Silkwave Hair Curler Review! + Discount Code!

  • Posted on 25 October, 2021
  • Long Hair
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Hello, everyone welcome back to my channel, so today i am filming i'm going to take my glasses off actually because the reflection today, i am actually filming a review video which i'm really excited to do so. First things. First, i have not uploaded in a little while now i will have a vlog going up rue's here. I will have a vlog going up either before just before this video or just after this video, which will be yeah it'll, be a vlog. So i'll talk you guys through where i've been, what i've been doing and all of that stay tuned for that video or go watch it if it's already up, i'm also just getting over a really bad cold. So i sound a bit nasally. So please excuse that. Yes, so today we are going to be reviewing the silk wave curl up, which i'm so excited about so yeah. I kind of got gifted this by silkwave, which is so nice of them, so yeah i'm going to do an unboxing for you guys, so you can see what you get in this. It'S honestly such a great present, though, for somebody for like christmas and things like this, so you know gift ideas for you guys here so yeah. This is the box, it's so pretty! So when you open the box, if i can get it open, you get the actual, oh everything's, just falling out on me. You get the actual curler which comes in this really nice little bag. As you can see this is. It is so stunning like look at the packaging guys. It'S rose, gold and pastel pink, which to me. If i was designing this product, they are the exact colors i would use so yeah. You'Ve got all your butter, so this is the actual barrel, as you can see, got the start button. This is an led screen, so that's pretty cool. You got the on off button and the plus minus um and then at the bottom. You have got two charging points. One is a usb and one is, i think it said you can connect it to your phone or something i don't know you might need to read the instructions for that bit. Yeah and then also in the box. You get the instruction manual which tells you how to use it. Also, you get two of these clips, which are amazing. These clips are so great to just clip your hair box yeah. This is really good that it comes with two of these, and then you also get one of these combs, which again these combs are great, because you can like separate and part - and you know, get a comb and then obviously you get the usb charger. So yeah, that's what it comes with. That is the little unboxing for you guys, but yes, so i'm going to show you guys how to use it today, which is very exciting. I honestly do really love this product. The first thing you're going to want to do is obviously like brush through your hair. You can basically decide how curly you want it, and things like that. So you just start off by holding down the power button and it'll beep, and then you've got a load of different settings which the first one you can decide the temperature. So i'm gon na go for about 180. I think so. Obviously, the temperature and the time as well um does kind of decide on how curly you're going to have your hair. Basically, so i'm going to go for 180, also changes from left and right side, so we're doing the left side first, so i'm gon na keep it on left. You can also have it in degrees, celsius or degrees fahrenheit, which i think is also amazing, and then you can also change the timing, so i'm gon na go for 10 seconds. I think you can go between eight and 14 seconds. I believe, but i'm gon na go for eight, because i want it to be more wavy than um like really tight curls. So that is now heating up, and it will tell you when it's heated up as well, which is good but we're just going to start off. I'Ve separated my hair, obviously into two sections, each side of my head and i'm just going to take a small section from the back just need to like look in the mirror as well, and then i'm just going to make sure that's combed through you want to Take quite small sections, so it does take a while if you've got hair like mine, because my hair is super thick. But yes, so you're just going to take this and you're going to line it up in the little hole bit and put it as high up as you want it. And then you just hold down the start button and it literally just sucks in once. It'S sucked in it'll beep and it'll beep until it's finished so once it's finished, it'll stop beeping and then you just look at that. Guys! Look at that curl! Can we just how insane is that so then we're just gon na go again. So the other one from underneath and then you just pop it in the hole and you just suck it up. Sorry, but is this not the coolest thing ever, i'm sorry, but this is just so cool. I love it so much. I am going to turn it down a little bit: um, not temperature-wise, just time-wise, you can go up to 18 seconds, but i've just took it down to eight. It was on ten um, but also something else that is like amazing, with this product is the fact that it's so like compact, so you can literally take it anywhere with you. So when you go on holiday and things like that, like you, can literally take it with you, which is amazing and look just look, how small it is or like when you stay, you know when you stay over somewhere and you know you're going for a night Out and you don't want to bring your whole massive curlers with you, this is just perfect. I love the fact. Sorry, sorry about the beeping. Oh look at that so nice, so you can see that that one's a little bit looser than the other two, because obviously i did that one for eight seconds instead and, as i said as well - comes with the pouch and everything so yeah. I love that comb through something you do need to watch with. This, though, is like when you comb it through, like you need to make sure you comb it through, because it can get tangled and you've got to make sure that the sections are like complete sections because, again, like you, can suck other bits of hair in and Then you get a knotted mess because i have done that and i have been there look how insane guys i'm sorry, but this is just the coolest thing ever so guys, i'm just going to continue doing this and i'll put a time lapse on. So you guys can see it's happening um but yeah. Honestly. How cool is this? I'M not using the clips either. I should probably use them, but i'm gon na keep going now, also fyi. Sorry i keep looking over there, i'm looking at the viewfinder, because i don't have a mirror right now, hey guys, so i have just finished off curling my hair, as you can see, with the silk wave curler and honestly i love it. So you can see it's quite tight curls which i'm personally not the biggest fan of. But to be honest, it does look pretty cute, but you can always use the comb and just comb through them. Like so sorry, my hair is literally like i molt so badly. So my hair, just like falls out there we go. How cute is that guys? So this is the finished. Look, i'm literally obsessed with me there we go, i'm obsessed guys like how pretty does it look? I literally love it yeah. This is the silkwave curler. It'S my little review. I do really like it. The only thing i would kind of say about it is that it would probably be better for people with shorter hair. Obviously my hair looks quite short right now, actually now that i've curled it, but my hair is very long and thick and it is very hard because the barrel is quite small. It is quite hard to wrap your hair around, but i mean if that happens like where it will curl the top bit and then it might be like slightly straighter on the bottom. So i'll just go over and do the bottom half again room so yeah. I'M honestly obsessed with this curler, though i do think it's really good. The only other thing as well that i would say other than the long hair thing is the fact that the battery doesn't last all that long. But i mean as long as you're like you've got a charger and stuff and, as i said, if you've got like short hair, that's not as thick as mine, like you'll, be up absolutely fine anyway. So yeah, it's just the perfect, like travel item. I feel like this is like travel essential. I'M obsessed see, i didn't use the clips today either, but i love the fact that it comes with like clips and a comb as well, like, i think, that's so good yeah guys that is my silk waves colour review. If you do want to check them out and get one yourself and again get it for somebody else, you could get a little christmas gift for someone i'll make sure i leave all the links in the description as well as links to their social media. I'Ve also got a discount code, which is on the screen now, where you can get money off, can't remember how much at the moment, but you'll see it on the screen but yeah. So you can get money off your curler, but honestly, it's just so efficient and also what i love about it is it's so easy to use as well, because you know like when you've got like an actual color. I feel like. Sometimes it's really hard to get the right technique for it to look right, whereas this literally just does it for you, which is amazing, so yeah. I really really love this so much. I said: leave all the links in the description and the discount code so make sure you guys check it out, yeah guys. I hope you did enjoy this video if you did make sure to smash the thumbs up. Button also make sure to check out my social media, which is on the screen now and subscribe. If you haven't already yeah. I hope you enjoyed this video and i'll see you all very very soon, with a new one, bye

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