Laughter And A Fresh Cut | My Hair Transformation After 3 Years Of Long Hair

  • Posted on 08 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

After growing my hair out for a whopping 3 years, it was finally time for a change. And what better change than a modern mullet? Join me on this hilarious journey as I bid farewell to my long locks and embrace a bold new look with the help of my amazing barber Dale. Laugh along with me as I vlog the entire process, from the the drive from London to Nottingham, to the final reveal.

This is a re-upload of the video, but with much better vlog style editing thanks to my new channel editor Enrique. It's a haircut transformation you won't want to miss!

Hair donated to @LittlePrincessTrustOfficial (





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Soon to be gone, huh! Well, how long is that? Oh, that's fine! He broke my thing. Oh my God, it looks like he it up. Bro it up. Yo. All I see is rubber band. It looks like done. Is that a good team bro that looks dope? Most though it looks a lot most dope, so the plan for today the main is about to go. It'S about to three hour drive is pretty funny onset. The van you have to make sure you're filming, because if you're not filming, I'm gon na kill you no pressure, bro, no pressure, all right, where's, the exit. That way. Are you ready? Broski? I don't know man, I guess I'll come in I'll. Have a knife? No time I think 12 inches is quite long. That'S what they said a lot of time right. You read it yeah right now. What happened? I have one thing: that's 12 inches, if you guys need to I'm talking about your personality. Oh George, this part of your hair looks very masculine, I think, really small. If it's the most super, I think you needed a whiskey, not a coffee. Do it feels good there you go. Okay, George! I don't think I was recording. Stick it back can't find myself. Let me cut one thank you and there you are man, you're done bro, that's it we're ready. Funniest thing is you can actually rock this off as well? You might make a rock anything up, basically remember how I had beforehand where we're gon na Park yeah, something like that, but, like obviously you're about to cry yeah, have you ever like sneezed yeah, yeah, yeah sure your head looks really big love me. Well proportionally, your headband will trigger because bike is a headbutt for so much chicks, I'm throwing up quick. I want you to platforms. What'S the difference between seven inches and wow, a lot of difference, all right, half an inch half an inch is a big amount. I'Ll tell us about how you use this is just another size. Saturday, it's been long since you're been touched. How is no five going? George? You should pray for us. Finally, it's longer than yours, elves and you can't get in my way.

Jorge Fernando: This is a re-upload of the video, but with much better vlog style editing thanks to my new channel editor Enrique. Say a welcoming hi to Enrique guys :D

His Majesty: Much love bro! I’ve been following your hair journey since you started, and I’ve been growing my hair out for 3 years as well! Your YT short the other day convinced me to donate mine as well. I had it chopped off yesterday, and now I’m rocking short hair again! Feels good and easier to maintain ngl, but miss the hair lol. Anyways, the barber cut it off all in one ponytail unfortunately, so will need to see if I can still donate to Wigs For Kids. Hope they accept it, or else need look for another charity that’ll take it. My donation is 14 inches long, but it could’ve been 18 inches had the barber sectioned it better. Oh well, better than nothing ig. Glad to see you got a great new style, looking forward to seeing what you have in store next!

Saurabh Singhal: You look like from a different century !! Oh my god !! What a look , so so medieval Love from India ❤️

Mr Jahangeer B: Watching your hair get cut when it was sectioned off was actually kinda emotional lol. It was an end of an era moment.

Damon Salvatore: Bro even I haven had a haircut since 2020 jan. Its 3 yrs now. Even I'm thinking of a haircut after watching your video now

Monica Leitao: Levan: Jorge your head looks really big Enrique: *zooms in* lmao the absolute violation from this team aha

Umair plays: u r pure beauty ♥️stay blessed

Majin Chu: I'm convinced that this is the best looking man on the planet. I'm not gay but man this guy is hot LMAO

LU: Sei SPETTACOLARE JORGE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Harsh shukla drawing: I am 14 year old and my height is 5"7 and my beard start come when I am 13 My father height is 5"10 and my mother is 5"4 did my height grow

Sehran: Nice

vakeesan Vaikuntharajah: Can you do a Zayn Malik hair tutorial?

MANZANO, Zedrick S.: Hey yow, i also have a long hair right now. And i think you give me a sign to cut it out today so yeah let's go.

guille guille: I don t like with short hair He was born for use long hair ever and ever for ever

prekeerth chandu: Bro ❤️

Oz 1: “Proportionally” youve got a big head

Redmi Blueme: Make a Gym Vlog

Wary: *_shout-out to enrique!_*

Shahin Faran: First

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