Dyson Airwrap Tips For Long Lasting Bouncy Curls

  • Posted on 13 August, 2022
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Is the Dyson Airwrap worth it for me? Yes! I break down all the best tips on how to achieve long lasting curls with the Dyson Airwrap so you can love your Dyson as well! Let me know if these tips were helpful!


Hi everyone it's been a while, but I am here to bring you guys one of my top requested videos. It is how to get curls with a Dyson air wrap and some tips for long, lasting curls. I hear mixed reviews. Some people say their curls, don't last so, hopefully, with this video you guys can get your crusted last. I'M going to give you guys some of my tips that I use to get these long, lasting, bouncy curls. So, let's start off with the foundation of your hair. Haircut and the way you prep really does make a huge difference. I noticed that a lot of people that have complaints with the Dyson air wrap have hair with not much layers in it and I'm not here to tell you guys, go get a haircut in order to achieve these Dyson air wrap curls. But I will say that having layers in your hair does make your hair lighter and even using a curling iron or whatnot, it's going to add movement to your hair. It'S gon na add lightness to your hair and it is going to help hold the curl a lot better than when you have one length hair and when you have one length, hair, you're gon na find that all the curls are gon na sit at the bottom. You'Re gon na have movement at the bottom, but when you have layers throughout your hair you're going to have the movement throughout your hair because of the ends, the ends of your layers are going to end here and here so you're going to have that movement throughout. So, just something to think about haircut does make a difference in your hair when it comes to holding curls. But if you guys don't have layers, you guys can take other steps to achieve those long lasting curls. Okay. So there are different attachments when it comes to the Dyson air app, as you guys can see here. So this one is meant for smoothing your hair out. This one is like a blow dry brush, it's smooth, but you can also add that curl in great for people with curly hair, frizzy hair, because you can get it smooth and also add that curl in and here is the air wrap and it's important to know And understand what each attachment does, because people go into this and wonder why their hair is so frizzy. This is not a smoothing attachment. That is why you have these other two to smooth it. If you have frizzy hair, you want to smooth it first before using this one, because this is not going to smooth it. It'S just going to add that Airy blowout curl to your hair. If you have frizzy hair, it will still be frizzy. If you just use this, so I have frizzy wavy hair. So I like to smooth mine out a little bit not too much because I don't want it like super sleek and smooth, because I still want to add that curl in it. So I'm going to show you guys what I do: okay step, one I just washed my hair, I make sure to take out all the excess moisture out. This is where product comes into play. One thing to know: is you don't want to have super Sleek slippery hair? You might want to go light on the conditioner. You want to have a little bit of grit and texture in your hair, and that is where products come in if your hair does not hold a curl. There are two products that I recommend when it comes to prepping your hair. So one is a mousse that you guys can put throughout your hair, and I know mousse is a little scary, but it does give that grip to your hair and it does really help hold the curl. So what I recommend before you guys think it's gon na. Oh, my God, my hair is going to be so sticky make sure to do it. When your hair is damp, you wring out all the excess moisture put it throughout your hair and brush through always brush through. So there are no sticky spots, and that is the best way I like to apply these products, because then I don't feel the stickiness when my blowout is done. If you guys don't like mousse I'm another thing, I recommend that's a little more lightweight is some type of wave spray or texture spray, not the aerosol ones, but the ones that are wet, not the dry, texture sprays. So this you can add throughout your hair. It'S going to add that texture, that grip - you know those beachy wave sprays that you can add to your wet hair to make it look like a beachy feel those are the ones that I'm talking about, because those add grip to your hair so either one of These products are going to help with grip. You kind of want to stay away from smoothing products, products that are going to make your hair, nice and soft. You can add it to your ends, but if you struggle with your hair that holds a curl, then I would stay away from those type of products. Okay, so for my hair, I'm going to use mousse, I'm going to put this throughout my hair, make sure to brush it through this one is Bumble and Bumble: thickening volume mousse, I'm gon na - put that throughout my hair it smells so good, make sure to always Brush through so you have no harsh sticky spots. Next is rough drying, your hair, you cannot do this air up when your hair is this wet because one especially if you have frizzy hair it'll frizz up and it won't fully dry it like it's, not a blow. Dryer, so it's not going to fully dry your hair, it's not meant to be a blow dryer. What I find best that works for me is when my hair is about 95 dry. You know your hair when it feels dry, but you still feel the coldness to it. That'S when I like to go in with this, because when it's wet, it just Falls for me, so I found that that works best for me is to have your hair, mostly on the dry side um with just like a tiny when you still feel the coldness Of your hair and that's when I like to go in with the air up - and I felt like that, makes my curls last the longest. So two things you can do if you guys have frizzy curly hair, you guys can use this one. So you guys can smooth it out. So at least your roots are nice and smooth. You don't need a super straight Sleek blowout. You just need to kind of like Smooth, so it's not going to be frizzy at the end of the day. For my girls with straight hair here, then you guys can use this to just rough dry. Your hair, I have a little bit of wavy hair, so I'm going to rough dry a little bit. I'M going to use this a little after to get it a little smooth and then we're going to go in with the air wrap. Now I switched it to this attachment and, as you can see, my roots are wavy, so I'm gon na more focus on my roots, just to get that nice and smooth because, like I said, the air wrap is not going to get it smooth. I just take big sections and just smooth it out, so it's nice and smooth - I just want you guys, can start, maybe putting in that a little bit of curl with this. It'S not a must you guys can also be using this one as well, so either or so. I rough dry, everything else, but I will do my bangs just to make sure it sits right. Okay, so my hair is pretty much like 95 dry, which is perfect for me to start using the air wrap play around with it see the percentage of dampness that you