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  • Posted on 23 August, 2021
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Automatic Curling Iron - Cordless Hair Curler - Long-Lasting Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Easy to Use - Adjustable Heat & Timer - Hair Curling Wand - Automatic Hair Curler - Hair Curling Iron

About this item

EASY CONTROLS & LCD DISPLAY - Our hair curlers has a LCD display screen indicating temp, timer, curl direction & battery. Simply use the power button to adjust each setting. Our automatic hair curler also allows you to select Fahrenheit or Celsius.

CONVENIENT & CORDLESS - This hair curling iron is the ultimate tool for multitasking. Cordless design lets you style your hair in any room & on-the-go day. Our cordless iron’s lithium battery lasts over 50 minutes when charged. This wireless curling iron truly goes wherever you go!

SAFE DESIGN - The cordless curling iron features an extra wide opening for easy removal of hair after each curl. You can always select your preferred temperature, and, in case you leave it on after you’re done, automatic shutoff kicks in after 6 minutes of non-use.

VARIOUS CURLED LOOKS - You can adjust the curl setting to “left” for curls on the left side of your face, “right” for curls on the right, or “automatic” which sets the rotating curling iron to alternate between left and right curls for a natural, textured look. Adjusting the heat setting will allow for looser or tighter curls.

ADD-ONS INCLUDED - The cordless iron comes with a travel pouch for easy packing & a USB cable for convenient charging. We’ve also included 2 black hair clips.

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Our favorite amazon finds this is our cordless hair curler. It comes with customizable features, including change in temperature time and curl direction. I love that there isn't a cord in the way and that i can curl my hair really anywhere. I want it's super easy to use and perfect curls come out every time the product is rechargeable and it comes with a charger as well as a travel, pouch and two hair clips. Another cool feature is that you can also use it as a power bank to charge your phone

Jessica Chipp: What brand is this I have been looking For one of these

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