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  • Posted on 11 August, 2018
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Welcome to Episode 16 of #GoodBadTrendy! We try out an Automatic Hair Curler in this one. Make sure to watch to hear my thoughts!

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What'S up y'all, I see girl Stephanie and welcome to another episode of the good, the bad and the trendy, the show where you try out new, strange and innovative products. Today we are testing out this automatic hair curler. Now this is one of those devices that you're supposed to just put a little section of your hair into, and it kind of eats your hair up curls it I'm a little bit scared. I am definitely not a hair expert, but I've always been intrigued by this kind of tool, so that is what we're gon na be testing out today. This also has a little area for water. It supposed to be a steamer one, and I read through the instructions. There was nothing really specific about that aspect of it, but we're just gon na test it out right now. So, if you haven't ready, please make sure to subscribe below come join the sisterhood. No matter your trip run on our gender identity come join the family and remember to press that little Bell button to get my notifications. Alright, let's get started first things. First, let's talk about my hair right now. It is very, very long right now, actually I'll show you back it up. Look it's look how long this is pretty crazy! I'M getting a haircut in like five four days, yeah four days so I'll be kind of shorter. I'M just gon na be cutting off. All of this area, which, as you can see, it, is quite lighter than the rest of my hair and that's because that's a section that was bleached before who's here, from the days of like my green hair, purple, hair, pink blue with the original color, I used To bleach the hell out of my hair - and it's about this much yeah, this much love from that and then I will have all natural hair, which will be the first time in years, but anyways. I wanted to try this out when my hair was longer. I believe that I'm gon na have to do much smaller sections, though - and this is the kind of curl to that - it's like quite a tight curl. So if I started it like over here, I don't think that'd be okay, so I'm gon na have to put it quite close to my head and I've really never had curls like I've, never done curly about myself. So I'm excited to see how that turns out. Let'S go ahead and put the water in, so here is the little area where your just put water. They provide you with this little bottle, you're supposed to put ten milliliters in. So let me just go ahead. I haven't turned it on yet how you're supposed to tell and yeah there's nothing in the instructions that says anything about like when to use the steam part. Okay, that's about 10 milliliters in there. I will close that back up, as you can see from here. There are some different things, so let me just turn it on right. Now: here's the on button! Okay, there's three different temperature options. This is like a little steamer thing: there's a timer, it's on eight seconds and there's a right left rotation and I just put it on automatic because there's an auto left or right here, it's automatic, maybe it'll, switch it up. Perhaps yeah. I don't really know you want to make sure that this is the section that is near your head, because otherwise I it would, oh, I don't even wan na know it would like suck it from the wrong area. So there is even like a little sign that says, like do not put it this area towards your head, you have to make sure that this is the one that is near your head, I'm a little bit nervous. Let me just wait till this heats up. All the way, and then we will get started, they said two centimeter sections. I I'm just guessing right here, I'm just gon na. Do this little section like this first man is this gon na take a long time? Okay, here we go so I'm sticking it in there. Oh, it's like. I need to put it closer: okay, oh god. Okay, I'm sticking it in there. I'M just gon na do this far away right now, oh wow! Okay, that I felt a little bit of a tug, so maybe I need to do a smaller section, but that's definitely a curl. I started it really far away from my head Wow. My hair is not even that hot it's falling out a little bit already for sure, because I think I didn't really have a tight grip on it. Let me do another section, maybe even small, this time I, when I curl my hair, it's like with. What'S it called just the barrel, one, the not the clipless one, and I do it in such huge sections. It doesn't take me that long to do my hair, so this kind of seems like a lot, but I wanted to try out this kind of curl. Okay. So we're doing this we're doing this pretty loose. Actually, oh, that section did not get curled. The top area got curled that did not get curled at all. Maybe I should raise the temp, because my hair is really long, so maybe when it's getting sucked in obviously the ends are gon na, be on top of the like section closer to my hair. So, okay, I'm gon na press this to make it a little bit hotter because I'm touching my hair too, and it's not hot at all. Okay, I'm going up to 410 yeah, just gently release. Okay, a lot of times when I'm curling, my hair too. I kind of hold the curl for a second see. This area is quite hot and the ends are not hot at all, so I'm just holding it for a second it's hard to show y'all it's. You can see how tight it is up here and then pretty loose down there. I will now raise it to ten seconds. Then. Okay, that's uh! You know better than the other parts because, as you can see here as a comparison, the original hair higher temperature like mid temperature, mid timer, and then these are, you know lower. Oh god, it's not it's not cute over there. Okay, I'm gon na get in you. Do the rest of my head, I really don't know what this kind of curl is gon na look like with my length of hair. I think it could be really cute if you have like short hair and you can have like really big curls, but I'm gon na go ahead and do the rest of my hair. Let me time this right now, I'm gon na see how long this takes. For me to do my whole head - oh my god, I am actually stuck in here - oh my god. Oh my god haha! Oh my hair. Okay, I need ten is off what my hair is so stuck in here. Oh [, __, ]. Okay, how much time has it been? That'S not! Okay! It'S been 15 minutes since I started. Why don't I even start since finishing up this back section and beginning the side. I am almost done with this side of my head almost on the side, but like there's so much more hair on this side of my head. That does not look. Okay. That actually looks terrible. Let me try it. Let me let me brush this. Sometimes you know you got ta brush the curl out a little bit, see you how to what stay too, too. Okay, so currently brighten this up a little bit. So I don't know, I don't know if you can even see this it's curled up here. It'S actually quite nice up here, but then you move down. What is this? What is what's going on here? The very end is curled, but then there's this weird straight area - I don't even know do I even want to continue and do my whole head. This is it's not worth it. Look. I really like how this looks up here, though that's a thing I like how these curls look. I think it could be really pretty like very mermaid II. You know, but then it just doesn't affect this area. I don't really want to raise the temperature, because 410 450 seems like really hot and then that felt that me getting caught in. There was kind of scary because my hair wasn't coming out and I was pulling it. You can hear all the breakage. If this was my hair, just like right here, how nice is that that's pretty and then and then this garbage you know I'm gon na. Do I'm gon na finish up this section right here and then just show you how one completed side looks. This thing is clearly not meant for long hair. I really want to revisit it cuz. I, like the look of this curl. I don't think it's something that I could get from the wand that I use, because I'm honestly really afraid of burning myself with that thing. Since it is like just a regular wand, it's a clipless one and I wouldn't put it so close up to my head. So that's why I was really excited to use this because, like you could really just stick. It really up close to your head and it's fairly safe, like this area, is kind of hot, but it's not like. It wouldn't burn you at all. It'S just like this little teeny thing inside there, so I think I'm just gon na leave this one. Damn I don't know man I think most people would probably think this is bad, but I think it still does its job. It'S just not meant for long, so I think that's something that they need to say is that it is not meant for long here. I think this would work really well on short, hair and probably less time-consuming. You know cuz, he got less hair to suck up in there, so I I would like to revisit this tool for sure, so we're just gon na leave this good bad trendy at that very neutral about this. Let me know your thoughts on this. If you think I should have rated it bad, but I really do want to revisit it, so I think that's it for this video. My first really incomplete good bad trendy, but I hope you liked watching it. If you like, this video, please make sure to subscribe below, come join the sisterhood. I love y'all and I will see you in the next one. It'S going up in a bun y'all

