Trying Dirt Cheap Aliexpress Hair Curler Wand

  • Posted on 18 April, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Purchased this from Aliexpress ... DO NOT RECOMMEND IF YOU HAVE LONG HAIR !

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Hello there and welcome back to my channel so today i'm super super excited because we're going to be trying out a hair, curling wand that i got on the cheap, so i'm excited with a little bit of worry at the same time. I'M sorry my neighbor's outside and she's the one i don't like i mean i sound like a right, don't have because i always believe we should spread positivity always but she's. She it's anyway. I feel bad. Now, oh, i shouldn't say she's a but she is. She is oh, my gosh, sometimes guys you just have to say it if someone's a they're, a they're, a i can be a sometimes too. I can anyway guys, so so so so so today, yeah we're going to be trying out this curling wand. So this was from aliexpress, it cost 9.26 a little bit concerned. Will it blow up my house, it could do it, it could set fire they they. This has this connection or is it an adapter? Is it it's a plug? Isn'T it plug okay? But because i live in the uk we don't have this kind of plug. We have like a three a three hold plug. This is what our electrical plug sockets look like uh. They look like that. So you've got the three bits that go into the three holes, so they have very kindly and thoughtfully um sent me the adapter so that i can use this because if they just sent me this, i would not be able to do anything with it honestly. So i can plug this into my plug, socket and plug this into that kind of, like you know, when you're going on holiday and you have to like buy one of these, which is like the most boringest purchase ever, but it's so practical. So this is what the wonder looks like um. As you can see it's very long, very thin. It is kind of a long, thin wand. You can expect to create very kind of small tight curls and, i have to say, like that's kind of like my favorite kind of curl. I also love a little bit of crimping girl. She'S got mischief on her mind girl. She wants to jump up to my heart, my big shelf, and she done it a couple of times and i say no girlfriend no girlfriend you ain't going up there. She knocks all my off and i've got a very expensive uh computer that sits just beneath it. So no go, go, go, go and whenever she does it, i have to rescue her and bring her down. So i saw why is she doing it again? Why are you doing it again? Luna bruno and she's, just she's just had surgery she's been spayed, so she should not be attempting any death jumps. Don'T do it. You know it's not a good idea. You'Ve done it before i had to rescue you, you're not torment down. Just don't do it girl! Okay, choose life choose life yeah this this. This is what we've got and i just thought today i can try it. We can see how she is she's super affordable, so like if she's good, then yes, okay. Yes, i know that dyson there they're releasing new curling things all the time and honestly, like i wish, i was rich enough to afford a dyson air curler, but i ain't i ain't anyway, guys right, so i'm just gon na plug this in and we're just gon Na do we're gon na get going we're gon na. Do it so? Okay, let's do this. I hope it doesn't catch on fire, though i am a bit worried because it is so cheap luna. Were you keeping everybody entertained? Whilst i was down there potentially setting fire to our house okay, so this is now it's plugged in so, and it has a button here which is like the power on button and then on either side of it. It'S just got like an arrow, which i assume is to turn the temperature up or down, and this did not come with any instructions, but it did. It did um come with these gloves a little bit worrying at the same time, because um it made me think, oh, it's going to be dangerous. I will include all of the uh details on this particular product and i'll include a link to the store so that you can purchase it and potentially burn down your house as well. Okay, so i'm just going to switch her on and we've got this kind of blue um screen. Oh, this is very professional. I'M impressed with this. It'S actually telling us how warm she is so apparently now it's 66 degrees. 69. 