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  • Posted on 13 January, 2016
  • Long Hair
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BaByliss Curl Secret How to | The Makeup Chair

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BaByliss Curl Secret How to | The Makeup Chair

Everyone welcome back to the makeup chair. So last Wednesday I did my favorites video, and in that I showed you guys this, which is the Bible, is curl secret, and I also had my hair like this, and a lot of you guys were asking me to show you guys how to create this. Look using this, and oh, my god, is a total GameChanger really help you guys enjoy this tutorial. Let'S get started so start off with clean, fresh hair with no products in it. All I've done is washed. My hair conditioned it and leave it to dry, naturally make sure to thoroughly brush through your hair. Before you start, you want to make sure there's no tangles in your hair whatsoever. Then I'm going to separate the hair at the ears and clip this up out of the way and then divide that section into two parts and pull it forward easy so far right so I've had it warming up. While I was brushing out my hair - and I actually have it on the top setting - but it's up to yourself whether you want to have it on the top or the middle setting. You also want to take note of this guy right here, see the silver writing. You always have to have this facing upwards towards the top of the head: don't put your hair and backwards, it will not work and you want to keep the sections quite small, so I'm just going to divide this into three, so you want to place all of The hair, just behind that little triangle right there, let's up to yourself how far you want to have the curls, so this will start right here and the curls will be all the way to the bottom. Sometimes I actually just curl the bottom of my head, but I would like to leave a gap right at the roots, so I want to place it in there and then you're going to clasp it closed and it'll twist it around inside and then you're going to Wait for five beeps and now you're just waiting for the double beep there we go and then you can take your hair out so just release it and then slowly pull your hair down tada. Now it's super hot! So try not to touch it and I tend to throw it to the back and then I can work on the next section. I'M just going to show you guys what not to do so. I'M going to take a very large section just right here: I'm going to place this in words and you see how it doesn't really even fit see it won't. Even let me do it, it will tell me that it's wrong and it will release the hair. Sometimes it's about half way to sucking it up before it realizes and then see it's like now: that's not going to work Sinead and then it will just release my hair. Now for the top section, I don't bring the curls up too far. On top of my head, I like to have them from about the ear downwards. Instead - and I start from the back of head and work forwards - I'm just going to take a small section over here brush it again and I do have it a little bit higher in the back and then it drops as it comes to the firm throw to The back for the next section I go a little bit lower, throw it to the back. I go a little bit further again for this one, and I have my front section done. I would like to brush out my curls, but I start on the side. That'S been allowed to cool for a little bit longer, so you can see the difference from both sides. There are lot more natural, wavy curls, rather than tight curls, because my ends are quite dry. I'M just going to pop in a little bit of oil, and this is the Kardashian beauty, oil and it smells so good. And this will just give the curls and tighter finish at the bottom rather than being too frizzy, especially because we brushed it out and to give my hair a little bit of oh right of the roots, I'm just going to spray on this liquid to powder spray. Right right at the roots and as its setting, I kind of move up the hair a little bit, and this will just add some texture. The cool thing is these curls will actually last until I wash my hair again. So I could get like up to three days of nice curls. By about day three, you will have more bohemian chic waves rather than strong curls, but I just love how long-lasting it is all I'll do is just use a bit of dry shampoo just to the roots. This is the Kardashian one and I love the way it smells and also doesn't lighten my darker roots, which I love even more definitely recommend this. I think it's amazing. You can get it from in a Sharma sea calm and you can also get the Kardashian beauty products from cloud ten pewdie, calm. So I'll see you guys in a video really soon and I'll talk to you guys on Friday, but magic powder, you guys it's magic. It'S the most fun that you can have with coffee this time we are on chapter three of my book, so you guys

WndrWmn72 A: I just purchased this curling product and wanted to make sure I was using it correctly. Not only does she know how to use it. She gives a simple tutorial which I found extremely helpful!

Gemma Louise: I had this used on my hair for a wedding a couple of years ago when it first came out, the curls stayed all day even traveling in the car and dancing all night. Expensive item but worth it if you curl you hair a lot :)

Gemma Louise: I had this used on my hair for a wedding a couple of years ago when it first came out, the curls stayed all day even traveling in the car and dancing all night. Expensive item but worth it if you curl you hair a lot :)

Gemma Louise: I had this used on my hair for a wedding a couple of years ago when it first came out, the curls stayed all day even traveling in the car and dancing all night. Expensive item but worth it if you curl you hair a lot :)

Desirae Romano: I have it in purple for a year and my mom uses it everyday! She puts her hair in a high pony tail and curls the top and let's it out! It takes 10 minutes top

Riona Cahill: Such perfect curls !! Need to try this !! xx

Christina Thomas: Sinead, you’re beautiful ❤️ thanks for such a concise and helpful tutorial!

Alishia Swansburg: Was never good at styling my thick hair and this helped! Thank you!♡♡

Backyard Space Program: Just bought this (unused, complete in box) for $5 at a yard sale and gave it to my 15 year old daughter. Looked up this video for her as a how to.

