Easiest Updo...Literally Ever! #Updo #Hairshorts #Easyhairstyle

  • Posted on 31 December, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you this super easy updo. It's literally such an easy trick to a beautiful updo! Let me know what you think :) #updo #shorts #hairshorts #upstyle #lowbun

I'M going to show you the easiest hairstyle ever leave out some hair in front put the rest of your hair in a ponytail, then just braid. That ponytail then lift up your braid and press it flat against your head. Take your ends: tuck them under press them flat against your head bobby, pin your braid to your head pinch and pull for fullness, and that's it.

Eliza: This is so cute! Happy new year @marielaineybeauty and tysm for everything you have done for us this year. i can’t tell you how much you and your channel have helped me be creative and learn so many new different hair styles. i got a heatless curls kit for christmas the other day and it is actually insane what it does. mine clips at the back so because i am a side sleeper, it isn’t uncomfortable. anyway thanks again for what you have done in 2022 and i hope 2023 is just as incredible ❤️

Melissa Berry: This is gorgeous, definitely gonna try it! ❤️

Paris Danielle: Love this braided bun. So cute❤️

Gracie Lou Freebush: Yes, you said it!! So doing that, thanks! See you next year! Lol So cheesy... I know couldn't help myself!Lol

Kelly P: Love it!

/: I have no idea how you got the braid up and to stay put.

Sarah hawkins: Could you possibly do a pull through braid/ bun? But like a pull through braid is on the side. Idk you don’t have to but just a recommendation!!

Nydia Torres: Very nice ❤

MM C: Love!!

Arras10: Cute

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