7172, something! Oh my gosh. This he's up so fast. Oh, i just had a little bit of a worry. I was thinking. If any of my neighbors can see me, they may not realize that this is a curling wand. They may be thinking, oh, why is that wind showing off her massive dildo? So, oh, it's really hot! Oh my gosh, it's boiling hot! How hard should it be like? I don't want to burn my hair off like now. I'M not even worried about burning the house down. I'M worried about burning my hair off, so it's like 180 degrees. Is that too hot? I have no idea. I can feel it from here. Do you know what? Because the cost of gas is now so expensive, i feel like maybe come winter time. Um me the boys and honeys. We could just place this strategically in the middle of the living room and we could all just sit around it. We could toast marshmallows over it. Wouldn'T that be nice? No! No. That sounds like a great idea: yeah. Okay. I love that idea and okay, so i am going to switch it down. So i'm just using this hair button to turn her down because um yeah, i don't want to burn my hair off. I like my hair. I do it's thin as, but i like it, so i have adjusted her down to 85 degrees, i'm hoping that that's gon na be okay, but i have no idea: it's gone back up to 172 degrees. What the! Why is it going up and not down? Okay? Well, i think it is going down. Okay, it's going down each of that, i'm very impatient apparently so whilst uh curling tool is just cooling down a little bit, i will show you what my hair looks like now. This is what it looks like now, like literally so i don't really curl my hair ever because i don't have a curler. This is like the only color i have. I occasionally crimp it and i straighten it. I tend to straighten it like once a week so like i wash my hair once a week so after i wash my hair i'll go in with the straightness just to smooth it out, but um yeah i've got very long hair. So, oh my gosh, i'm so excited like don't get me wrong like i really do enjoy the beachy. Oh, oh, my gosh. It almost fell off the table. Like the only thing i would say with this. I wish i had like a little stand. You know like a proper sturdy stand, um just so that it, i would feel like it was secure when it was. You know when it was just on my table luna. I want you to be very careful. I want to let you know there is a risk in the room like i feel like. I should have done a risk assessment really, but then the risk assessment would comprise simply off. We have a very hot tool in the room. We must be getting our dudes coming in dude is in dude dude dude. We have to be really careful. We have a very dangerous object in the room. I don't know if cats and hot hot hair tools should mix anyway right. So this, apparently now is it down to 122 degrees like it feels really warm like i'm just gon na google quickly like how how warm should you have a hair tool? My neighbor's there again like i'm, like oh sake: okay, i'm just gon na google. How hot should i hair tool be oh by the way as well? I have a bra on today like a new bra, and you can definitely see the brow through my white top. Oh wow, like oh well, someone said how hot is the sun and the answer is five, comma, seven, seven, eight k. I have no idea what that means. Don'T you just love, google, honestly, okay, it is for those with fine or thin hair. Keep your iron set below 200 degrees, okay, any higher, and your strands may burn we're currently at 95 degrees, i'm very risk-averse, particularly when it comes to my hair. So i'm going to just i'm going to just start with um yeah at 95 degrees celsius and then, if we feel like we need to turn it up a little bit. We will but i'm not going to go any higher than like 150 degrees. I'M just not! It'S mother's day here today and um yeah, i don't want the life of the day. I just think it's a day like i really do and i'm a mum and i have a mum and i i just still think it's a day, because i appreciate my moment every single day and i appreciate being a mum every single day so like. Why do we need a day and have you noticed all of the presents and cards and everything are just so sickening and not in a good way like in tesco the other day like the selection of mother's day? Oh, i feel good with these gloves on. Oh, oh, yes, oh yes, oh my cats are fighting downstairs anyway, so yeah the range of mother's day, gifts were like mugs. Teddy bears like stupid, floral, silk pajamas! It'S just like. I hate that, like you know putting ones into a box like. Oh, if your mum, you must like silk floral pajamas. Oh, you must like a teddy bear like no, i'm not five. For sake. Give me a dildo a girthy dildo, that's what that's! What mums want? Let'S fix it anyway! Okay, so i've just remembered the most important thing is heat protection. So i have a spray here by lee stafford. It is called heat protection and yeah. It'S just it's great. It says i am great and i will protect your hair and you should use me whenever you're using a a hot thing, i'll just start with a little bit here at the front, just so that we can see it. Okay, you ready. So i think do i just um. Do i just go like this, like that? Oh my gosh, that's cool! I'M going to be careful not to burn my forehead. Okay. How long do i hold it there for? Oh, maybe i didn't hold it for long enough. I'M going to switch up a little bit; okay, i'm doing it so we're going up to 420 degrees celsius. Okay, did you see how fast i went from risk-averse to not really giving a like? Maybe i was trying to get too much