do like, but I will say when it's more on the dry side. That is a lot better then it has worked for me when it's more on the Wet Side. So that is why it's mostly dry just has that touch up a little bit of dampness, so the key rule is to always go down in barrel size. If you want a tighter curl and if your curls aren't holding you're going to want a tighter curl, so there is a 1.6 inch which, which is a little bigger than the 1.2 inch. I think even Dyson has the one smaller than that. If your hair doesn't curl, go down a size and definitely get the longer one as well, this one is super short compared to long one. I don't have the long one of the smaller one, unfortunately, but I do recommend if you're gon na use be using the 1.2 inch a lot to get the longer Barrel. Next is sectioning, make sure you get every section of your head when you curl with this. Some people just like to go super fast with it kind of get sections of their hair. Do that and that's okay, depending on the style you want. I like to do that sometimes when I just kind of want that body going throughout not actual curls, but if you want like actual curls, and you want it to last, make sure this section make sure you're taking your time. So, in that case we are going to section from above my ear. Okay, next is section size. You want to make sure it's the size of this Barrel, especially not too big, because if it's too big it's not evenly Distributing the heat, some of the strands are going to be a little straighter than others. Also, if it's too small of a section, then I find that it becomes a little more stringy see how it's kind of the same width of the air up - and I find this is the perfect section too big. Your curls will fall up too small it'll be it'll, look a lot more stringy. Okay, so you hold it at the bottom and you let it get get that tension and roll up roll up all the way to the roots. Now the next thing to make it last longer is to pin up these curls, because once you have it in this pinned up form it cools in that form. It sets in that form. Then, when you take out the pins, it is going to last a lot longer be a lot bouncier. It is important to pin correctly because, if you're just doing whatever and pinning it and you're smashing the curl, then you kind of destroyed all that you did. I like to scoop it up and there should be a hole like this. You should see through that hole. You roll in you pin at your scalp and the top of it will be in that hole and it should stay in place. You should still see through that hole um, because, if you're smashing your hair with the clip, that's how you get dense and that's gon na make your curls crinkle and not look cute. So you want to make sure you have that hole where you could see through it. You can also do it this way where you still have that hole. You'Re gon na put the top of it on top of your hair, the bottom of it in that hole, and you see how you still see through it. It'S just dangling: it's not all the way to my scalp, which is fine too. I personally don't need it because I know my curls they last really good, so I'm just gon na do the front sections, but do all your hair, if you guys feel like you, need it? Okay, so now I'm gon na do the same thing throughout and I'm gon na fast forward. So a few things I want to mention is: you can also press the cool shop button by lifting it up. While you have your hair in there and let it heat up and then cool it down for a little bit and then you guys can take it out. I don't really find that it makes a difference, but a lot of people said that it does for them. So that's an option that you guys can do is to cool down your hair before letting it go from the air wrap, and I want to show you guys another technique on this side. So when I use the air wrap - and I go all the way up when I'm going to take my hair out a lot of people like to turn off the air wrap and then take their hair out, I'm gon na leave it on and leave it on. While you take it out, I believe it creates more of a curlier curl when I leave it on while I take it out because the air is still blowing, so you guys can definitely try both ways. Turn it off before taking it out or leaving it on. While you take it out and see which way works better for you and you see how that's too big, it's only so I'm going to split that one up too foreign. Okay, now I'm gon na put a light hairspray throughout my hair lightly spreads. You don't want it to be sticky, so I'm just gon na keep it fast spray and then let it sit you can let it sit till it cools down which is like five to ten minutes, but just as long as it's fully cooled down, then you can Go ahead and take out the pins. Okay, let's take out these pins look how much bouncier that is than the ones that I didn't pin up this one I didn't pin up like I said I got lazy that I was just gon na do the front, but do you see the difference it makes When you pin up your curls when you don't know how much bouncier it is, this curl is going to last me so much longer. So I think it's good that I was able to show you guys the difference that pinning does make when it comes to your hair. I look a little crazy, but once you are done with styling, your hair does not mean you are done with the hairstyle. You can add product to enhance it. You can redo certain areas, don't feel like you're stuck exactly like. If I felt like I was done and I'm like. Oh my God, it looks crazy um. No, I do so many steps to enhance my hairstyles, which I will show you right now. If your curls fall test, it out see how this Falls throughout the day. I know my hair and I know like it will stay like this and I wanted a little more looser, more blowouty. So the way I shake it is, I don't run my fingers through it. I always just put my fingers at my scalp and shake like this. So I opened up my roots, I massage my scalp. This helps open up the curls like it's shaking it open, but it's also not running your fingers through it where you are going to just destroy the curl, but you can see the curls are getting bigger. They'Re. Looking a little looser, also that's going to give volume to my hair. So that's something I like to do like. I said you can totally leave it the first way and let it fall on its own, but for me because I like it looser, then I like to do that if you find that, like oh, this hair is out of place. Retouch it up a lot of times, people struggle with their bangs, and that's because I pinned them up, it could probably add. Had some creases go over your bangs with a blow dryer? If you like how a blowout curtain bang looks, you can redo your bangs with a blow dryer, you can curl your bangs a little bit. I redo my front sections a lot of the times to make it go with my hair right now. I think it's fine! Okay, so I think I'm gon na stick to the middle part. This is the final look. I hope you guys like this video. I hope that these tips are useful and that you are able to achieve long, lasting curls with the Dyson air wrap. Don'T forget to check out my Instagram, where I give a lot of tips on there and also don't forget to like And subscribe, and I will see you guys next time.

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