Crystal: I love the frequent uploads - we appreciate your grinding Stephanie!! truly the best channel for YT binges xx

Leilani: Loving this series, and yeaaah this one seems a bit scary. Eeeh!! Haha P.S. shoutout to the days when you colored your, hair. Blue and green were my faaaaav. ❤

Nicole S: I love this series! I also love how committed you are to trying the products and giving them a reasonable review.!

Lilly Pang: I have the babyliss version and it makes curling my hair so much easier! It does take longer because I have long hair like you but I normally curl all my hair and then after it’s cooled brush the curls out into waves Love your videos! I’ve never commented before though

hipnhappenin: I was literally laughing out loud watching you try to get your hair out of the thing. I don’t know what it is but you look incredibly beautiful in this video. Love the natural look.

Annie Yang: I dont understand why you dont get more popularity?? You are a great content creator giiirl

xet37: I was always curious about how these work lol! Also would love if you made a video about your favorite places/websites to buy jewelry including trendy, investment pieces ect.! I love the locket earrings you wore in a recent vid! <3

andy jiang: This is a famous brand product, which is very convenient to curl your hair. My ladybro bought an IVI hair curler last month and she found that the curling is also quite good and the operation is more convenient. She has beautiful curling hair everyday.

J Penni: You should order a heat glove for your wand! It makes it easy to get closer to the root and do a tighter curl

Lily-Phoebe: Steph if you want to get curls closer to your scalp I'd totally reccomend hot rollars!! They are the only thing I use to curl my hair, so easy, once you put them in you don't have to do anything!