hair included in the party, so i'll just go like that: okay, okay, oh god, i'm definitely gon na burn. My forehead! Oh no! Oh! I forgot to actually spray that stuff on my hair. Oh! Oh, oh yeah! Oh! What? Oh, oh hmm. Anyway, i forgot to spray this on my hair. I talked about it. Oh the clothes too slippy! So sorry about this guys. Let me just protect my hair. This is like putting a condom on. Oh, no, it's not really good, so we're at 120 degrees, i'm gon na start here. Okay, do you think i'll ever get the hang of this guy? Do you think so? I think if i just go like oh no we're not doing that. Oh there's a knack to this and i do not have it, but i'm just gon na go like oh, i burnt my head out. Oh god, this is not as easy as it looks. Everyone makes it look like so easy and it's just not okay, so we'll go like that. Oh that's something! I suppose i'm just gon na experiment with like how much hair i should actually include in the party and also how long should i actually be leaving it. You know wrapped around for think i like that. Oh that's so cute. Look at that! Oh i bet the dyson can't do that. He definitely can but okay, okay, okay, we are getting somewhere now guys. I just like. I don't know like what do i do with all my other hair? Whilst i am, whilst i'm doing this okay anyway, i'm just gon na i'm gon na just go we're going we're going. I'Ve got toes. Remember like we go like that. We go backwards. Okay, look at that! Hmm, okay and i like it yeah i do i do i like it for 9 26. I mean it seems so far to be doing what it said. It would do so i mean i can't really complain. I just feel like this is going to take ages, should we do a little bit over here, because i want you to see like the first few, the first few bits and i feel like i'm. Definitely i am getting the hang of this now, which is which is great. So if i just go like that, i desperately need to do my roots. Oh, oh, that was a disappointing one. I just feel like some are disappointing and others aren't. Why is this one? Not doing it like why why why why? Why am i just wrong? Okay, i'm gon na take a little bit less hair; okay, oh no! Okay, what the is going on curling! Why and now, like? I don't know, what's happening to to you what's happening to us. We were starting to get a really good relationship going and now it's getting a bit disappointing. Oh no, there we go. Oh we're back again we're back on track. I think i just was not holding this for as long as i should have done, so we're gon na go back again we're going back in. I think i definitely did burn my scalp a little bit before, which was sad. It'S very sad and i'm sure it's gon na haunt me for days. I feel like sometimes i'm getting it other times, i'm not yeah, but i'm kind of like what we've got like the preview is like i like it and okay, so guys. I think what i'm gon na do, because otherwise, if like the video's gon na, be so long, i'm just just gon na sit here. I'M just gon na work through everything. I'M gon na see what i can actually produce here and then i will um. Let you know at the end, so keep watching guys, i'm going to pop some nice relaxing music on for you. So i want you to just sit back, relax. Okay! So just a quick note, i'm really really enjoying what we're doing and i'm enjoying the result. Honestly, like it's definitely not giving me like the super tight curls that i was maybe like expecting, but i like the curls nonetheless, but the biggest struggle i'm having right now is well a just realizing how long this is actually going to take to curl. All of my hair, because you can only have like quite like a relatively small amount of hair in the one like going around the wand at one time, so it's gon na take like ages and i have really thin hair. So if you have like thick hair, i can't imagine how long it would actually take you. The second issue that i'm realizing right now is: i have a really long hair like if you look at how long it is it's like well below my boob. It'S almost like on par with my belly button, which i would show you my belly button, but i had hernia surgery recently and it kind of looks a little bit gross um. Actually, the other day i was a bit worried about maybe exposing it um my son's football match, and i said to my son: oh no, i'm just a bit worried about you know letting anyone see my belly button and my son said: oh yes, it would make Them throw up right there, and then i was thinking what i've got really long hair and this one like yes, she is quite long, but i i'm not real to like get all of the hair curled. If that makes sense. So there's going to be like a like, you know like can you see here? We'Ve got curl going on, but then nothing down below. So i feel like that's going to be the kind of look i'm going to achieve, because my hair is too long for this and i don't know if they sell them in like extra long. Maybe i don't know, but