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  • Posted on 26 November, 2021
  • Long Hair
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The Progloss Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler features a unique automatic rotating ceramic and ionic barrel that wraps the hair around to create quick and easy curls. But does it deliver? Cosmopolitan's beauty editors put it to the test in this week's Beauty Lab.

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Oh, my god, i love that. Oh there we go there, we go, that's so fun. I think i love this welcome back to beauty lab at home, where we've been busy testing the latest skincare, hair care and makeup make sure you subscribe. So you don't miss any of our videos this week we are testing, something that i'm slightly terrified of. It is the revamp professional pro gloss, hollywood wave, curl and advanced shine. So this is one of those like automatic hair curlers, which we have tested before in beauty. Lab but i don't believe we have ever tested one from revamp professional there's been a lot of beauty, lab episodes when we've tried these - and i think, because of my fair from before, where i have got my hair stuck in one. It just never goes well, but if i can get my uh clippings to look like this, then i'm all for it. This is what it looks like out of the box and somehow i've got to get my hair into that. So i turned it on the handle. Is like um nars packaging, that kind of like really cool matte black and then it has an auto shut off after 30 minutes, which is great. It also has a three meter salon, swivel, cable. It'S got four heat settings. It looks like because it says ionic. Then it says 170, 119, 210 and then it's got a little left and right button. I'M gon na go 190. You know, keep it nice and safe. I'M gon na go 190 because my hair is quite um. It'S quite fine. I'M gon na do at 170 just because i've had my. My hair has been very, very, very much straightened already. Okay, let's just try this. What'S the worst, that could happen. What it says is take a section of hair three centimeters wide. So i know it's a bit punchy, but i am gon na take the front section. First, let's take this one. Oh that's fine! That'S about three centimeters! I'Ve already brushed it through so now. I have to make sure that this that the controls are facing me and i have to put the piece of hair into the barrel like so and then i believe i just have to press the left or the right. So should we do it there? We go perfect, oh my god. I love that and then take it out. That'S so fun all right! Let'S continue thought some prayers, please people, thoughts and prayers and i think she's done carl. I love this okay. Oh that's a bit better! I'M having fun with this! Now i like that, you can just do that and it comes out because that's what i was obviously most worried about. It'S actually quite quick. You know really when you get the hang of it should be fine there. That'S better see you just need to leave it. A little bit longer love it nice and springy. Oh there we go there. We go, i feel like it curls the end really well, but then not the top, but those curls are very darling. I'M gon na brush them through once they've cooled a bit and then we can have a look at them. I think i love this. This definitely has given my hair more of a wave than a curl. So i think if you wanted to get a curl, you just need to leave it on the barrel for a little bit longer and maybe use a slightly smaller section of hair, but i'm loving the wave like i am all about a loose wave. I think it looks so cool so chic. It'S definitely helped reduce the frizz um, especially considering i only wash my hair this morning, so my hair is usually quite frizzy on the first day, um, so yeah, i'm kind of loving this look. What do you think? I don't know i do quite like the end result. I'M a bit torn, i feel like. I would potentially try this again once you know how to work it. It'S a dream, it's so easy, but that initial fear is quite overwhelming. I do kind of like this, though i feel like this gives more of a like bouncy blow-dry curl. For me, it's not a must-have, but if you like different hair tools, this is unique to your collection. I think you won't have anything like that. That gives you the same effect, but it takes a little bit of getting used to look how nice that is, that is like perfect, beachy hair, it's giving it like some shape to it, some just like some lovely movement. I really really like that. One thing i will say, though, is i'm gon na, be terrible at doing it on this side, but once you've mastered it, those are lovely, lovely curls, and i really am a big fan. Thank you. So much for watching beauty lab at home, we'll see you in the next one. You

Tess T: There is no mention of the time that you must leave it in for, others I have used have a button which allows you to chose the time the hair is left in. I presume this is guess work? do you use it while still plugged into the power?

Callie Jo: Thanks so much for this video!

Amanda L: Does it only take a very thin strand of hair each time?

Lisa Greenway: Not good enough for me, but my hair is really thick and can take me an hour to curl x

KerryAnne G: Woman in spotty top has the controls facing away from her that's why it's not working for her.

Veronika Klaic: Unmade beds banal comments hmm come on smarten up

Trevor S.: This isn’t good content .. I’d rather watch Seven Hunnid on YouTube

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