We Gave Away 1000 Free Haircuts 3Rd Annual Christmas Giveback

  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
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Wasgood YouTube family!! Happy New Year to everybody, I hope yall are feeling the energy like I am. This year will be special, we're doubling down on the grind, impact, and content. No excuses all year. Thank you to everybody that had a helping hand in this years giveback, all the love is reciprocated! Wait till yall see whats next, I love yall!!!!

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Ready still bro man, I know y'all had all this going on. That'S just crazy people, good man, blessed bro. You might do everything in here honestly but like if we can as much as we can yeah, okay, so basketball court. Basically, you want to do the toys and haircuts through there or you want to do the toy set up to that, because you know I got. I got my 50 people on the deck we all ready to go. We need like a cross guard right there. Okay drop the whole plate this. This is the front door now: okay and we're gon na have people out here directing bro yeah. Just so people know, because we got that parking lot in this one. We should get a cross guard of some sort or something where the best just like help people get over, stop the traffic. We can do signage whatever and Lamar says they're going to security out here. It'S the best front entrance. This is like what we got, so I think you'll get a little buddy So within like garments and and um and baby like things, so you can just keep track of that. That'S when I bring them through. You know, like you, know: okay, we'll go to the toys as long as we get to put these Smiles on these kid faces. That'S all I care about man. A lot of people. Ain'T had nothing since Kobe, so a lot of people in the community have already hit me up. They'Re very excited about this, because this is what they get to get back. If we can give this back to community man. This is something available, never seen before. So, being able to put all this together with funds donations, food, a lot of people - don't really got nowhere to be. Nobody has that sense of community no more. So this is what we get to do and I'm so proud to be a part of this man. Um bro we're here just working on the operations making sure that it flows, so you just got ta come in here and visualize, and right now we're just sitting together everything night before is the night before we want to make sure that when we go to the Event, tomorrow that when the volunteers pulled up that we not trying to go through this and troubleshoot, you know we're trying to lay this out night before so got all the toys on that end. So people have come through kind of just fun anyway to the right side. Uh they're, gon na go down and grab a toy um. You know Barbara's gon na get down here we're trying to make sure every barber got enough room to secure to feel right. You know we got everything, we need enough space, so, let's put it together all right, everything's going good. I mean it's third year we don't get back, we just pulled up people already waiting out outside and it's cold outside windy. I feel bad, but we got to get everybody inside and warm them up and spread out love, but I mean I feel good. I feel less pressure this year than I have any other year, because I stopped putting an expectation on really how I should go. The communities, because some people ain't getting a thing for Christmas, and I thank them for doing that. For those that I don't know, my name is Grant um, I run the 265. Yet this is our third year yeah. I'M doing this. We always want to start off by just saying like we understand, y'all could be anywhere in the world right now and y'all are here, and we appreciate that, like part of it, we also understand. Nobody in here is like an event planner. Nobody in here does this. Like as a professional right, so we're out here off the love and extensive Community, everything that we do today is effort over outcome. Rule number three, our biggest one. We always talk about it. There are no egos here today. None we're here to serve and that's the biggest and most important thing right. I mean I appreciate y'all being here man, it's extremely special, it's the third year we're able to put together to give back, but most importantly like this is the side of town that I grew up in it's the rec center that I grew up in it's the Court that I grew up, hooping on and like this is this is home. This is family, so the fact that y'all are here right before Christmas means a lot. So we just appreciate y'all for that uh open us up with a prayer - dear God, uh. First and foremost, we want to thank you for blessing us with another day on this earth. Guy um. I want to thank you for uh to blessing this house. God blessing this home blessing this this roof that we're undering right now, God I want to thank you for blessing the food. Thank you for blessing us to be in a position to be able to give back like this God allow us to be through your name. Allow us to work through your name, God allow us just to be here together as family one more time. So, let's just pray that you watch over us amen man all right, y'all, let's do it man, let's do it. Y'All Sophie just sent us a bunch of statement, products for y'all to use and keep or whatever you know, so I don't know what's sent so whatever's in here. It'S for y'all to use for y'all to keep yeah y'all. Take all this stuff pop maze is here: everybody grab a Pomade or whatever y'all need to use. The community have been through a lot in the past. It just shows everyone coming together as one oh, no matter what no matter the struggle, because people going through they can always come here and get the help I feel like the community looks forward to it every year. You know just the time everybody comes together. They'Re, not here they come home, have some good food. You know enjoy food. Everybody has a good time fabulous like everything bro, a lot of the stuff that I got to do as an individual came from community and just understanding that I am who I am because of everybody else. Man and the platforms, and just the people in the community that shape me man, so I mean I can't imagine, like my life, not growing up here. Man, it just feels good to be able to give from my heart and to be in my own Community is like most important. That'S always what I want to highlight and anytime that I could do a video like this or cover this with the fact that you know we doing it in our community where we're born and raised at. So the fact that we get to do that - and I could be a tangible example - that's all I ever wanted to be was a tangible example to my community. This has become like a third home. For me, the community is great and just seeing everyone, sometimes even the same people come back for now, the third year in a row crazy. This is a blessing this time of year. This is their third annual Christmas gift bag and we were so fortunate. This is our opportunity to recognize him. I have a special flag from the town of Hope Mills that we've been for fontanez AKA big plans in recognition and appreciation for your public service to the town of Hope. Mills For Your sponsorship of a mural for a municipal basketball court work with a 2-6 project to offer haircuts toys, coats and food giveaways happy to enhance the quality of life for Citizens and Hope Mills. Your selfless actions set a great example and Inspire others to fall on your footsteps and volunteerism presented the SEC 23rd day of December 2022, Jackie Warner in the town of Hope, Mills, oh okay, so part of the get back this year. What made it really special was not only be able to come here and hand out, you know, toys, clothes and cuts, but we wanted to have something that would be a tangible example of what you could do by following your dreams. Obviously I don't. I don't live here anymore. I live in Atlanta Georgia, but I did want something to be here to the city to always be remembered by uh for kids to grow up on, and you know. Unfortunately, we have some situations that cause us to shut down the basketball court about two years ago, so they haven't had any rims out there or or things to play on so we'll be cutting the ribbon uh to the new basketball court. That'Ll be over here at Hope, Mills Park, you know, so I wanted to give a thank you to a design, a graphic designer, Reuben or mirrorless Sarah right here. These two right here are working hard in her team um. This is going to be the new basketball court that we have in the Hope Mills Park right over here. I just wanted it to represent. Our community, represent what we stand on and then represent myself as well uh, so we're gon na call. This project create yours, um and that's what it's about you know I I we can't control what we have physically, sometimes uh, but we can't control where we at mentally, and I believe that, as long as you keep the right people around, you keep the right thoughts. Uh, you create your world wherever you went, and I hope that y'all can enjoy this for years to come foreign it. If I got my next three months of rent I'll spend the next three months every day going to build clientele there, you go big blend, say big Blends. So, what's up, thank you for the loose band too, all right it came and got it all man, so that that makes us feel good. You know that everybody just came in and got what they could so uh. This year's special man this year is super special and then you know we got basketball court and it's like the first tangible thing that we're going to be able to have here uh when we're not here. The energy gon na stay here now, like this court, is going to be here for kids to grow up on. Hopefully, this just has positivity around them and to see themselves in a different light. Just thank you again to everybody that made this possible and was able to be here to share love. As long as I came through man, I I forever gon na love y'all for that so uh. Thank you to the City of Hope, Mills, city of Fayetteville and everybody man. You know we out here another year, we'll see y'all next year, foreign

