Maintaining Men'S Long Hair While Growing It Out

  • Posted on 03 April, 2015
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Men's long hair inspiration! In this tutorial we show you how to get a long hair inspired hairstyle. Haircut & styling by Slikhaar Studio. Get your By Vilain Products here!
















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Slikhaar TV is a hairstyling channel for men founded by the twin brothers Emil & Rasmus. We give you new hairstyle inspiration every week: Tutorials, how-to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles and professional tips to optimize your hair and overall style.

Hi guys thank you for tuning in and slick-haired TV today we will show you how to maintain your hair while you're growing it out. So let's go to Katarina. She has the model in the chair. Hey got one sticker TV today I have my mother. Easter is fiercely, is actually my second other, so be nice. It to be race, has another cut here and it's gon na, so he wants to have a longer, have fun and want to go down. So now I'll show you I'm insane your hairstyle so to miss. I ready to do it. Yes, super stay tuned, ESS out, it's done and I think Katerina its was super awesome watching you cutting the hair. Do you like your new Versace this, like that's awesome, so you're ready to have a long hair like to the back? So, on, okay, ready for the beach, let's go suffer, so if the size is the bar, six is really the stuff is about it. We have actually not cut a bit much, we have thinned it out of it and then I have fled it to life together. So, from now on, when it appears his hair is grown, it's growing out in the long long we'd like you guys to come, then come section down below. Let us know what you think about the long hair style. Is it something for you? We would like to know over you so guttering that what it's left to say leave some comments. If you have some ideas like wants to see the next video so leave it in the comment section down below subscribe, follow us on Instagram. You have an improv eye and we also have the new snapchat so keep up with the videos and then we'll see you next week see you guys.

Call Me Swivel Hips: Patron: "I want to grow my hair out to be twice as long" Hairdresser: "Okay, great!" *Proceeds to cut off 2/3rds of patron's hair*

Ben Watkins: This is a great cut. I am currently growing my hair out and going through that messy mop look. Now with the help of this video I can get my hair cut in a way to still look fresh, but also reach the end goal of long hair... Thanks guy!!! Keep up the good work :)

Omelette Du Fromage: Starting to grow it out for months now and sporting a similar hairstyle to this. Pretty cool as you can just brush it up or tousle it sideways for 2 unique looks with no effort. Awesome vid!

Gonzalo M: I love this 'cause i'm trying to grow up my hair longer, but i do have a lot of hair so it's all over the place. This is perfect to maintain a good haircut while it grows :D

Shah b.Murad: I definitely need this to maintain and growing it out at the long run. Great finishing btw. Nice style!

kyu 1985: Scandinavians are just blessed with good looks

Mizan Miah: Great hairstyle especially for growing out hair. Also proud of you guys. Your English has been improving very well (been watching your videos for a year now). Can't wait to see some new cuts and styles.

James Cheney: I've had long hair in the past, but I quite like this style as its a ,intrude looks great slicked back but also some nice length. Any tips on how to grow hair quicker and should I let it grow or trim it every 4-6 weeks?

Patric: I have very thick hair and a hair stylist used thinning shears on my hair after about a years worth of growth and it was a terrible mistake. It made the ends very thin and the new growth was so much thicker compared with the ends. I'll never let someone do that again.

SoFreshSoClean81: this is my favorite look I'm going to do this next LOVE IT thank you for the inspiration

useBitChute fightCensorship: I think they could of just cut up the sideburns, cleaned the nape, and called it a day. They took off a lot of length; probably setting him back around 2 months.

TheNotoriousTarek: i've been growing my hair for around 6 months now. the top is around 12cm long (5 inches). what's the best way to maintain this?

Julio Carmona: Long hair style is definitely what im doing for years to come. of course maintenance is extremely important

Martin Rasmussen Hair/styling: finally a new video!! :) soooooo nice! growing out my sides also so this video is PERFECT!  :)

Ifwat Hma: Awesome! Just in time for me to grow out my hair longer

KaysianReigns: Could you do a video based on guys with long hair? I haven't found many videos for men with long hair. My hair is as long as Thor's hair (shoulder length) but I'm not sure how to maintain it while rocking a tidy messy style, I'm afraid to go to a hair salon because I don't know what to ask for.

Mr. S.: Excellent hair cut for longer hair. However, how long will it be since one should have it trim again without disrupting the hair growth? Cutting the hair won't let it grow as a rule of thumb. It seems a bit contradictory. Just curious as I favor longer hair for me.

John Payne: my tips: 1. dont wash it all the time, 2. dont put a lot of products in it, and 3. dont blow dry it! oh, and the side burns are almost at the front of the face and they actually can take the longest to grow out and reach all the way to the back of the head. shaved side burns are totally lame in my opinion.

Jake Hamley: Hey guys, amazing job, as always! Quick question... What was the brush that was used during the blow dry? I'd love to get one! I also love your product line, they work amazing in my hair! Greetings from England

Che-Sheng Wu: this's awesome!! I'm growing my hair as well, this video helps me a lot!!! Please make more video about men's long hair style.

