How To Curl Your Hair//Tutorial With Xl Curling Iron Plus Dry Shampoo//Great For Long Hair!!!

  • Posted on 08 January, 2016
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How to Curl your Hair// Quick & Easy Tutorial using XL Curling Iron//Great for Long Hair!!! Also demo on dry shampoo!

My new favorite Hot Tools Curling Iron is perfect for long hair! XL Curling Iron gives more space to wrap your hair around making it quick and easy! Do your hair in 5 minutes! No need for clean hair, also watch this tutorial to see how to use dry shampoo to fake clean hair!

Products used in this tutorial: Hot Tools Extended Barrel Curling iron, it's a 10 leave in treatment, and Batiste hint of color dry shampoo....links below

Hi everyone welcome to my updated hair curling tutorial. It is a tutorial that is designed to show you how to curl your hair in literally less than five minutes, and you don't have to have freshly washed hair to achieve this. Look because I'm actually going to start with a two day old, greasy slept-in bun and show you how to take it from that where we know we get rings and crinkle and agree set and then get it fluffy and looking like we effortlessly spelled it. So I'm going to be using my favorite new curling iron. This is by Hot Tools. It'S an extra-long curling rod, literally, that's what it says on the box. Extra-Long curling rod and the reason why I sought this out at Ulta is actually where I found it is when I use traditional curling rods when you have long, hair or even medium length to long hair, I find that you run out of space on the actual Rod look at the difference between this traditional curling iron. This is just like the normal sized curling iron. As far as the length goes and this one huge difference now granted. These are slightly different barrel sizes, but look at how much longer this is so you have so much more space to twist your hair around. It makes a huge difference so much easier, so much faster and who doesn't want to have more time in the morning. So I'm going to show you how I use this puppy also wanted to tell you. This is an inch and 1/4, which is the perfect sized curling iron curling rod that everybody should have it gives you nice kind of in-between, wave, slash, curls, anything bigger than that. Like the inch and a half gives you more of a blowout, smooth, curl and then, of course, anything smaller than that is going to give you tighter curls. So let's go ahead and get started. Okay, first things. First, let's get that greasy bun out and I'm going to comb through my hair with hair brush, make sure it is nice and detangled. It'S always important to apply a heat protectant spray. I like to use 2:10, it's a good leave-in treatment, conditioner detangler he protected, etc. So I spritz that on in a coma throat, and then I want to take care of my greasy roots with my favorite dry shampoo in the entire world, but taste a dry shampoo and that one is tinted for medium to light tone of brunettes. And, as you can see, I started by the ear and then made parts all the way up to the center and down the other side of my head and then one in the back and let it dry before you brush it through completely. This is very important when using dry shampoo, you need to brush it through nice and thoroughly to make sure it absorbs all the oils and then after I brush it through. I like to take my fingertips and kind of teased or really get my fingertips in there and had some friction it. It tends to expand the dry shampoo and give a little bit more body effort so to curl my hair, I'm going to divide my hair and to two sections top and bottom, getting the top section out of the way and then taking that bottom section putting it Over my shoulders brush it through again and with my curling iron, I'm going to curl this whole bottom half in only four sections. So, each side I'm going to split it in half and curl each side in two sections, I'm holding the rod parallel to my head and as you can see, as I wrapped that around the curling iron, I wrapped it towards my face and I left it. The ends out that gives you more of a wave, slash curl than a full-fledged type curl. So again, that is going around the curling urn towards my face, leaving the ends out and holding it parallel to my face and releasing it we're going to do the exact same thing on the other side towards my face. So, as you notice, you have to switch hands when you do this folding the curling iron behind your head, so your arm goes up and over and behind your head, I have found. Is the easiest way to do this? So now we're done with the bottom half we'll get that out of the way and we're going to start the top half. Now, with the top half we're going to divide into a few more sections than just two to give us some more body and some more texture, so about four sections, I depend on how much here hair you have excuse me and then, as you notice there, the Difference is we are wrapping it around the rod holding a parallel to the face, but the curls are being wrapped away from the face on top of that on the top half that's very important away, you're still holding that iron up and a back behind the head And still leaving the ends out, that's the third section here up and around away from the face, and then when we get to the front here, I want to show you my special little trick for getting a nicest swoop in the front to get a nice up. Your hair to get your hair to lay nice and right nice and right okay. So, as you can see, I am curling it away from the face. However, that hair is actually being pulled towards the opposite side of the head. So, as you can see, what that does is give a little bit of an angle for the face, so pull it across the forehead put the iron right in the center of the forehead curl it away from the face. Just like you would the other pieces but you're pulling the iron tugging the hair towards the opposite side of the head, and then we're going to repeat all of that on the opposite side: curling, the hair away from the face holding the rod parallel to the head. We switched hands to do this side, leaving those ends. Ow continue until we get back up to the front, and you will see that front trick again, because I know that that takes a little bit to get used to practice makes perfect the more you do. This. The easier it gets, I promise okay, so this front section divided into two sections: pull it across my forehead or drops the side of my head. Oops II mean I got a little confused there and then wrapping the hair around the iron away from my face, but keeping the hair tugged towards the opposite side of the head. How long you hold your curling iron or you hold your hair, and your curling really depends on how easily your hair curls, okay so pulling it across curling away from the face, but tugging towards the other side of the head, and I really am applying some pressure. Tugging it towards the other side of the head. Now, once you release you, let your curls cool for just a couple minutes, and then it's really simple. You just finger comb through your hair until you get the texture that you want.

Veronica: Thanks for the video, Renee. Out of curiosity, why do you wrap your hair around the barrel vs. using the clamp? Is the finished product different depending on the approach?

Gretter Diaz: Love the way you curl your hair! Thanks for the video

Emily McFarland: Hi Renee- I'm considering buying this XL curling iron...but i do more of a traditional curl with the clamp...does that work with the extended barrel? or does the extra barrel make things difficult?

Melanie's Nail Creations: I've been wanting to buy a new curling iron but can't decide if I want a gold curling iron or a titanium one. I have issues with my curls falling out so I definitely want a good one! Nice job on the video, I subscribed!

Rebecca Rodriguez: I have to do like 50 sections for my hair Great video, though! I'm going to try that trick

Gaby Robbins: Thats nice, I just bought it at Ulta last week, I want to have my curls for my anniversary wedding.

Jen: I recently purchased this hair curler. I tried it out twice but for some reason it didn't really curl my hair? I wrapped the majority of my hair but it only slightly curled the tips of my hair? I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if there's something wrong with my iron.. ;-;

🔅: You just curled over the clip thing correct? Also this is a helpful video! ~Nicole

Tracie Q: helpful video :)

Samantha Duenas: What size is the barrel? Thanks ❤️

isa: Is it the revive type

Juliana Alfonso: Are you not using the clamp?

Esme Eli: Buying it!!! Ty

isa: And what temperature is it

Steph: Your hair is so long :)

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