Hayberzon: Hey Vic I am a young barber I wanted to say you are my biggest inspiration you , everything you do is great God bless you

Ceci Duran: Beyond words man - I’m both humbled & grateful for all these amazing community leaders showing up for their town ❤ love to keep seeing it, thank y’all for everything you do!

Ron Tiscia Jr: It's awesome what you do. I'm sure there are alot of people that look up to you and doing this just shows them how great you really are. Keep it up in 2023 VIC. Much love from Connecticut!!!!

N8 ♪: Seen a lot of the homies I grew up with in this video. Glad you make this happen every year Vic

دمبووشي: Thanks for giving all of this inspiration to the whole world it really means a lot to everybody across the globe. Thank again ❤

kuttakyle: Love this man! I’m a huge fan of your work. The way you articulate your words, to how you express your feelings and mission. It’s incredible. Not to mention your haircuts, the academy. Everything you do for this industry. Thank you so much man. A true inspiration.

demonica66667: Always doing great things! Much respect!

SLuuR R: Doin' it! Pullin' it together and gettn'r done, baby boy Vic! Continued love, prayers and blessings ❤

Kirbyxo: Absolutely amazing! You are such a huge inspiration to others and will continue to be. These kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being you. We need more people like you in this world ❤

Pim: It's just amazing what you do, Such a example for lots of people! Keep doing what you're doing and keep spreading the love!

Adrián Rodríguez: This man helped assist in the decision for me to become a barber last year forever grateful and continue to be inspired by Vic

Nate One: Such a humble good dude, man keep doing your thing. God knew where you'd be one day with the work you put in

cvrsedheart: Vic you made it so far.Continue to inspire the youth.

Leslie Barnes: Awesome give back! Being that blessing! Big respect!

Hillary B TV: *This is beautiful!! ❤️ Brings tears to my eyes because we need people and community like this!! This is such a great example of what we can do when we come together!! Thank you for everything you do! And Happy New Year to everybody!! Especially those struggling!!* ❤️

James Long: Vic I’m always inspired by the videos the shorts, everything you do bro!

