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  • Posted on 18 December, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hey guys! I'm so excited for today's video! Today I'm testing out the Bunnies Hair Gelcurler Express Curl Kit! This is a hair curler that you MICROWAVE for "heatless" curls. I know, like...WHAT! I was shocked and I'm still shocked! You can literally get curls in an hour. Let me know what you think of these heatless curls in the comments below. Will you be trying them? #viraltiktok #viralheatlesscurls #robecurls


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Hey guys for today's video, we are going to be testing out a microwavable hair curler. I I know what you're thinking. What is that I had the same thoughts, so I'm gon na explain it to you, but let's go ahead and just get started into the video. So I had someone reach out to me on Instagram. They asked if I tried the microwavable hair curler. I was like girl. What are you even talking about so I Googled it did a quick Google search and found nothing. So I was like two weeks later. I kid you not, I was on Etsy and it just like randomly popped up on the screen. I was like no freaking way. This is what that girl was talking about clicked on it and immediately bought it, and I it had good reviews so we'll see it's from Bunny's hair, so you might be saying why do I need a microwavable hair curler? So if you are someone that doesn't like to sleep with things on your head, I know a lot of people. Don'T people don't? Maybe they don't like the feeling of it? Maybe they are just impatient. I don't know this is for you, though it says it emit. Non-Damaging, low heat saving, hair from scorching Hot Tools get bouncy curls in one hour, hands-free and cordless, so you can go about your day while we work on the curl crafted with patent-pending gel curl technology. So inside you get two clips: two scrunchies, a Heat Protector, a storage pouch instruction. So that seems like a lot. Let'S open this, so it's not like technically heatless but again, like the packaging says it's low-key, it's not nearly as hot as like a curling iron is. Oh, this is so pretty so they did have different colors. I think they had like pink purple, yellow, maybe green. I don't have anything blue, so I was like let's go with blue okay. This is like very cushiony material. This feels really cool. I like this bag. A lot see what's inside. Oh this is so cute, okay, so here's your hair curlers. It comes in a little protective case. This is really nice. It'S like a micro, fiber cloth type material and inside. So this is what you wrap your hair around. So you guys know how I do my robe curls. Do it the same exact way but you're curling your hair with this instead and it's done in like an hour instead of sleeping on it overnight. So that's pretty cool super cute, silk, satiny scrunchies and then these really adorable clips. So this is exciting. I'M excited to try this. As far as like prepping my hair, I washed my hair last night just to give this a fair shot and I used verb ghost oil. I have been loving this stuff again. I took a break to try to find different oils and I just keep coming back to this. It'S just really good, really nice. So it says to put this back into its little case here when you put it into the microwave, so just gon na put it back in um microwave for 20 to 30 seconds, then gently check the temperature of the gel curler with your hand, add 5 to 10 seconds as needed until it feels warm, oh, I took it out it does. It feels really warm. So I'm going to go ahead and put this on my head, I'm going to clip this side whoa! I'M gon na clip this side away and go ahead and get started with this side, while it's still warm so I'm just going to do my heatless curls, like I always do. I feel, like you guys know how I do these by now. If you don't no worries um, I will show you so I take a section of hair on each side of the hair curler, I'm going to take my front section, wrap it over under the hair, curler you're, holding onto the same section of hair each time all The way down now take the back section cross it over and then under back into the same hand. Take your front section add in a small section of hair to it do the same thing cross it over the hair curler under the hair. Curler back into the same hand, add in here to the back section: combine it cross it over the hair curler under the hair curler. One more time add in here to the front section: take that front section crust it over and then under the hair. Curler. Take that back section add some hair into it. Do the same thing cross it over under the hair curler, and then just do this all the way down, and this does feel a little warm. I feel, like I warmed it up a little too much. It'S not like burning my hand, but it's warm girl, so I'm just gon na. Do this all the way down. Okay, my camera died so back at it, so it says I'll leave it in an hour. I actually have to leave before an hour. So I don't know if I should keep it in when I'm driving, I do have to go into FedEx and UPS, so super cute scrunchies and just tie it off. I'M gon na do the same thing to this side. Okay, not gon na lie. I wish these almost like detached so that maybe I could like re-warm this section up. It still felt really warm, but it didn't feel as warm as this side. So I'm wondering: is this going to be curlier than this side, or is it all going to equal out and be okay? I don't know we'll see so. I'M gon na set my timer for an hour. We'Re gon na come back and see how these work. So I sniffing here so I'll see you guys in just a minute, so I almost forgot to show 360. So here's what it looks like from the side and then the back and then the other side and then the front. We are back with a visitor who decided to wake up early from his nap and join my video. Can you say hi to the world say hi. So if you hear little feet or noises, it's it's him. So I'm just gon na. Let him run around. I'M excited, I really hope these worked. If not, then I know to leave them in longer or heat this up for more seconds. I will say this is very addicting to play with listen to it. It'S like squishy and just really fun to play with all right. Let'S no way no way no way. I'Ve maybe had this on 45 minutes. Okay, this is cool. I love that I can just put this in my hair for 45 minutes to an hour and it curls my hair, like what comes right off too. It literally looks like I slept in my heatless curls all night, like I am just sugar, okay as normal. I would just take my fingers and brush them out wow. These look so good are we? Are we serious right now? Are we serious okay? These were starting to look perfect and then I noticed this section right here. I don't know what happened here. I don't know what happened because this side, this side looks perfect, this side, something happened. Maybe I should have like parted my hair, more down the middle. I honestly forgot about my hair um, we're not reading a book right now he's trying to read, read a book other than that you guys used to look so oh, I love I love. This thing is this: little invention is really cool, so I'm gon na do a 360 and show you guys what they look like up close. So I did wear these all day. I forgot to mention that by the end of the day they did loosen up, but they were still pretty. They lasted almost all day, so 10 out of 10. In my book I would totally - and I will actually use these again and I recommend them so they worked. That is the video. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I will link this curler set in my description. Um, don't forget to like subscribe, leave a comment, and I will see you guys in my next one mwah bye,