if i'd seen an extra long, i would have probably gone for it, but i don't know like necessarily if they do an extra long, but i kind of feel like i'm liking the experience i'm enjoying the results, but i don't know necessarily If this is a quite right tool for me - and i definitely would not really recommend it if you've got like thick hair because it would take forever also if you've got long hair like me, wouldn't recommend - because it's just the wand is not long enough to get All of your hair curled around it so anyway, i'm going to continue. I just wanted to mention those two points before i continue. Okay, so you know what guys i like. I have been sat here for absolutely ages, and this is what has happened. This is the result. Do i think it looks nice? No! No! I don't. I don't think it looks good. I don't - and i honestly like for me to do like my whole head, which i all of a sudden, i feel like i've, actually got thick hair because oh hey gorgeous. Oh, my gosh alex, has a wobbly tooth and he's so wobbly okay. So we had a tooth emergency so um anyway right, yes, guys. I think this one. It did what he said it does or what it said. It would do so this one like it definitely does what it said it would do, but i just think i did not take into account the fact that i've got very long hair. I think if you've got shorter hair, it would work like perfectly um, and i think you know with a bit of practice. You could definitely achieve those super tight curls but unfortunately um it just like i i just forgot. I had super long hair and didn't really think of the logistics of that so um. I am going to stop trying because i've been trying for a long time and i can't try anymore. I am starving and i just know that it's going to take ages. Well, i think i may do later on. I may just like pick this back up again and see if i could do a bit more, so i i'm gon na do it because i am committed, so i have this set to 135 degrees celsius today. Okay, guys guys guys guys honestly, like i feel like i'm giving this a good go, but i'm sweating my tits off, i'm in constant fear of burning my scalp my face my hair and i just don't think the payoff is worth it to be honest, like don't Go wrong, like i think some of these curls yeah. They turned out nice and i think they look good. They look good, no exactly what i thought they were going to look like. I definitely thought they were going to be like smaller, tighter curls i'll put a picture here to show you what my expectations were, but i mean just because my hair isn't exactly looking like that. It doesn't mean i don't like it. I still think it looks really. Nice, the issue that i have and before i go into my rant, i'm just going to say that i fully wear that a i'm, probably not using the tool properly b. I am pretty sure that i should be putting a lot less hair into each curl, but i know that if i do that it's going to take all day it's going to take all day, and i do not want to be doing this all day. I just don't - and i think that this probably is the reason why i don't have any hair curling tools, because it takes all day and i've got really thin hair i've got really thin hair. So how is it taking all day? Is it just because my hair is long, and also because my hair is long like it's really tough to actually get it all wrapped around the wand? Am i glad i got to try it not really. I could have done without it in my life. To be honest, i would probably only recommend this if you've got quite short, hair and you've got a lot of time on your hands. That'S like the only reason i would recommend this, but i'm sure i'm sure, there's probably like so many best tools on the market. Although i don't know because i'm no expert, but just based on this session that i've done here - i'm not very impressed with this um, although i would love to find like a hair curler that would be quite quick to use, but without being too dangerous to the Hair because i wouldn't want to have to have it like super high temperature or anything, but you know what basically, what i'm trying to say is if you could recommend any kind of hair curlers to me. Could you i filmed this review of this hair color and instead of being able to like really tell you what i think i've just kind of thrown it back at you guys and i've said, do you tell me, can you recommend one to me like what do You think i need help with this guys. I need help, but anyway um yeah. This is the look some of the curls turned out. I mean they look kind of pretty. I can't deny they do, but it took way too long way too long to get here. I just don't have time for this. It'S dull, as honestly sitting here twisting around twisting around even just listening to like a youtube video in the background dull. As i know, i ain't got time for that. I'M gon na go but thank you so much for watching and i hope to see you in the next one.

