Automatic Hair Curler Unboxing

  • Posted on 08 November, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Stop hello, hello, wanderers for today's video actually now open, but i just want to share it to you or easy to use, maybe in the future you want to order or also okay. I ordered this one from lazada, okay, so, let's start okay, so my manga and my makasama shang okay. So here it is okay. This is 515. five hundred fifty baht danian okay, so i i saw this one from a thai page and then okay, okay and then it will take 15 seconds 15 seconds automatic, timer, okay or curl, but any 15 seconds, and then, of course, do not use this. One with your wet hair use this one. If your hair is dry. Okay, okay, i am just going to try it. Ang haircut is very short hi. I don't think yeah naked one day. Okay, this is very short kaya. I don't think maganda for long hair. Wait for 15 seconds and okay, so you wait for 15 seconds and he knows i recommend this one uh. You can order this one from lazada or shopping page, and then i ordered one also all right. Thank you for watching bye, bye,

宋智联: thanks for your help

Jestoni Galitob: Wow naman

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