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  • Posted on 16 November, 2020
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In part 2 of this video I look at examples of photos that will work well when using dating apps. I also look at the photos that won't work well when using dating photos.

These photos will be applicable regardless of hair length and should applied by every guy. These photos how you should look to project yourself across your dating profile.

They link in with the tips discussed in part 1 of this video series.

The tips and photos shown in this video will be most relevant to the swiping apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge but they are all very relevant rules for guys to follow across all the dating apps.

Dating apps can be great source to meet a lot of women but most guys are making many mistakes across the dating apps and in most cases it comes down to photo choice

Dating apps actually work and I want to show important it is to use the right photos so that you don't think that dating apps are a waste of time and can make online dating work for you.

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So guys i went out i'm not using dating apps at the moment, so i put a load of my photos on photo rating websites. I got some constructive feedback. I got some criticism and i've got some positive stuff, but it's really going to be the criticism that i'm going to go through when i'm showing you these pictures. Now i did that so you don't have to do it, let's hop into it with the first picture. So, let's kick it off with a really good example. This is a template that i think everybody should follow. They should start with a photo. That looks something like this and the reason that i say that firstly, is that this photo shows me looking relaxed in a good environment, but not looking self-obsessed, not looking narcissistic. Instead, i look like a guy who's relaxed, i'm having fun i'm in great company, and i think that that really comes across in this picture. It'S also great lighting. This photo was taken an hour before sunset and for anybody that knows, photography they'll know that that is probably the best time that you can get photos just because the sunlight and the lighting on you is not. That harsh also take a look and think of the first point that i said regarding scoring the overall photo and not just the person in it. It'S a nice background. It'S a uk summer day, there's people in the background and there's a lot of greenery too. So, overall it just aids and becomes a really attractive photo, and i think the thing to say as well is, if you're taking photos for your dating profile, you want to take photos with people that you feel relaxed around. That was what happened when i had this photo taken. I was in great company and i was having a really good time, so you can see that in this photo. By contrast, if i'd ask someone that i didn't know - or i asked someone on a more professional standpoint to take a photo - there's, not necessarily a guarantee that the photo would come out as well as this, so this really for me reinforces the importance of having good Quality company taking photos of you and not just going for the best photographer just because you will feel more relaxed. The other reason this is a good photo as well, is that it's almost a full length and you need to have a full length photo or at least a photo where people can see your body type on your dating profile. It doesn't matter if you've got a little bit of weight and it doesn't matter if you're super skinny. You just need to have that just so. You have that transparency and you're showing yourself so that people will feel that they can trust you. This is a great angle for me because i look in shape, but i don't look overtly muscular, so it sits within that sweet point. That'S not going to put people off, but it's also not going to be too dramatic to turn on as well. So use that as a template for your first picture, good lighting nearly full length and a nice background and you're looking as relaxed as possible. By contrast, this next photo is a really bad photo to use. It'S not a particularly ugly photo of me and i actually don't mind how i look in this picture, but the reason it's so bad. Firstly, i don't real relaxed. I look a little bit intense and i also look like i just don't fully feel comfortable in the photo, but this next point that i'm going to make will seem really interesting, but it will also just show how important it is to get your photo choice right. The feedback that i had on this photo was that i didn't look trustworthy and the reason i didn't look trustworthy is because i've got a little bit of my hand in front of my face and i suppose, if you're thinking about thinking about it on a surface Level and on a first impression basis that could potentially indicate that i'm hiding something well. That could potentially indicate that there's a little bit of inauthenticity between me and the photograph that's being taken either way, it's a bad template. I don't look relaxed, i don't look trustworthy and for that reason, this type of photo is something that you should avoid. This next photo is a great example of how you should use high quality, professional images, and i think the reason why this one works so well is actually pretty simple. I'M wearing a shirt and i'm looking directly at the camera, and i think what both of those things represent is a guy. That'S got his life in check and a guy. That'S confident. Of course. It'S really quite shallow to make those judgments just based on what someone's wearing and it's actually really quite shallow and quite judgmental just to decide that just from the way that someone's looking at the camera - but i think this photo really does reflect that. So i think, if you're gon na use high quality pro professional images go for ones. That put you in that light, and the other thing to say as well, and i think going back to the idea of a template. Like i touched on with the first picture, if you can have a photo where you do look smarter and if you can have a photo where you do actually look more serious and more like you've got your life in check. It'S a really really good cocktail. With the first photo that shows you looking relaxed and looking comfortable this next picture terrible example, i look narcissistic, i look materialistic and i look vain and i think you can actually tell that i don't feel comfortable when you're looking at this picture. This is my new car. I love my new car, but would i show this photo as a means of being more attractive to women? Absolutely not. This photo goes on my social media page, just as an update and just as a reflection of where i'm going in life at that moment in time, and at that moment in time i just happened to have a new car that i really liked. But is it an attractive photo of me? I don't look