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  • Posted on 27 September, 2018
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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you've never seen before in your entire life. My name is Brittany, grey, I'm owner and stylist at beach, vibes at Beauty Studio. A couple of weeks ago, a client came in. She got her hair done by me and then a couple days later she contacted me and she asked me how come I'm trying to curl my hair, the way that you did in the salon, but it's not coming out the same. Do you have any video on this or anything like that and I didn't at the time, but that is what inspired this video, because I'm gon na quickly show you guys how to get professional results at home. So if you're not subscribed to my channel, then take a moment to subscribe, I upload new videos every single week. Ya won't regret it and, let's get into it now in this video, I'm not going to go too in depth as to how you can make your curl last if your hair can't really hold a curl. The answer to why can't my hair hold a curl is a very complex answer and I am gon na do a full video on that, because it goes deep just want to dress that really quickly. Oh now yeah. So, let's get into it. So my hair is clean. I went a little bit too hard with the leave-in conditioner, so it's kind of stiff. It almost feels dirty in a way I'm gon na start at the bottom. Ideally, if you're gon na curl your hair and wear it down, you do want to have clean hair. It'S gon na help hold the curl more as opposed to oily hair, the curling iron that I'm using today at the Hot Tools curling iron. I talked about these all the time hashtag not sponsor about hot balls, holla atcha girl in the salon. I will typically use a Marcel iron which does not have this plastic cap on here. I don't like to use that on myself at home, because it's a little bit tricky to use on my own hair, the curling iron that I'm using today is a one-inch curling iron. I either use a one-inch curling iron or a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron. So when you are choosing a curling iron for your personal use, you want to remember the longer the hair, the bigger the barrel that you want to get. So if you have longer hair, meaning past your bra, strap length or longer, you are probably going to want to use a one and a quarter inch barrel or if you have hair. Like my hair, you know about shoulder length hair. You want to use a one-inch if you have even shorter hair, you might even want to use a smaller curling iron than that. It all depends on the effect that you are trying to get as well. A curling iron that has a larger diameter is going to give you more of a wave and a smaller diameter. Curling iron is going to give you a tighter curl. I use a one-inch curling iron for hair, that is about above boob length or shorter and then anything longer than that I will use a one and a quarter inch curling iron, I'm going to grab a little bit of my flexible hold hairspray. This one is by Paul Mitchell, just gon na spray. This strand comb it through. Now you want to grab your curling iron and you want to makes it make sure the barrel part of the curling iron. That'S this side. This is the clip. This is a barrel. You want to make sure the barrel is facing of the wall or maybe you're not in front of wall, but you don't need the clip is gon na be in the front part and then you're gon na grab the Strand and then curl it away or curl. It in the direction that's a barrel is facing, so I like to get the middle of the strand first and then I like to feed my ends through slowly I'll, stop about midst right here and hold it for a couple of seconds, especially if the client has Fine hair, it doesn't hold a curl and then I just feed my end through like that and then just quickly go over the ends, because you know you don't want to damage your hair too much and then that's it, and that is how you make a curl. Now I'm gon na show you more of a beachy wave on this side. So again, I'm gon na spray, the back of that strand comb it through. Whenever I use a hairspray to curl with, I always make sure that it's a flexible hold hairspray. So that way it does hold the curl intact, but it's not crunchy and hard for you to run your fingers through. If you're gon na do beachy wave, you just do thing barrel in the back and turn the curling iron in the direction that the barrel is which obviously, in this case is in the back now all you're gon na do instead of feeding the ends completely through The curling iron there you're just gon na it's hard to do it yourself, but you're, just gon na pull that out twist it that way and then just lightly touch the ends, and you want to make sure the ends are more straight. You can also just pull this around like this and hold it, and when it's cooling down, that's the form that it's gon na take when all is said and done. So if you hold it straight, while it's still hot like that, we let it go. It'S gon na be a little bit looser and this is gon na create more of a beachy wave versus a curl like that, that's more of I was calling a prom girl. I don't know why. I just run they like proms and keep safe. I'M just gon na work my way up on this piece. I wanted to show you guys a common mistake that I see girls making with curling irons and they do it themselves, and this is, if I'm with a friend somewhere for traveling and I'm watching them do their hair. I always see them. Do this hashtag not all but hashtag, not always, I feel like the most common mistake is where you're placing the barrel and where you're, placing it click. So let's say we have the barrel facing the back again and in this clip in the front. So I would take this piece and curl it going that way. But a common mistake that I see people making is taking the clip and then curling it forward and see where that clip is bending there you're curling it forward and I'm not gon na pull it through, because this is making me cringe. But let's just say you make a full complete curl and that's got ta leave a weird dent going on right here when using me, I've been really quick, or can i zoom you in right, yeah, okay, cool, it's just not flattering, and then you're wondering why why Why'S my troll coming out nice and that's one of the reasons why I feel like that's one of the most common mistakes. So again, I'm gon na grab this