Ps125 Vs Ps500 Hair Curlers

  • Posted on 20 September, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous


Laura Zoobas: The barrles aren't the same size, which is one of the reasons it looks different. They were also curled with different wrapping methods. The Dyson iron can only do 1 thing, the less expensive iron can do multiple kinds of curls.

greasy: Either way they're both expensive and I'm getting neither ☺️

Julia C: I actually love the cheaper one it has such pretty curls and looks so beautiful

Meghan Muscato-Schatz: She’s the only one in the world who can have two different curl types and still look beautiful

Naorin Hossain: I think both are good for two different types if curls. If you want more wavy curl expensive one is better and for more curled hair the cheap one is better.

シ True シ: It really just depends on what style you want. If you want more bigger curls and more fancy go with the more expensive one but if you want more natural curls you’d probably go with the cheaper one

VIRGILisMOOD: They both do the same thing with a good result in both. But I’d chose the £500 one because I have less chance of burning myself.

Jay .Gormley: You should do a wear test and come back after a couple hours and see how the curls are holding up, I wonder if there would be any difference ?

musume . . .: Both $125 and $500 worked really well! Her hair colour tho- so prettyyyyyyyy

beepositive🐝: The dyson is supposed to be used on damp, washed hair and the result imitates a blowout with less work involved. It also comes with 4 curlers small and big, one for each side as well as a round and flat blow out brush. It also has less heat damage. Dyson hair videos are very misleading.

Bo Moore: It just depends on what type of curls you want. The one on the left feels very doll like. And the one on the right feels more flowy and natural

Lol..: I have the Dyson air wrap ($500 one) and I definitely recommend. The price is a little bit expensive but if your thinking abt it then do it!

Michaela Mrazkova: I like them both, but the curles from 125£ are little bit prettier, but both are so beautiful. <3

Sanne vm: I feel like the Dyson one wouldn’t damage my hair as much as the £125 one.. so I’d go with the £500

Bubby Boo: Both very pretty, I think they look really similar

just a girl on the internet: while the looks are pretty much the same, the 500$ one (dyson air wrap) is heat free and doesn’t harm your hair, so if you’re someone who constantly curls your hair i’d say pay more to protect your hair

Kayleigh hanson: it doesn’t matter wich one is more expensive or more loved, it just depends on what curls you want.

CAMILA 💕✨: Wow the $125 hair curler is actually better in my opinion I think that the curls look better

M -: I bought the dyson because I suck at curling wands and don't want to burn myself. It is infinitely easier and gives more of a blowout/voluminous look very quickly. I usually take +60 minutes with a curling iron + smell like burnt hair. With a dyson I don't blowdry my hair or anything and can get to curling and done within 40 mins and I have a lot of hair!

𝗩𝗲𝗻𝘂𝘀: The £500 one look more realistic, while the £125 curler looks more artificial

One Punch: The dyson has different types of heads for different curls they can do more than just the regular curler. Plus time and ease are a plus with dyson.

Madison R.: i like the one on the left more which is kinda surprising since it's cheaper. my reasoning is bc the curls look more natural and more defined while the £500 curler's curls look more floppy

MADTZ GRooT YooT: Yeah my $30 curler does that too... it just leaves a burnmark or two behind that's all, but other than that it's just as good!

Daniella Mcgregor-bayne: All I can say is your hair is soooo PRETTY

Pie's Pov: The £125 gave more powerful curls that look good, but the £500 gave smooth curls that look great too…can’t decide with looks better :/

Shelley Dawson: Nothing compares with a Dyson when it comes to caring for hair and minimising damage. It’s the most hair friendly hair tool on the market.

Zoe: As someone with curly, and wavy hair, I just wanted to say that.. MY HAIR WOULD NEVER LOOK THAT GOOD OR STRAIGHT.

internetexplorer: Just do the rope curls (i do those with two bandanas), they're free. And also don't damage your hair.

ritu gupta: I would say that the cheaper one has its curl. Even after a comb so go for that

Sarah JZ: Dyson curls fell out for me everytime . I sold it on eBay to someone else . Bought babyliss my favs

Christina B: WHY does everyone think the Dyson is heat-free? It just has LESS heat.

