Testing Shein Hair Curler #Heatlesscurls #Heatlesshairstyles #Hairhack #Short

  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

It I went shopping on Sheen again. You guys know how much I love my heatless curls. So I thought I would try out Sheen's like two dollar version and it feels like a styrofoam in here, but I'm gon na I'm gon na try it so put it on my hair and I'm gon na. Do this the same way, I do my other, like rope, tie curls, so I grab a piece of hair and then I grab another section of hair, and I add it to this one and kind of just start wrapping it around okay. So it does feel a little bit weird just because it's like so bulky, but I'm gon na sleep in this and I'll. Let you guys know in the morning how it looks we'll take it out together, um we're gon na, remove it, but I'm gon na say it didn't do much. This was extremely uncomfortable to sleep in and obviously it didn't stay in very well. So I'm gon na remove it. We definitely got some curls. Let'S see these ones, definitely not as curly as my robe tie curls, but that was just so uncomfortable

Ms. Mossy: I recommend tying it back so it stays put. I usually just do leggings tho

YourfriendCharlie: If these work from any brand at all they are all the same and are just whatever Material it’s made with

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