too bad, but does it really reflect the type of guy that i am and does it reflect the type of image that i'd like to put out into the dating world? Absolutely not guys will use photos like this, because they'll think that their car is a selling point shouldn't be stay well away from it and if you do want to use a photo of your car, make it look a lot more accidental than this. I'M literally sitting directly on my car with the number plate blocked out and instead i look instead of looking cool and, like i'm, you know in check being in control. I look awkward uncomfortable but also vein, narcissistic and very insecure. At the same time, in the next photo, i'm smiling, i don't like my smile and i certainly don't like seeing my smile in photos, but i think this type of photo is a really good example of something you should drop into your profile. The reason being i look comfortable, i look relaxed, but i also look really really happy and i'm really really happy in a very social and normal habitat, and i think what this shows is that i'm a fun guy who's good to be around and a positive guy Who you'll feel good from being around? It'S also really good having that little bit of blue in the background of the color of the picture? Just because that contrast between me and the color blue will really serve as a pattern interrupt for someone when they're swiping through my photos. So if this is the third photo or the third type of photo that i recommend you use and someone swiped through and lights. My first two photos and then they come to this picture. The brain will register the color blue and then it will register me and they'll be forced to pay a little bit more attention to the picture and a little bit more attention to me and actually really decide whether it's something that they like. So by doing so. You'Re, switching off that autopilot in someone's brain and forcing them to look a lot closer at you and a lot closer with the picture. So for that reason and the smile and the positivity that comes from that photo, it's an example of a type of photo. You should definitely definitely use, especially in contrast with the first photo, where i'm half smiling and, in contrast with the second photo, we're having a professional setup. The next photo is a classic example of a type of photo that guys use and it never works. This is a group shot and for me this is a good photo. I'M quite happy with how i look and i'm with three of my best friends so seeing that photo makes me feel good, and then i'm happy that i look good within that photo too. The problem is someone swiping through, doesn't know me, they don't know. My friends and they're gon na have to do that five to ten seconds where they identify me in the picture before deciding whether they find me attractive in that picture. It just won't work. Also, i've got alcohol in front of me too, and i think, rather than projecting me as a fun guy to be around this projects me as like, every other guy, the type of guy that goes out drinking and the type of guy that has a lot of Fun based around alcohol. Those types of things that are their idea of alcohol playing a part in your life aren't things that you need to project it's something that can come up in conversation and it's something that you'll probably discuss in early conversations when you're. Looking at what you both like to, do you don't want to project it in your first photo and you'll just fall into that trap of being obvious so avoid the group photo. Even if you think you look good and avoid the photos with alcohol, because it's not something that needs to be in there. This final photo is absolute money and i wish i had a version of me with long hair in this picture, and i know that this video is dedicated to helping guys have long hair do their dating profiles. But i have to show this as an example of what you should try and recreate, because this is a perfect shot. This was me at my best friend's wedding back in 2017., the hair's shorter and i look like a very different person, but look at the quality of photo. It'S a brilliant backdrop, there's people in the background, but i'm at the forefront of it, and not only am i at the forefront of it, i'm at the forefront of it from a very, very good angle, the suit it looks like it fits perfectly and if we're Talking about narcissistic shots and guys showing off their bodies a photo like this of you at your best angle, is a much better representation. If you want to show what your body looks like and it's a much better representation, if you want to show your body in the best quality light, this photo perfectly. Does that also on this particular day i was best man as well, and i think that that comes across in this picture, because you can see how confident i look and you can see how composed and how happy to be there. I look as well and the fact that i'm actually doing something as well shows that i have status and i had some involvement in what was a really important day if you've got a photo like this. Even if it maybe isn't you from your best angle, because this photo is definitely not me from my best angle - it's definitely worth throwing in there because it shows another side to you. It shows that you can kick it in different environments, and it shows also that people are reliant on you and you have a social life that someone could look at and want to be a part of so a photo like this amazing. And if i could get this photo with long hair again, i absolutely will, because it is the perfect example of a natural habitat shot that you should be using. So thank you so much for watching this video and i really hope that you've got something from it. Being a guy with long hair and creating a successful dating profile is definitely a slightly different challenge to what a guy with short hair will face, and i hope by doing this, this video and breaking it down using my rules and the pictures that i would use I'Ve, given you some inspiration and some help in order to really make it possible for you, if you like this video, please can i ask you to click like and subscribe down below, if you really like it, i am now offering one-on-one coaching and one of those Things i can do is help you with your dating profile. Then please visit the website down below as well. Thank you so much for watching this video. It means a lot and i am really enjoying producing this content, so i really hope that that comes through. Thank you so much for watching

Alex Orlando: Hi guys. Thanks so much for checking out part 2 of this video series. I hope you get something from it. For anybody that didn't see part 1 it can found here Please like and subscribe. Lots more content to come!

Frankie Hernandez: So helpful! They should teach this in school along with how to balance a bank account. Thanks for creating content for the world we live in right now.

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