Junior Torres: HAPPY NEW YEARS i wish I was there man i missed out but I’m glad you gave out to the community man keep up the grind ! @vicblends

AK: Vic homie love the videos I recently got into barbering about a month ago I’m watching videos almost everyday I wanna get big 1 day and u a big inspiration besides my cuz who got me into it but you a W guy u cool as hell man respect to what u doing

fid: love ya work vic, u deserve everything that comes ur way :)

Kia Spann: Vic blessings to u nd ur crew for giving back

Cowboy Dave: I have been watching you for two years now just falling in love with what you do and this is another reason why people should fall in love with you ❤

Sergiovelozchavez: Vic blends you have the biggest heart, love an respect and props. Motivation an inspiration for 2023

stoovidular: Keep being awesome, Vic!!

Jordan Maddox: Keep inspiring, keep hustling, blessings on blessings!!

Whatever Fuker: Vic brother man god bless you thank you for giving back to the less fortunate you have everything a man can ever ask for and for that more prosperity to you brother be great!

Will: God bless, thank you all for what you're doing out there.

Kieth Aguilar: Thank you for the inspirational video sir vic and may the God blessed you more, one supporter from Philippines.

Shirley Gonzales: VicBlends, you're a champion. God bless you!

Pinktaco: As someone who works for Cumberland county. I appreciate all that you do for Fayetteville Vic

wayne miller: Vic blends Bro thanks for continuing to bless other because you we’re blessed and are still being blessed. GOD will continue to reward you for all you do ✝️✝️✝️✝️

Tony Gill: This Guys a REAL G Everyone wants to do something like this but this young lad MADE IT HAPPEN Love from

BoxedByPhysics: I Love you Vic I'm 12 trying to become a barber I asked my dad if I can give him a cut but he worn't let me any advice to start cutting hair!

Christian Truss: You are such a blessing and inspiration!

Reatile Reatile: Vic is a very good guy to be with GOD BLESS VIC

T3mii: Big ups to you bro I feel inspired

Sleeper Productions: Thats love right there good shit young buck

Janice Williams: Job well done. You're awesome man.

boss srg: Salute brother keep the positive energy.

M4hd1458: You’re a good man vic if you ever came newcastle England I’d love a cut from you boss! Keep going❤



Deltima Hernandez: You guys are amazing. Living angels!’n

Mya Grant: thank you so much you’re a amazing person I think god fa everything he do fa us love you peace ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wavykid Kev: Vic My Guy Met Him At CT Barber Expo And Definitely Super Solid And Down To Earth And He Reconized Me Which Was A Surreal Experience Much Love Bro❤️

Xan Fadez: Very very dope stuff man ❤️

Wise Mind Movement: Love this keep goin bro, shout-out TSP too

Tony Castro: God bless all ya bro much Love


Sasha Ircha: yesss vic keep doing this !!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

Kandi Oliveira: I love his heart ❤️

Mya Grant: that is a amazing love you keep going never give up love youu ❤️❤️

John Muns: Aye you a big inspiration to me Fr you is making a huge difference!!! SHOUT from OKLAHOMA

David Villanueva: Dope to be apart of.

Anna Moshe: Your amazing you are an inspiration to me

Lisa Joseph: Beautiful, amazing heart. God bless you always

SAVAGE_PEBBLES CaliGrl: ❤❤❤❤❤ bless ur heart Vic yu god bless yu n every1

Victory to the People: Cousin Real role model Thank you

david viviani: I write it in Italian because I don't know English sorry ☺️ Vic semplicemente sei una persona stupenda e generosa dovrebbero esistere più persone come te grazie

Zk Motivation: "Everything in life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what other people are doing." The chances of you seeing this comment is pretty low, but if you did, I hope you have an amazing day.

isaiah bennett: Love it bro!

vQuakinn: Young goat vic ❤

Marc A: Happy New Year

ndion78: God is good 2023 gonna be even better

Drayk: Amazing content

오로라: 멋진인생 입니다♡

asan1050: VicBlends ThanksMuch!

Parkaveli: True Icon!

TheBLACKGAMBIT: Nice video as always! Not feeling the faded color grading but other than that..

Nateupnext: Yo bruh thx for the inspiration

Batoum ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ:

Brandon Cook: Great video

Sasha Ircha: Side note Vic can get it

cali gdp: Bruh this is malibus most wanted

Reena BINA: Vic is gonna be huge

Mike: Idk man i like vic but at the same time i dont think he does this kind of stuff just out of the goodness of his heart. He is making money off all the content and viewership he gets on youtube, ig and tiktok. Being "humble" isnt doing nice things for people for "free" when everyone is watching... but when nobody is watching and not drawing attention to your good deeds.


Shotbymike: This is LOVE


troleras: So actually give it away 50k$? 500$ per haircut


Td Gamers: hey bro ❤❤

Trap James: Legend

Ballout Jaee: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Simply Rob: I find this offensive for people without hair bald lives matter.

Harley Hurr: ❤


ciscozxl: thsnk you

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LyrikKulture: What are some tips on cutting hair

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Moses Roman:

Ruben Portillo: Let me find out ur with my cousin lol my names ruben portillo

TOPG: Andrew tate topg

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Mario: Yessir I'm first

Gagner Simple: Why is it white and black???

Watkins Jr.: why the vid in black and white ?

787hz: why the vid black and white??

Johnny Sanchez: Only women cut hair

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