New Year, New You! Hottest 2023 Hair Color Trends!

  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
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A new hair color can make you feel absolutely amazing! These 2023 hair color ideas will have you screaming, "out with the old and in with the new!!!" Which look will you be rocking for 2023? Check out the HOTTEST 2023 Haircut Ideas - ** New Year, New You! HOTTEST 2023 Haircut Trends!

This video has the hottest 2023 hair color trends, gives you ideas for the best hair color for your skin tone, 2023 haircut trends and 2023 hairstyles. Whether you are 20 or over 50, I hope that these female hair ideas inspire you to upgrade your look from 2022 to NOW.

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For better or for worse, a new hair color can completely change the way that you feel.. It can change the way your skin looks., Whether or not your eyes pop. It can age you or make you look a lot younger.. Don'T doubt the power of color baby.. I'Ve been seeing trend number one everywhere, and it is the Cherry Cola.. This is a warm red based brunette.. This can be done in a variety of different ways.. It can be done with one color placed on top of the hair to create an all over Auburn brown., Or it can be done by placing dark red highlights. On top of a dark, brunet base.. You can adjust the tone to make it more of like a natural red brown shade or a truer, more vibrant, deep red.. This look really suits women with warmth in their skin and in their eyes. Trend. Number two is called the Illuminated. Brunette. Style trends are always a reflection of what's happening in society.. I'M sure you don't need to be reminded, but in the last few years we've lived through the pandemic, where salons were closed for extended periods of time. And even if they weren't closed oftentimes people didn't feel safe going into the salon and low maintenance. Color became absolutely essential for most people.. This low maintenance vibe is not going anywhere. This year. Enter the illuminated brunette.. This look pairs the depth and the richness of the brunette with the brightness of the blonde., And then the low maintenance, the vibe of the balayage.. You can see there's still a lot of natural depth on top with the highlights placed towards the midshafts and ends.. Sometimes people like placing a money piece at the front, so there's like an obvious lightness around the face.. Sometimes that is omitted.. Some people, like their highlights, toned to a brighter blond and some people, like it, toned to a softer but lighter brunette shade., Either way, it creates like a beautiful low maintenance style that combines the assets of both colors and the vibe that they bring with it. You're. Just combining these two things and making it really livable and easy to maintain., It's awesome. Trend. Number three is Buttercream., So this is a level nine or ten blonde, which is still the lighter shade of blonde on that you can achieve on hair, but it's not platinum.. So Platinum hair is a blonde that is ashed out to completely remove all traces of yellow. And the resulting effect is either like a true white or a silver-based. White. Buttercream, on the other hand, is a lighter shade of gold and blonde that you can achieve.. It'S beautiful because it adds a little bit of richness to a very, very light base.. I find this to be super flattering on fair skinned, girls., It's not aggressive in any way., It's complimentary for most skin tones in the fair range I would say. And it is soft.. It'S also nice because hair inherently wants to stay warm, so you don't have to fight the tone as much as you do. If you go platinum or silvery.. If you have been light blond before I'm sure that you can attest to the fact that it warms up real quick., It's a constant battle to keep it looking that cool, because butter cream isn't a cool tone., It's a little bit less of a fight.. It goes along with that low maintenance style that we're seeing everywhere., I'm not going to lie., I'm glad platinum, isn't in any more. That lasted too long. In my opinion. The maintenance is just insane. Trend. Number four is peach.. Last year we were seeing a lot of copper.. I talked all about it. In my 2022 trend forecast video last year., I'm going to link it in the pinned comment. If you want to check it out. This year, I predict that we will see the pastel version of copper, which is peach.. You can wear a rose gold version of peach which has more pink hues in it or you can wear a truer orange version of peach either way if you're into fashion colors and you have a light blond base. This is a cool tone to lay over top of it. A word of caution, though Fashion colors in general, but specifically pastel fashion colors fade fast, depending on your hair porosity. How often you wash your hair, it can fade in like a week or two. This one. In contrast, direct contrast to the ones I talked about previously, is not low maintenance.. It is not.. If you decide to do it, you have to know that you'll either have to go to the salon, often for toning.. If you want to keep it at that tone or you're just going to have to tone it yourself, regularly. Speaking of another color, that's not low maintenance. That is trending. Trend. Number five, which is Violet. Violet, is a cool toned red that belongs in the Deep Purple. Family., Just like peach can be easily overlaid on like a light base of hair. Violet can be easily overlaid on a dark base of hair.. You can ask your stylist to use a demi permanent color right on top of your dark hair to get a temporary purple. Hue. Or you can pre lighten the hair and then do it on the bleached hair for more vibrancy., Depending on how dark your hair is.. Of course, you can also place violet as highlights. If you want a more subtle effect., These tones can range from a more red base to a more purple base or even a combination of the two depending on what you want and what color is mixed for you. Again, this fades very quickly like all reds do.. So just know that if you're going to go for it., I must repeat: it's not low maintenance.. This is not a luminance shade For trend number six. I want to talk about honey. Beige.. Honey beige is like the deeper sister of butter cream. if you like Buttercream, but your natural hair is darker and you don't want the damage that results from bleaching. It. Honey beige is going to be your friend.. This can be done as an all over color.. It can be done as highlight or a balayage.. I also find that it can be very flattering on most people.. It'S probably one of the most flattering blond shades., Someone with darker warmer skin, like me, can wear this.. In fact, I have a honey beige wig that I wear all the time and I love, but it also looks great on Fair Skin because its tone is warm overall, It's much less high maintenance than some of the other tones of blonde. Trend. Number seven is color. Blocking. I was seeing this around social media in late 2022 and I have a feeling it's going to slide right into 2023 and be around a lot. This year. Color blocking doesn't necessary have to be done with fashion colors.. It can also be done with more natural colors., But the key is that there is a significant tonal or level difference between the shades and they are placed in heavy slices, so they are very visible. Honestly. I think this is so cool and I'm so tempted to do it.. It makes such a dramatic statement. Color blocking is one way to totally elevate your style with more edge, and if you do this to your hair, it will be the topic of conversation in every party. Trust me.. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments section below. And if you want to pair one of these trendy colors with a trending haircut, then don't forget to check out my 2023 hottest haircut Trends. Video next. This one's over

