My Everyday Hair Curling Routine | Super Easy Hair Tutorial!!

  • Posted on 29 November, 2019
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Tutorial starts at 3:00

I hope you enjoy my everyday hair curling routine! I broke down how I curl my hair step by step to make it as easy as possible for you to follow. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave a comment! Thank you so much for watching


*updated* everyday hair curling tutorial + tips:

My haircare routine for healthy blonde hair:

Products I used:

Heat styling spray

1.25 inch curling iron (under $30)

Hair brush






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Marisa Kay is a fashion and lifestyle content creator featuring Everyday Elevated inspiration for the modern young woman. Her goal is to inspire all women to live confidently in their personal style and pursue their dreams with passion. Marisa is 21 years old, born and raised in Oregon, and currently attending Oregon State University majoring in merchandising management.

Hey guys today, I'm going to be answering my most frequently asked question, which is how I curl my hair. So today I'm going to be sharing my everyday hair combing routine. I only use one technique. I'Ve been perfecting it for years now and I feel like I have it down totally, so I am going to be walking you through step by step, how I curl my hair and sharing some tips. I'Ve learned it over the years on just how to make it. The whole hair cooling process a little easier how to get these curls to last for days, and I'm not going to ramble on very much because you'll get the gist of the video. So we are just going to get right into the tutorial. I already curled this side of my head. I do each side the exact same, so I didn't think it was essential to show you both, but you could kind of see what they look like now, while they're setting the secret, it's not really a secret, it's just something. I'Ve learned over the years. The way you get your girls to last a long time is to let them set. I would say let your hair step for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you can in my morning routine. I typically do my hair first and then I do my makeup and like start to pick out my outfit and go about my day and the whole time, I'm letting my curls set and cool entirely before I run my fingers through them or brush them out or Anything like that and that just allows your hair to set fully into this shape and then once you brush them out, then they can kind of loosen up. But I have noticed if I brush my hair right away after I curl it, then the curls will fall out usually by that night, if not like the next morning. So that's just a little tidbit that I have if you feel like your curls fall out. Pretty easy, I also don't use any product on my curls to hold them after I style it. I just leave it natural. I haven't really found a hair spray that I like that, doesn't make my hair, crunchy or matted or feel dirty, because I go so many days before washing my hair anyways. We are going to get into how I curl my hair, so I section it off into two big sections, just right down the middle, because that's how I put my hair if you want more voluminous curls than I would recommend, sectioning your hair into even smaller sections. So you're getting even more defined pieces as you're curling, your hair I'll do this on days when I like have a blog shoe or just like a special event, or something like that. In that case, I will section off my hair in the top and the middle and the bottom, so I kind of have like three different tiers and then you're curling, a bottom section middle and a top, but my camera lens cap, just like, fell down there. So anyways, I'm just gon na - do two sections today, because that's how I usually curl my hair. This is like my everyday hair crowing routine. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes, I'd, say depending on how much of the brush I'm in, but it's really not thought about considering how much hair I have - and I normally stand on my hair like every two to three days. So basically, what we are going to do is first spray, some heat styling spray on it. This is the living proof, perfect, hair day, heat styling spray, and I just spritz it all over. I talked about all of the products that I use to care for my blonde hair in a video I think two videos ago. So if you want to check that out I'll leave the link in the description box below and I go over all of my shampoo conditioner styling products - things like that, so what we are going to do is I start out the back. You can start at the front, it doesn't really matter. I take a section about an inch in size and just make sure that it's all brushed out. This is actually a little too big, so gon na grab a little bit smaller. I think I start at the back and kind of the top and just take my first section make sure it's all smooth and I take my curling iron. This is a one and a half inch barrel. I will talk more about curling irons at the end not to bore you, but I just got this one from like Ulta or Target or something it was under $ 50 anyways. We are just going to take this. I leave the barrel sticking straight up just cuz. This is how I've always done it. I find that it's the easiest to do I've seen people go downwards sideways whatever. Just this is the easiest and that's what I do so since my hair is super long, I can't fit the whole strand on the barrel. So what I'm going to do is I'm gon na? Take it about halfway down the Strand, clamp it and then curl it up. As far as I can to the roots, and let this sit for about five seconds, you can totally vary the time that it sits on there, depending on them, how easy your hair, curls and then what you just saw me do is I kind of loosened up The clamp a little bit and then slid it down to the bottom of the curl, and I leave the ends kind of sticking out a little bit. And then I just let the bottom half of the curl sit on the barrel. Then gently bring it out, and that is what it looks like I'll. Do this a couple times over, so that you guys can see how I do it. I'M not super picky on the sections that I grab just because I want it to look a little more natural. So next section start at the top I go halfway down and then wrap it around the barrel. Make sure that your hair is laying nice and flat against the barrel. That'S