Baun: "This is Tobias, he wants to grow his hair out." - Cuts off all his hair -

Anas Kanon: Hey guys, I am not sure this video is still active for questions, and sorry if the same questions been already asked.. 1. How can anyone maintain this style? what does it depend on? the style? or the length of the hair? or any other thing? 2. What kinda conditioner or gel or cream do you strongly recommend to keep up the same style for like 6 to 10 hours? Thanks,

austin jackson: You can tell Rasmus and Katarina read the comments and always try to improve their videos. You guys have improved your English and overall feel to the videos a lot. Thanks for another great video!

Amayas Sadeg: A good idea would be to do tutorials of curly/wavy hair hairstyles, and the way to dry them and keeping them straight. A fan from Algeria :)

Gsxr_Matt _: "He wants to have long hair" lets go cut off 2-3 inches. Makes sense.

Jon Blitch: Looks great!  thanks for the length information.

David Brunell: I wish i could find a stylist like you guys near me, Ive had so many bad expiriences that i refuse to let anyone touch my hair and its down to my shoulders now and it definitely needs a touch up but im so terrified to go anywhere cause every time i go they mess it up. I once went and asked to get the back trimmed and thinned out so it didnt look like i had a mullet and he basicaly cut 6 inches of my hair off. i was so angry I refused to pay. and i explained more than once what i wanted. I said i wanted to continue growing it out and that i just wanted the back trimmed by maybe an inch or so and i went from almost shoulder length to it barely passing my eyebrows. sigh..

Will Aleman: I'm very interested in a video that explain all steps used to make a layer cut for long and medium length wavy hair for men. I will appreciate the help. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Zak: Long hair (shoulder length max) looks awesome. More men should adopt this hairstyle.

Alejandro Rodriguez: What about mantaining hair when growing it out for us guys with thick and curly hair? Would appreciate it

xTriicKySPEEDY: Awesome hairstyle !!! You should do a before/after picture. Just a suggestion. Huge subscriber and keep up the amazing job !!!

Patrick Younes: I think it would've been better to not abuse the wax at the end.  Having hair with more volume would've looked better on him, at 3:03 he looked best. If anything, using hair straighteners would've also looked really good, since that's what I do with my hair. Thank you for actually doing a video on long hairs, looking forward to more of them! 

ELFOUAD: Super Katrina (y) I loved your work & I'm growing my hair and it's a bit hassle to take care of it with my own hands !

Louis Laxamana: Can you do a follow up video for this? I would like to see how his hair grew out after this haircut and how long his hair is now. Thanks!

lovyazid: I was waiting for a vid like this, i'm just in the middle of growing out my hair, and i was contemplating if i should or shouldn't get a maintanance haircut.

Timothy Chew : Good vid guys. I love it when they explain about how long the hair is in the last part of the vid

KevinB103: Any tips for growing out hair that is thick and wavy? My hair is in between straight and wavy, closer to wavy.

Motivation Me: This is very helpful you guys are awesome!!

Vinicius L: OMG, this women is amazing!

Myname Jeff: Wow, im not going to lie. I could not stop looking at Emil/Rasmus (sorry I dont know which one) hair. It looks amazing! Getting a hair cut Saturday, and I am most definetly going to show this video and pause on your hair. Great volume and fade/blend on the sides and back.

Daniel Posthuma: It would be really cool to see you guys do a tutorial for Jake Gyllenhaal's hair in Nightcrawler.

Ken Hoover: Very cool! It was great to see a video focusing on long hair.

Samuel Adamo: Nice video! Very helpful! Thanks!

Palash Chhaperwal: could you please upload a video for a style IN PHASE OF GROWING HAIR when hair is about 3-4 inches long..?

I am Crayon: Maybe you guys could make a video about some problems with mens hair. So for example the receiding hairline. Tipps what to do against and maybe good haircuts to hide them OR to let them flow into the new haircut.

Daniel H: That's an awesome clip. I'm growing my hair out too, mine is about the same length, but my hair is wavy/curly (the same as Harry Styles). Can you do a clip on men with curly hair?

Potato: Great vid! coincidental how I'm growing my hair out and it's at this stage. Btw, she's easy on the eyes.

brutalbeetle: For those that are complaining about cutting it, undercuts look like shit when you grow them out and don't re-style them.

TheFreshestMeat: For hair wax should you be able to feel it in your hair or should it feel like nothing?

don keyballs: I haven't had a haircut in over 3 years and my phone recommended this video ,I think my hair is way beyond what they call " long hair " in this video

Zulfkar Rather: Best hairstyle to date by far! Long hair is much smarter and looks so much better than short hairstyles.

Luke Sandoval: What kind of product would you use to achieve this same look for someone who's got curly hair?

kv: Anyone else love the sound and the feeling of the cold scissor when the barber is cutting around your ear?

remy Khuong: Love the energy in her.

yussef rahimzada: i have an undercut and i was wondering about growing out my hair but i have 3 problems: 1. by the time i grow it out will long hair / man buns be out of style? 2. i also cant grow any facial hair so would it be weird (PS I'm only 15, that why) 3. i also have thick, fizzy and wavy hair.