Blue Cat: Normally curling wands do have a clamp to hold the hair so you can easily roll the strands up from the tip to the roots. This goes much faster. I don't know which brands are available in the UK, but Rowenta (I think I have mine since ten years know) or BaByliss do have good and affordable curling wands.

It'sMid: I usually straighten/curl my hair at 180°, fine hair. I've tried at 200°/210° and it's a no no; made my ends extremely dry/burned my ends. When you curl a strand count 3/4 seconds then release ❤️

Christy Fielding: I'm pretty sure any curler that small would take forever to do your whole head. No matter how much it cost or how good it is.

Kelly Daniels: I love that Luna looked at the camera when you were talking to her she's absolutely adorable xx

Crystal Roehm: I use to love crimping my hair, especially for the volume, but felt a bit 80's lol. Now I use a wave iron bc it gives the volume like crimping, but more beachy waves instead and I love the look. Have you ever tried a wave iron? I have the Bed Head brand and it works great and has lasted a long time. I don't remember where I bought it, but wasn't expensive. I think was around $20-$25 USD or so. Also want to add that its quicker bc can do more hair at a time and larger surface area. It's also covered well enough where you don't have to worry about getting burned.

Eve @beinguniquebeingme: I've only ever uses my marc hill waver wand from the pic n mix range great to see what the Ali electricals can be like!

siennalace88: This is why I use hot rollers. It takes trial and error but once you get a routine of what goes where etc it's super easy and soooo much faster than anything else. Have used them for years for volume and wavy curls. I had a few curling wands of varying sizes I tried years ago and they just set on the shelf. lol I couldn't be bothered with the time. At least this one from Aliexpress seems to work like the average curler though. Means their other electronics might be worthy of interest.

Kelly Chapman: Hi hun loving the mint green eye shadow have u seen the Wylera dream wave ?? I’ve not tried it but been eyeing it up for a while lol .. is a bit pricey and there are cheaper versions of it but I don’t know if U can trust them as your hair goes inside the machine and have seen people use the cheaper ones and got there hair caught in it but the wylera one looks great

Kimberley Mccaughey: The longer you hold your hair on the tighter the curls and the warmer the better it will be. Xx

Janice Rainey: I totally agree with you about Mother's Day, I hate it too!

Stacie Xx: I have long hair too and it’s a pain for curling because it takes forever .. *Little tip* put your hair in pigtails (or even just a ponytail) and curl separate sections in them then take out the bobble .. it makes sure that you have got all your hair in and it’s all curled. That makes my life so much easier if I fancy curly hair x x

Denni Knight: I wish this worked because the curls were so nice, but I couldn't be bothered with all that. I got one that sucks your hair inside and beeps to let you know how long to wait etc. They're really good! But that's for like big barrel curls. They need one for the tight 90s curls

My Shitty Reviews: You’re looking so glowy and pretty❤️

Ivy b: Why is Mother's Day so much more work for us mothers we have to act all excited about the gifts that we got

Syl McC: Daughter has some heated chopsticks , give you really tight curls …

Christy Fielding: Is the wand in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Just curious

Anthony Collins: Son unos GIRLS18.Uno de los mejoresg conciertos Mañas no 3 se l

Shortstacked 1980: I don’t want any floral pajamas lol

Syl McC: What about some small plaits

lily hala: drop the link sis

Heather Ivey: Oh i waS the first like and it like exploded when i hit it !!! How exciting lol

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