Raza Syeda: I love this product. So easy to use

christie corrigan: great tutorial! I'll have to try starting further down the hair shaft too. I have a very similar product, curl secret infinity pro, or something like that. I have baby fine, thin, pin straight shoulder lenght hair and this is the ONLY tool I use that holds a curl, and I mean for days. Curling wands/ irons and hot rollers fall flat sometimes before I even leave my house. but I love my curl secret and as long as you are careful with the tangles you won't get your hair stuck.

Little Traveller: This is very helpful thank you. Just got my wife one of these and I was so confused which one to get, but videos like this are helpful

zaynab khan: omg! This was such a helpful video and it provided so many tips that were actually useful! It is also not a long video which is better cause i don't like watching long videos! This is the first ever video i have watched from your channel and i instantly fell in love. I subscribed and liked this vid as soon as i finished watching it. Thank you!! Edit : To add on, Thank you for including the products you used, im so gonna check it out!

A Very Vintage Darling: I adore this video! I've had the curl secret for a year and a half now and swear by it, and this is definitely one of the best tutorials I've seen. New subscriber! And HOW is yours PINK? I thought they only came in violet or black *_*

Nabz: you know you love this girl when you watch a video just to hear & watch her even if you have no need of a hair tutorial

Maira: Wow this device is pretty cool and time saving. Gonna need it. P.S. love your hair colour x

Vicky Gill: I bought the Conair one. Holy crap! This thing works great. This is a game changer for me because I NEVER get curls like this on my own.

DeedsNotWords: I wish I'd known sooner that this existed! Been trying and giving up curling my hair with various thongs with no success. I am soooo clumsy. So I ordered this, I thought it looks so easy I'd give it a chance. Oh my!!!! Works like magic! So easy to use, even for dummies like me! I am so happy with it! <3

Issy Morris: Thanks this helped me so much I was terrified to use it as I tried to and it’s started sucking in my hair when I tried this and it worked I loved/love this product.

Shabnum Anwar: Make up, hair, everything ON POINT!

Brenda Miller: Your makeup is applied beautifully!!

Karina Albarran: I've had it for 2 years now in he basic black. My hair was long (to my elbow) when I had it and it took forever. I do have a lot of hair + thick. I went faster with a curling wand. Over the past year my hair has gotten shorter. First it was right past my shoulder. It looked best at this length. I went faster than with long hair because the hair in the back (underneath) didn't all get curled but it still took too long to use before work (less I wanted to wake up super early). Now my hair is between my chin and shoulder. It doesn't curl that great with short hair. There is not enough length in some parts to actually grab and roll it and the rest sticks out. I prefer for current length a curling wand or curling iron w/clip

Ijk Lmn: It is definitely worth it! ❤️ Just got one

helloitsbo: I always knew this existed but never knew it worked so well! REALLY WANT THIS NOW hahhaa

Johanna: I never knew how to use this before:) Thank you xx

Molly Mukherjee: Lovely curls :* :* Plz do a makeup tutorial for this look. U r stunningly adorable <3

FS: Hi, we are in 2020. I have one of those and would like to ask you, how often can you use it without damaging the hair! Thank you in advance. Best regards, Simone

beautybyfiya: This was such a useful video! I need to go get this now. Also what are you wearing on your lips? I really like the color!

Rachel Emmons: What a great tool!

Emma Merritt: Love your makeup in this video it really suits you. And uh your hair is gorgeous! Love you!

Julianne Barry: Curly hair is my favourite on you Sinead! Xx

linducite: I'm the same as other girls here, have been eyeing this for more than a year, but always am bit wary to get it, I have very straight hair and the curl doesn't hold, think should give this a go. Thank you for the tutorial xxx

Emma Nørgaard: Yasss! I need this! ❤️ x

Khaye: I've been seeing this product for quite a long time, and I'm doubtful if it really works, now I wanted to have one because of this tutorial.

A.j.w: I did this exactly and I eneded up with a frizzy mess !

Fati: amazing!! beautiful curlsand that lipstick fits you really well

Zar Q Khan: Sinead, I really really love your work! I love how your videos are informative and helpful, but not long and draggy! Thanks for doing what you do, babe! Also, I am from Pakistan, and had never heard your name before, so I would always wonder how it's I know! What does Sinead mean?

Tamara Dielen: I wish my hair held curl like yours. I bought the babyliss last year and I've only used it twice because I lose the curls pretty much the moment I run my brush throuhg them when I'm done curling even on the hottest/longest setting. At best I get a nice wave but I pretty much get that if I let my hair dry naturally. BTW I love the make up look. You look absolutely gorgeous.

Galaxy_Wolf_ pack: Thank you so much this really helped got it for xmas my nana gave it to my sister and my sister whispered to me asking what it was I had no idea until I sore this vid thx again

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MR POTATO HEED: Mine has 3 settings sliders on it and I'm not sure what 2 of them are for. Every time I have tried to use it it twists my hair and doesn't really curl it even on the hottest setting. More often than not it tangles my hair up and just makes a mess. I'm only doing tiny sections and my hair is long but fine. Do you have any suggestions please?

Priscilla Cooper: after watching this I wanna buy it. I'd been skeptical using this. I was worried my hair would get stuck and burnt.

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