Mauricio Castrejón: It is amazing, this will be my next look

WnmHii: Great look but just like my last barber, gets carried away and forgets that the kid wanted to GROW HIS HAIR OUT


N7Trooper N7: It's really good. Awesome layers. Great vid

Sotboi: Is it normal to have hair being pulled out when adding wax to your hair?

JO: Hopefully I'll go to your barber shop next year, planning a vacation to Europe and Denmark will be one of the destinations I'll be at

Josette, obviously.: Wow... She texturized and thinned his hair to the point of no return she basically killed good grow out and made his hair look abused and damaged. The hair cut looked good before she did that.

TraceguyRune: I'm growing my hair out the real way. Not cutting or trimming what so ever. 7+ months in now.

Tomislav Samija: moreee long hair!! like young johnny depp or young leonardo dicaprio styles

Rocke8ear: I have a very very humble request. I have very very silky hair. I am growing it. They are long enough. But its hard to comb backwards my hair. It comes in front. So can you make video about this. Like what to do if you have very very thin silky hair and you want to grow them Long and maintain them.

Abraham Vazquez: I know im late but im growing out my hair and i was wondering if i should continue getting edge ups or just let that grow out too?

josephcardenas10: The video I needed :). Thank you

TheonlyHoneyBadger: why does everyone in Denmark look so goddamn beautiful?

BuyETH: Step 1 to growing out hair: Don't cut it.

Pradeep Kiran: You can feel sorry for those who have no hair.. I lost my front hairline and all hair are so thin

Alysaere: How to maintain long hair as it grows out: cut INCHES off at a time, apparently. Screw your feathering, if I go in every 9-10 weeks with maybe 1/2"-1 1/2" of growth to get a 1/8" taken off to keep from getting split ends, I damn well want 1/8" and no more!

formigalformigal: 1:10 That's a month and a half of progress gone to waste, right there. I haven't got my hair cut in 9 months and never had any problems

Cam: Hey I got an idea. Use a good shampoo and conditioner, get a brush and wide tooth comb, and *don't cut it* for God's sake. You think those rock stars in the 70's made sure to get it trimmed every six weeks? No, they grew it out all the way and rocked on.

Hector 平静️: I don't have the best hair ever and it's about 3 cm all around. When I pull it up it stays up and gel just makes it harder then it already it is. It's also kinda oily. What type of haircuts can I get? Should I grow it out? What type of hair do I have?

frostedcornflakes: Gotta get to Denmark just so I could get really awesome haircuts.

Sweetexorcist7: Great cut and style!

pikenesjensW: Does the hair sprays work for thinner hair?

Luke Stewart: the outros are always so awkward I love it so much.

Ben McConnell: I would love to see Brandon Flowers new long hairstyle!

Vlado Montezuma: Easiest and best way to grow out your hair is that you need to cut hair on head on same level(like bald for example) and than just let it grow

Edward Alvarez: Looks great. You should post more videos.

Emre Y: Ben McKenzie's (James Gordon) hair from Gotham would be nice.

Harry Bolland: This is the video I have been waiting for for SO LONG

Oswaldo L. B: well, i finally found some for long hairstyle, thanks

Andy William: quite similar to one of louis tomlinson's hairstyles in 2014. exact same length but different styling. It's a great video!

James Richards: Well done. He looks a hundred times better now. Do the Luke shaw hairstyle

Marc: Hello! At 4:18, what where the measurements for the sides and the top? I can't understand very well. Thank you, love the video!

x x: This is awesome guys!!! i thougt of some names you might like using for new products hope you might like them By Vilain Sandstorm By Vilain Pro By Vilain Skyscraper (guess thats well written?) By Vilain Wildlife By Vilain Star Styler By Vialin Diamond Shine By Vilain Royalty Hope i could help you guys out and as always, i love you guys thanks a ton for these vids and stay tuned =)

Jboblot: May you guys please do the top knot with the undercut hairstyle like zayn malik has? That would be awesome, cause my hair is close to that length.

Edd Hall: Can you guys do a manbun with an undercut? Not many vids on YouTube of it at all and it's very popular atm.

Abhishek Mondal: I like long hair style ,please uploaded more videos of long hair ,hair care and style

HammerRxc: Can you do one of these but with curly or wavy hair?

Aldo Ruiz: I want to get my haircut there. It looks so badass and they can record me lol

OG donovan: Hey ive been watching your videos for years now and you guys are great . Can you guys do a video on Christiano Ronaldos new hair style. He just got it today and it would be great to see a video on it much love Thanks

Porous Void: Can u show use how to cut private hair?

Josh Underwood: I'm trying to grow my hair out but I don't the best style, what do you recomend?

Alic_636: Hey guys awesome video as always!!! Greetings

Mahesh Kadam: Nice work

Lucas Lacerda: Amazing ! Very Thanks !

Slapped on Hook: Why do they always have models with straight hair with little to no wave or curls and thin hair? That is very easy to manage! Do a vid with a wavy or curly guy hair for once. ._.

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