anything but formal and that's fine with me!

jarontaliman1: Been watching you since the side part days and have long hair now also. The LongHairs have been my goto for years. As fair as professional looks, a low bun that is neat is the ultimate for goto.

Halle Berry: Thank you. this gave me more confidence for the interview for sure.

Andrei Radulescu: The medieval one is my all time favorite hairstyle! However I always f*ck it up and either put it to high or too low and it looks weird. Could you please do a more in depth video on this one? Thank you very much and I'm happy I've discovered your channel. Cheers!

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Ben Sears: How is your hair so thick dude? I feel as though mine has been thinning since I’ve grown it out.

Alex Capo: Adam is the man

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