Janessa Ireland: Honestly, I could slap this in after feeding the baby and by the time I’m done getting the kids and myself ready for the day…my hair would be curled. I think this is worth it, thanks for sharing!!

Beth Mulligan: WOWZERS!!!!! I need to get one of these for me granddaughter...who is turning 12 on 12/26!!! Great loose curls!!!

Rebecca Telgenhoff: Awesome video!! I had some heated hair rollers from years and they never worked but this looked promising so I watched your video and I am impressed!! This would be great while traveling and you could bring them into your hotel room, as long it has a microwave and do your hair in the morning without any worries. THANKS LAINEY

Veronika Josefová: Wow, this looks like a game changer. I would need to get one and the colours are so nice too. Thanks a lot for your review!❤️

Johanne Lalonde: Thanks! This gave me an idea. I'll sew 2 tubes and fill them with rice. Like homemade heat pads that you put in the microwave. I'll be able to heat one tube at a time and I'll leave extra fabric ends to tie on top. I hope it works!

E_: So it’s like the heatless curls with heat but it looks a lot easier than using a curling iron which is great!❤

Amanda Hales: This looks like fun, thank u so much 4 always talkin thru yr routine everytime its a big help. Merry Christmas 2 u n yr family xxxxxxxxx

Greta: This might work on my fine straight hair without the tossing and turning all night heatless curls cause me.

B Lee: I’m going to get one of these … I’m thinking to cut the top middle piece and make a hook or just do both sides individual with same heat temp. Thx Have a wonderful Christmas

Kelly Dukepoo: I. LOVE. IT!!! Super cute! Baby is sooooo cute!

braecat2: laineymariebeauty can u make a video for Christmas/New years hairstyles it would be super helpful because I have no idea what to do with my hair this Christmas/New Year

Kim Dahlquist: Oh my... I just might have to grab the lime green colored ones! Thank you for testing them out... they worked wonderfully on your hair!

Arras10: Super cool and different

Eliza: this worked so well! have a wonderful and restful christmas whatever you’re doing and tysm for everything u do for us, i don’t know what i would do without your vids

SWATatLC: Where did you buy this from?? I can't find it on Amazon.

Camille Tomer: Wow! They turned out So. CUTE! Thank you so much for sharing!

Tracey Wassenberg: OMG!!!! I can't believe how good they worked!

Monica Kostak: Well I don’t have a microwave so I would have to go the old fashion way and sleep -to-curl!! But the results here were great!!

Danijela Olds: Omg they look so good!!!

Charu Shekhar: IDK if I want to try that out to be honest. I mean, the concept is interesting, but it just feels like too much effort haha. But they look amazing on you, Lainey!

Kristen M: Well it's not really heatless then right?

Charu Shekhar: I really like your bedroom! Looks comfy honestly

Rena M: I'm highly intrigued I kind of want this lol.

Izabella: Super cool. Do these curls last just as long as the headless overnight curls? What about if you wanted to sleep with it would it be less comfy compare to the robe curls? Thx ❤

Amy Neil: I just purchased one!

Donna: My hair doesn’t hold a curl. What would recommend? Hair spray makes it necessary to shampoo sooner. My hair is thin , fine and long. It is textured and has its own wonky wave meaning it’s not straight hair.

Alexis Ward: I have to get this!!!!

Tanya Dickenson: And of course I just bought the other one you were advertising

Beth Mulligan: Well. I just came across this video in my google news feed & I jumped over to your YT channel as soon as video was done. I then watched 3 more videos & then hit your Subscribe button...& the bell...for all notifications...I then watched about 4 more videos & now decided to comment again. Now I'm looking for your using a scarf video for over night curls! I just let my hair grow out since wearing it pixie fish since the 80s...Its about 7" past shoulders...Time to learn some new ways of wearing it rather than just scrunchies on top of head.

Hermine Nazari:

gloria f greene: So much for heatless.....

kathy Malia: You found it!!

Jackie Truhe: I wonder if heating your terrycloth robe belt in the microwave would have a similar effect. ‍♀️

Crystal: Beautiful. But who has time?

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