$2.50 On Shein !? Heatless Hair Curler!

  • Posted on 22 December, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

So i was shopping around and browsing sheen and i found this product for two dollars and fifty cents. Basically, this is a heatless way to curl your hair and because it was so cheap, i figured i'd, give it a shot after editing tie it up with a hair tie after editing all effects picture after use. What so, obviously, the directions didn't help, but i figured it out. I think i was supposed to braid my hair, but this works. This is silly as i don't think this is gon na curl, my hair good morning. It'S 6 a.m and time to uncurl. So it's not perfect, but it was two bucks, okay and i think it did a pretty good job. I like curling my hair without any heat, so i definitely think i'm gon na try this again.

Alex Ivy Newman: Wow love the curls. So pretty!

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