AA1891: Any product/tool that "eats your hair up" sounds like a bad idea lol

Ashleigh C: I've always wanted one of these!!! I take such a long time to curl my long hair and because its so stubbornly straight it doesn't hold the curl for long

Robyn Tang: I have an automatic curler, but it's by an Australian brand called Rusk. I love it because I'm so uncoordinated when using a normal curling iron. It definitely takes time though since I long, thick hair and the curler can only take small sections. It was odd that the Diglot curler didn't curl the bottom sections of your hair very well. I also held my breath when your hair got caught it in it! If you ever do revisit the curler again, you might just have to start from the mid-lengths of your hair. Always enjoy your videos. Looking forward to your next one! :)

AJ: I'm a long time subscriber but I've been enjoying your videos SO much recently! Love you

Irina Tsay: Sometimes I like to create a volume with a curling wand, so I hold it as close to my roots as possible, and I feel like with this device I would be scared to do so. Love your T-shirt btw

malaika razak: the same thing happened to me when i used that curler, it got stuck and i had to tug at my hair to get it out

daisy: omgwhen your hair got stuck! that’s one of my worst fears...honestly though I feel like you could pull off any hairstyle. would definitely like an update once you cut it...but it makes me wish their was an easier and faster way to curl long hair

Brittany Brennum: I just subscribed to you a few hours ago and I'm so glad I did! I'm really enjoying your videos!

Joeby: The Babyliss version is the best! Dream curls everytime.

Hrafnhildur: oh man i am terrified of these ! my sister got her hair stuck in one of those for an hour lmao if it wasn’t for my dad’s handy toolbox we’d have to cut her hair off. Sooo imma stay away from these

Sarah Bloom: I was here for all the colors, lol. You rocked them!!

Alison D: Aww love the series. Whoop Whoop for two vids back to back

fuurikuu: The thumbnail I have heard the Chi automatic curler is actually good but anything that spins my hair scares me!

Li Ling: The ‘A’ stands for alternate. Like alternating the directions :) I never liked this product because you can’t control the curls you’d want :/

valerie lozano: Steph I love your hair you look younger if that makes sense ❤️

Usagi Moon.X.O: Love your intro love your hair !

Kim's Lemon trees: This so real haha the reaction so funny lol

Abiyah Yisrael: AHHHHH I've always wondered how this product worked!!!!

Khye Lynn: Thank you for sharing this before I consider buying this thing

Eshaal Zaib: The same thing happened to me and I had to cut my beautiful hair

fammy: This just happened to me now a strand of hair got burnt

Robyn: What if you did the same section twice ie. First closer to your scalp, then again mid-ways?

Nioicho: That would be perfect for people with short hair

Yorufan7: This reminds me of all of Graveyard Girl’s hair device trials

N: you are so incredibly pretty and well spoken. and btw! what kind of mascara are ya using in this video?

Sonia Li: I think the diglot one that you're using is a dupe of BaByliss Pro curler!

Crystal: My favorite part of your channel GBT

pavitraa prem kumar: You saved me and my money

Steph Shea: !!! Your shirt is THE ONE. Where can I get it?

amalia ahmad: Totally agree it looks pretty but mid part was meh!! Total dissappoinment tbh

grecia.kills: try mid way... with only curling the ends

내고양이들사랑🐱💕: love ur vid

Paula Ortiz: That's a pretty cool tshirt

Qader Nader: I think you you didn’t adjust the amount of turns bc if you have longer hair than you need more turns and a little more heat

N9NA MARIE: I’d love to see you revisit this one!! Maybe after your haircut??

Nina Sasaki: what hair brush do you use c:

Angela M: It is not for long hair and maybe your sections/ hair were too thick

mojinxx: Paused video, not sure I can watch this. Hope your hair survives (grrl don’t do this plz).

Blaque Jaded Butterfly: The commercials have long haired girls getting beach waves and stuff

Judy Newell: You're so pretty!!!

Aimee Vie: aww i was worried for ur hair

Wendy Acosta: maybe try again once you cut your hair??


erika k:

Ivon Sandoval: Early squad!!!!!

Diane Pelletier Viau: Your hair are to long !!!

Adrianna Ch: I thumbed it down because I dislike half-assed efforts It took me a couple of months of practicing every now and then to learn how to use a haircurler, so maybe you should practice and then do a video . This is just my opinion of course

Erika Sankary: ahh lol

duckorbleed: 64#

Tiny Xx: first here!

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