Wylera - Testing Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Review - Honest Opinion

  • Posted on 05 November, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

TESTING CORDLESS AUTOMATIC HAIR CURLER - the brand i used is called wylera, i really enjoyed doing this review, Nothing better than a wireless curler that you can take everywhere with you

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Hey guys hope you're all having a beautiful day, so for today's video i've got a bit of a remake. I'M going to show you the why lira hair curler this one is a wireless hair curler. It'S super super easy to use and i also have a discount code which i'm going to put here for you, so you can go skip it. If it does change, i always put the new one in the description down below. So don't worry about that. Firstly, i'm going to set up everything that i want, so basically you can change the time. How long do you want the curl to be warming up so the longer that you leave it? Obviously, the tighter the curl is going to be. You can change the temperature as well, so i'm going to leave it at 180 and you can change the direction of the curl. For my left side, i'm going to put it on the left motion and for the right side, i'm going to put it in the right motion. So super super easy now it's on the left. So what i'm going to do is i'm going to start separating my hair and clip it all right just because on the left motion, i'm going to start separating my left side, and these i don't know i feel, like i'm, not really neat. I just tried to get the same amount of hair possible and so easy, so you make sure that this part is facing away from your face and you choose put it there and press start there. You go. If you want it less tight, you can leave it less. I think i'm going to leave it a little bit less. Usually i do it half time because i like my waves loose, but i wanted to show you how it looks if you live for all that time, so my preference is to leave it for four vapes. You can do it as long as you want. Okay. So now that this side is done, i'm going to let it cool down and now i'm going to actually change the settings to right. So i can do the right side, but so far it looks pretty amazing. I'M pretty happy with that and i'll teach you the other trick to make your hair look longer all right. So now that this side is done, i'm actually going to change the settings to right. So i just click a couple of times: change it to right done. Perfect, so i'm going to part my hair again and start curling there we go do do. I could never do this on my own with a normal curler, so it looks so so beautiful and what i do is i brush them, so they kind of like become all one together and, as i promised before, that i was going to show you how to Make it look longer, i'm going to show you so this trick. I learned from my makeup artist: i'm going to grab the strainer and just go over on the ends of the hair beautiful there. We go just like that, and just at the front as well. There. We go just because with the volume era, the first the end is where it's going to hold the curl the most so for us to fix that you can keep it that way. I was actually really liking the other way, but, as i promised, i was going to show you. I didn't want you to miss that on this super cool trick, to make it look longer, okay and that's how it looks all right guys. So this is the end. Result, i absolutely love it look at the ends. It looks so good and yeah. I hope you really like this video. Let me know in the comments below i love you guys thank you for watching stay, safe,

Lida chatkiewicz: This is amazing I’ll definitely get one

Dilek Aslan: By actually choosing right settings on your right side makes the hair curls towards your face! Just an advice if you wanted to curl away from your face you’d have to choose opposite directions! But great trick to straighten them at the end! Love it

Maureen Creations: Tried a different model two years ago. Used it for over two years with no problems….then…it caught my hair….had to break the curler to get my DAMAGED hair out. My hair finally grew back and decided to try this model. It has been two years and thought maybe the design was improved…so like an idiot, I tried AGAIN. Same thing happened. At least this time I got the hair out without completely having to cut it off. DO NOT BUY THESE TYPE OF CURLERS…

Coco Chanel: This was really helpful fun to watch! I wasn’t getting it right till I watched your video. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ Your accent is awesome .... it’s Australian mixed with.......? Italian?

Alej: I've never seen a hair curler like that!

ha ha: do you have to hold on to the button while curling? or can just press once and let it beep? thanks!

Grace Oswald: How long did that take tho. Like 10x longer then using a hair straightener to curl your hair .. Just get a cordless hair straightener

Naida Ibrahimspahić: How long do they last

Krissi Qualls: Left goes to the right side, right goes to the left

Lucy S: Do you use any products before or after & is it better on fresh clean or slightly in cleaner hair?

Ramiro Rand: Larry, Curler & Moe. Que buen cabello!

Pamela Connell: I’m surprised it didn’t burn all your extensions your got in

Steven Shander: Purple backdrop? Just like the xmen babes hair. No I don’t mean Arron Rodgers the packers mvps ex, Soderberghs actor, I mean the comic book from 5th grade! Purple is t my high school letterman jacket it’s a femme fatale worth dying for. Lol yikes. Not a good joke sorry carla omg. Psylocke was her name and she was my dream babe not Pamela Anderson or the girl from basic instinct or the E channels Brooke Burke. Fictional in comic books. And trading cards. Miss your company on this sad window. I know you never really said much in dms or messaging back, but I think it’s just how you present yourself around town always looking so true and loyal and fierce and attractive. Been tweeting crazy shit, Hunter s thompson , Stanley Kubrick and Kurt are dead. Gotta keep the spirit alive. Here I am. And where ever you are today, or tonight I hope you’re circle is safe and happier without fb/meta idiots around. Love you babe

Latha Falls: Why r u flatting out u hair leave it the way it is

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