Stranger Things: The 125$ curler stayed in longer and looked better after brushing than the 500$

Hailey Frimpong: Both look so good on you tho like I'm literally so jealous

Gaming For Gamers: I don’t use heat on my hair..I like my natural curls, that being said me personally I like the 125 better as it’s better looking and the dyson makes your “curls” look like you did it with a thick long pole instead of actually nom straight hair

Wayward Penguin: The 500 one seems to produce a little flat and doesn't hold the curl into the hair as much as the 125. For that amount of money at 500 it should've done way better imo

monica donnelly: It’s hilarious how £125 is considered the cheap option

Liana Lloyd: I think it depends on what style you want but it only a small difference but the Dyson is heat free and has other pieces

jennierubyjane: I have a *0₹* hair curler! I curl my hair very perfectly just with my hands!

Renesmee: I can't decide they're both so good

kukukuku: As a barber, you guys don't need an expensive curler, hair straightener or hair dryer, if it works and it heats up well, then it's perfect.

Elisabeth Salmeron: As someone who owns the hair curler on the right, it’s much better. The way it curls your hair keeps it from causing damage, it’s easy, and quick. Plus you don’t have to wait for your hair to dry

Barbara L.: I get the same effect by braiding my hair in parts after a shower

Confused Turtle: Me who has a 25$ curler: **Confused Screaming**

Kenzie Ewald: No matter what I do to my hair or the type of curler or heat the curls come out within 10 minutes

Kaliya Bang: I personally love the cheaper one

Christina Lyons: Guess the good thing about having naturally curly hair is not having to pay loads of money to actually buy curlers.

s t x r b l u x: They both look good.. It just depends on what u want..My mom bought one and tbh..she need to take that sh*t back..but these I can actually chill with

Sarah Peralta: It doesn’t matter how much it cost. The results are the same. It depends on what kind of curler it is and how you do it

Penelope: Girl you look GORGEOUS in both

Lotus Elise: I like how the dyson frames the face but for the curls I’d go for the one that’s 125£ regardless both are great products ☺️

sophia: My hair is natural wavy so at night I make a ton of braids and when I wake up my hair is a little curled, not too much, just right

Emma: Everyone else : admiring her hair Me: why does she have 2 curlers? Btw her hair is so beautiful ❤️

meh _: how is curling hair that quick-it takes me hours to straighten mine

ミュージックさくら: Either way I'm using my socks to curl my hair overnight, can get a pair for 20p

Oliviah D: It’s a hard pick! I love both of them! OMG THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE 7.5 K LIKESS!! MOMMM...I'M FAMOUS!! EEEK!

Abbie: Either way you look gorgeous!

Elly österströms: i think both are pretty but I Prefer the £500 that’s more of my curl type!

Gabriela Aguiriano: Knowing how to use the tools helps a lot.

a ferret.: Depends on which style or look youre going for for seeing which is better

Faith 🐝: I like the curls of the “cheap one” better but I also like the way the hair texture looks on the expensive one. It looks healthy and lively, However, I’d go w the cheap one, curls look like they hold longer and they’re much more bouncier. If I’m getting a curling iron I want curly curls.

Chloe DeBoise: the 125 one had better ringlet curls than the 500 one

Laney: Depends on How you like your curls but they both look good

Hannah Pallas: The £500 was good. It gave your hair good waves when u combed it ngl x

🌼noosh🌼: sometimes i’m happy with my natural hair

Marie's world: They both look nice Though the 500£ one makes it look like she has a blowout instead of curling her hair Me personally i got a curling iron for 7$ at some crappy discount store It hasn’t burnt off my hair yet so I consider it a win

Isabelle Phoebe: I actually prefer the £125 pound ones

LoneStarStinger: Could never master the curling iron. Gonna try foam rollers. If that doesnt work well… ✂️