strand spray a little hair spray on it, comb it through and again barrel in the back clip in the front and I'm curling in the direction of the barrel and then I'm feeding it through. I am gon na curl a lot of the pieces away from my face, and this tutorial here is a very, very basic standard, foolproof way to curl your hair. But as you progress and your curling skills and see, if you learn how to properly use a curling iron, you can switch it up. You could curl pieces forward backward, you know the possibilities are endless, and so many different curls create different effects. Now, here is where you can start to create some volume, and you do that by pulling the piece up a little bit barrel on the bottom and basically which ever whichever side your barrel is on. That is the direction that you want to curl your hair. So again, I'm feeding it through. If it's a large strand of hair like this one is, you can hold it tight or you know, tighten the curling iron in there feed it through it. Just lightly touches the ends so that way: they're not frizzy, and then you leave it like that. So now that the crown of the head, this is where you can really start to build volume. Let me lower my share a little bit alright. So now we can't start building even more volume as a crowd. This is typically where you want to start to build volume in a basic classic, just hair down curled hair style barrel at the bottom, we're kirlyam's direction the barrel. We are feeding the hair through and voila. If you really need volume, you can hold the strands straight up, spray, it and then barrel at the bottom or curly in the direction of the barrel, and I'm gon na hold this one there for a while. Just because this is a pretty thick strand of hair. Now, if you want, you can click this so that way it cools like that, and then you have even more volume, but I wanted to show you something like a little troubleshooting um curled solution right now. Okay so say you curl the peas, but, like you, take it out of the curling iron and it's in a weird position like that or something and you you're just like I don't get it. Why is it like that, and how do I fix it? All you have to do. I want the curl to go back here, so I'm just gon na take this strand twirl it around my finger in the direction that I want it to fall and then let it go and then see it falls nicely and looks beautiful. So that's another thing: it happens to everybody, especially depending on the angle that you're holding the curling iron at. Sometimes it can get weird. So I like to grab pieces like right here: spray it comb it through, and I get the barrel at a diagonal angle. And then I like to pull the hair like that off of the head and then I'm crowing back I'll hold that and that's gon na create a little bit of volume at the top. And it's also gon na make the hair flow back away from the face, which is which is my vision for this book. Let'S see how I want to curl this, I'm gon na curl, this one point forward kind of take that comb it sideways, and this is going away from my face. So, as you can see the pattern that we have going on right now when we're working around the face, we're going away from the face for the most part we're going away from it facing this whole entire look, but that's just gon na open up the face. Now, if you want to create a lot of volume here, you can hold the top piece like that and hold it straight up. If you hold it more like that, you're gon na get a little bit more volume, but we don't need all that so gon na again curl in the direction of the barrel. Now, if you have naturally curly hair like I do or if your hair gets a little frizzy, I like to just run the curling iron over the pieces there. Just so it looks nice and smooth when my hair is finished, because you know how it is. Girls have naturally curly hair. You don't want your roots to look all puffy and then the rest of your hair straight. It'S not a good look and, lastly piece and the fret I did want to also say that curling, your hair and styling, your hair can be very complex based on your growth patterns, especially in this area. Here your hairline just in general, but, like I said you will eventually master curling your own hair at home. The more you practice now all I do is I just gently run my fingers through my hair. Now look at this piece back here. Remember we did a little beach wave see it's just it's just subtle. If you want to separate your curls, but you don't want it to go too frizzy or too big. You just use one finger like that and separate it into two pieces. Three pieces: you can, you can multiply it as you go here. I like to frame my face like that. I like to give myself a little height up here, just because of my face shape um, since my face is round. I don't like to be too flat like that, so I just like to pull this a little bit. I have a quick little trick for when you blow out or curl. Your hair at home is to spray the front of your bangs. If you want them to stay put, for instance, my hairline, isn't, if you look at me from the side, it isn't like that. It goes like that and a lot of people. Their hairline is like that too, and their fringe area will fall forward like this, and mine does at you. So whenever I want to have that nice flow and cascade on the side - and you guys love when I say cascade, I just put it where I want to put it and then I just spray it with a firm hold hairspray. I don't have one right here with me, but spray it with a firm hold hair hairspray, and it will stay. Put like this with a firm hold. Your hair is going to abstain. Whatever position you want, I like a flexible hold for when I'm curling hair and I still need to work with the hair. But I needed to hold the curl, try these tips and tricks for when you curl your own hair at home, and then, if I miss anything or if you guys have any tips of your own, did, leave it in a comment down below and also if I Did miss anything and there is still something that you guys don't understand, then leave it in a comment down below, because I love educating, I love making these videos. If you don't already follow me on instagram at Brittany, great and enjoying my hair group on Facebook, hair culture, but I'll leave the links to everything down below and other than that, you guys will see me in my next video, and I will see you guys in The comments thank you for watching bye,