definitely a key. You want all of the hair to be touching the barrel. You don't want it to be and like a lump or anything like that, that's definitely a missed. I used to make when I first started curling my hair. You wanted to be as flat as possible so that they look smooth when you take them out and I don't do every single curl all the way up to like the roots of my hair. I kind of just vary it depending on how I'm feeling how loose I want them to look, there's really no rhyme or reason trying to think of what other tidbits I have for you guys about curling your hair. I frequently my hair for about eight years now. I'D say, and my technique has just changed a little bit over time as I've experimented with my hair, if you're new to curling your hair, you just can't seem to get down the method of it. Don'T fret - because I promise my hair did not look this good curled when I first started it just takes practice and learning your hair and how it curls, and that's really the only way you can do it is by practicing on your hair. There were days when I would literally just like sit down in the morning and curdle each strands like a different way to kind of see what look the best don't recommend, because your hair isn't gon na look at it afterwards. But that's how I learned what look good on me. I'M like what technique I shouldn't. I would also say that you should vary the size of the barrel that you use depending on what type of curl you want and, like probably the density and like length of your hair. I use a one and a half inch barrel, because I have really long and thick hair. I also have extensions right now, so anyone with extensions, I would recommend a one and a half inch barrel, so this just makes it so much easier for me to get through my head of hair and all of my curls look bigger versus. If I used a one inch, curling iron, which I used to the curls, just look a little more tight, I guess you could say this makes them look more voluminous and the bigger the barrel you use. I'Ve also heard that some people prefer wands curling irons. I have only tried to use a wand of my hair once and I just really understand it. I felt like my hair was just too smooth for it and I was gon na burn, my fingertips and the process, so I've always used a curling iron and I found it the easiest because it clamps the hair down and you don't have to hold it like. With your fingers brand new, I'm wondering if I ever want my hair, I have only done it once and I did not like the way that it looked. I didn't explicitly say it yet, but I do curl all of my hair away from my face. So since it split down there's a spider over there - oh my god, they're guys, there's like a huge there's, a huge spider right next to my window. Should i it's like five feet away? I don't know if I should kill it. No in the middle of this, or if I should wait until I finish my we're just gon na pretend, like it's not there. This is great. This is fun, oh yeah, so about curling away from your face, I curl all of my hair away from my face. Just because I find it to be the easiest and most flattering, I don't recommend your curls towards your face, especially in the front, because it's just gon na close in your face versus bringing in all outwards, sometimes I'll alternate the curls back and forth, like switching both Ways around my head and that just gives it a little more like a beach wavy, effortless appearance. I would say that I feel like the curls, don't last as long when I do them facing to opposite directions and we're really just gon na pretend, like the spider. Isn'T there and everything is okay, I'm really just hoping that the spider stays exactly where I saw it, because if I lose it - and I can't find it - then it's just gon na be wandering around my apartment for like all of eternity. But I only have this small section. I want to make sure that I grab the exact amount of hair that I want in the front. So I'm actually gon na do the front curl first and then do the rest of this section. So I grab it right from my top layers and this one is still I'd say about an inch about an inch thick. So I'm gon na take this one make sure that you're curling it away from your face. I kind of grab it out to the side and then take my barrel and I do the top half first. I want to get pretty close to the roots so that there's a nice curl sitting at the top. This is the most important piece. If I don't get this one that I'm usually pretty upset with how my curls turned out, sometimes they aren't even I'm pretty sure they aren't even right now, but you know what it is, what it is. It'S like the thing with eyebrows they're like sisters, they're, not no they're, cousins, they're, not sisters whatever. That is it's just not always going to be perfect, but now that we did that piece, we can just go about the rest of the front section like normal. I just finished curling this side of my head and I'm just gon na. Let them sit for a little bit, probably about 20 minutes and I'll check back in with you guys when I brush to the mouth, to show you what the end result looks like you. Can already see that this side is kind of falling out of the curls a little bit, they already look more natural, so this is kind of what it's gon na look like when I check back in so I will be right back alrighty guys. It'S been about 20 to 30 minutes, so I am just shaking my hair out getting them a little loose. I am going to brush it today because the curls just got a little bit tangled. While I was going about my day letting them set. So I'm just gon na run my brush through them, not a turn, but just enough, but they kind of calm down a little bit and throughout the day they will continue to set so they're, not gon na. Look this huge given a couple hours, and this is the end result. What my hair looks like all brushed out and settled. They won't continue to fall out of the curls a little bit throughout the day because they are pretty voluminous right now, but that's totally fine, because by the third day I will still have curled hair, and that is the goal. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I will leave the couple of products that I used in this video in the description box below if you're interested, but that is everything I have for you guys. So I will see you in my next video bye.

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