Marley Jane: I like the cheaper side more, but it’s still really expensive

Little Princess: The £500 is looking great so i would choose the £500 one

Rilley: My mom: buys one at Ross* uses it: looks like the 500, and it was only 20 (and like 2 dollars on tax)

Eve Foodie: The expensive one is easier/quicker to use and harder to mess up. It looks natural with minimal effort, while with the cheaper one you need to make sure you're getting the right amount of hair, going in the same direction and wrapping it up properly for each section of hair.

qwlen: The 500€ one is definitely easier to make curls with but I’m not gonna buy something that expensive

bEaNs_Beeeans: The power of ✨Being born with curly hair✨

Kim Kim Min Jung Park Kim Jeon 💜girl: Celui à 125€ est vachement mieux je trouve

satan: I think the right side looks more like a blowout, but I think both look good! I personally prefer the cheaper one because I think the curls are more shapely than the more expensive one.

sienna rose: OMG!!! my 25$ curler looks the same as the 500$ one

Angela Smith: Is the Dyson still heavy af? and if it outperforms my BabyLissPro that’s 3 years old and in perfect condition, I’d try the Dyson only if they reduce the weight, my hands and upper back can’t take that kind of workout ‍♀️

ilonka_remini♋🥰: Both plows are the same, but I still like the more expensive

Musical Theater With Lay: They both look great to me

Push Mak B: While both look similar, notice that the dyson side leaves hair looking natural and with a bit of texture, the reason for that is because it’s not ironing (burning) your hair in the process!!! Edit: still wouldn’t buy the dyson, even if the curls lasted for an entire year, I’m just not about that life

Hi:D: The 500 one curls where the bottom stay and it has a nice flow but the 125 one curls it nice and does it well but it curls a lot and doesn’t have a nice flow. Both very pretty tho

GoodVibes_Only: imagine spending 500 dollars for a curling iron... *continues to buy one on amazon*

Shaikh Queen: But i like 500 They looks extremely amazing

TigerFox: Me, having natural curly hair: *I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you* Except by the fact that combing it's a pain in the ass

Shannon Flaherty: 125 for a curling iron is alot also. You can get one for $30 that will curl your hair just as well as both of these it just has to beat up enough and you have to have a good tech.

떼껄룩: I tried to use the Dyson, but gave up because the method was too difficult. It's sad if you don't have a lot of dexterity.

Hypervfx: There are people who spend money on curlers while I just braid my hair the night before, costs no money (other than the rubber bands and hair brush) and lasts longer on naturally straight hair

Sophia Koretskaya: I feel like dyson is worth it for not damaging your hair.

emsbae: when you have natural wavy/curly hair that everyone wants:

Sahib Kaur: Im so jealous of straight hair ppl, in curly hair, yes you may have natural curls without applying heat but its soooo hard to comb it out, keep it out of frizz, and much more. did yall see the way she just so easily brushed her curl outs with one swing, that ain *NEVER* happening with natural curly hair

Elisa Giuliano: Mine costed 15€ and it’s great

The Second Circle: For the 500 I can easily do that with a flat iron a fraction of the price. What a scam lmao

alicia: i’m so bad at curling my hair so both are like unbelievably good my hayride hair could never

Caroline_cp48: I like the 500 dollar one because it is more natural and like a daily thing to use but if you are like doing something for an event then the 200 dollar one

MidnightUnicorn: There isn't a difference in effectiveness, the more expensive is wider that's why it looks different. Im poor so I have no choice, but I love the heat free one

Ensoon: Could You share what are You doing with your hair daily? They are soooo smooth

Artsy: My hair is way to fine so it won’t let curls stay in when I curl my hair when I meant fine I meant I don’t have a lot of hair and it’s particularly thin.

Medidot: Your hair is BEAUTIFUL ❤❤✨

Allyse: Expensive one has given more beautiful curls

Jenna Rossouw: I prefer the £500 to the £125 At first it was the £125 that i preferred until she brushed the curls

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