Brittney Gray: I see all of the comments requesting a video on how to make curls last on resistant hair! I will be addressing your hair type, condition, length, shape, products/tools and technique in regards to the topic. There are many contributing factors. Stay tuned!

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BeautifulDisaster: What I have learned since I bought my beach waver iron: hair not keeping a curl? 1. Use a hair spray before you curl and 2. Hold the curl about 10 seconds before releasing. I have very very thick hair but I curl it in super thin sections at a time and my curls last for dayyzzzzz. I use on medium heat and just hold the curl a bit longer before releasing. Thick hair can take the abuse.

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burmese Jade: So very informative, Amazingly easy to follow❤️Thankyou beautiful girl❤️love from Australia❤️

Lauren Kellie: I just got a short one length haircut and I’ve been sad about it because of the same reason. Thank you so much.

LilyOfTheTower: Also an important tip is, try to keep your sections uniform in size. Try not to grab too thick of a piece or too thin. The width of your section shouldn't be wider that the length of the barrel and the thickness of the section shouldn't be wider than the width of the barrel - just a general rule of thumb.

Jay Kaiser: Im here because I was watching a styling video and saw the stylist use a curling iron in a manner that I had never seen before. I was taught to clamp the end and roll up lol. Needless to say I love my irons even more thanks to you! :D

Leda Botelho: "Boob length." Love it! I'm using that term to my hair stylist from this day forward! Girl you are awesome!

Ashley: I actually use a Conair brand straightening iron to curl my hair since the outer end of the jaws are curved around. I take my hair and twist the iron away from my face. My hair is angled so the layers of my hair show. I’ve used a thin regular curling wand and got utterly different results and one side was not at all doing what the other side would do, unlike my straightening iron. This curling iron is also just a barrel with no clip, so I have to hold the hair around the barrel for a few seconds. Can you maybe touch on that and elaborate on why the results are so different as well as how the way the hair is curled is different?

Sarah: I struggle with the "feeding the hair through" part. I have long hair so it's hard to get all of it to curl like that omg

Micaloves2eat: This was really helpful, I can finally curl my hair lol

Jojo: The frizzy roots thing, running the iron over it a bit it a golden tip! I am white, pretty basic hair, it’s fine but there is loads of it. And it’s unruly the sleek curl with the fuzzy roots is so me. I always think it makes me look like I’ve got grown out dreadlocks with fuzzy top bits. Dreads are cool, love them, but not if you are trying to aim for a sleek seamless look

Ochako Uraraka: Such a great video! My bangs are always messing up when they start to grow out - plus my hair is so thin!

Charlotte Harris: fantastic video.... you are crazy talented but I have a wand on its way and will use your video as a guide! I am HOPELESS with hair but your video makes me feel like I might, might have a chance! Thank you from Australia x

PinkDragonflies: @Brittney Gray About how hot do you keep your iron for beach waves? I know it varies, but what is your personal preference for your own hair?

Shikksha Beauty & Vlogs: Wow!! Very helpful video with lots of details, tips and tricks. I am very bad at curling stuff specially with the clips curlers. Thanks for sharing ❤️

Karen Pownall: Thank you so much. Basically just did what your client did, my hairdresser did mine so I bought a curling tongue but could I do it myself? No. Can I do it after watching this? Yes. Thanks

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