Glam Girl Gabi: Thanks for watching you guys! Which trend was your favourite? My favourite trend is definitely the color blocking trend. I am still on the fence about getting it because my hair HATES to be lightened and breaks like crazy but it is SOOOO tempting! What do you think? If you want to see what is trending this year in terms of cuts, check out this one next: **New Year, New You! HOTTEST 2023 Haircut Trends!

AngL: Hi Gabi, I'm in my 50's with long hair and have over 2 years transitioned from medium brown to light brown to ashy blonde to gray/blonde. I refuse to go all gray, but want an more yourhful edgy color combo , where I can keep my gray/silver as a base, but add definition and depth with other colors/low lights. Any suggestions for us gals silver gals? Thank you!

Cupie Doll: I love this video. It’s right on time as I’m ready to change it up. Honey Beige and Buttercream are my favorites . This gave me some inspiration Thanks Gabi. Happy New Year

Antonia Rebelo: Hi Gabi and Happy New Year! I love the brunette trends, but my favorites are the color blocking trend and the honey beige - wow! You look great in that shade

Krista L: Thanks for this!! I have to admit that my faves are Buttercream, because the colour is beautiful (and it reminds me of icing. LOL) and the violet! Would love to do the violet but I've taken such a long time to find a shade of blond for my dark hair that can be herringbone highlighted into my natural silver (okay, really grey but silver sounds so much more luxurious!).

Kate S.: Something you mentioned and I kinda wish I had just done, just get a wig! I went super blonde to do pastels...I promised myself I'd stay with it for a year which was hard enough but I could have just gotten a wig vs the insane costs, maintenance, time etc and now I'm trying to get off this rollercoaster by toning it warmer and trying to let it grow out but it's going to be BRUTAL

T F: Loving the color blocking for sure! So many options but can we take a moment to mention those earrings of yours!?!? LOVE THEM! where did you get them?

Lisa Noll: I love the illuminated brunette with a money piece at the front because I like my hair blonde but it's so damaging to my fine hair.

Notperfecttonya: Ohhh the color blocking is giving me 2000s chunky highlights vibes!!! I’ve got the cherry cola, honey beige, buttercream, and peach in wigs so I can do all these!

Merlin's Mama: I absolutely LOVE the colour blocking trend! ❤

Kathy St clair: Honey beige is my #1 choice. Buttercream is my next, but I am fair skinned, and I know if there was no dimension it would wash me out. I used to have my hair done at the salon but decided to bite the bullet 16 years ago and have been doing it myself ever since. I use 8nn with a splash of 8A for the root color only. My roots are mostly gray. I use the tad of Ash because my hair has always had a tendency to pull red, though I have had blonde hair most of my life. Then every other time or two I will touch up my highlights. Looking at the Honey beige you have shown looks pretty similar to my highlights. I only use a 20 vol developer and check it often. My first time commenting, but I love your content!

Diane M: Hi, I recently went from honey beige to darkest blond, and now I'm light brown. I know this question is off topic, but what foundation do you use and in which shade ?

miss behaving: I've had a very ashy blonde but as I'm very pale I think a warmer tone may bring a little lift.

Alina H: I love all your videos. I like the honey blonde, but I don't want to look old. My skin tone is like yours, and I want to do a bayalage what color would make me look younger. I have medium brown.

Karen Machado: Can you show how you styled your hair in this video? It looks so pretty

Cathy D: I had color blocking in 2003, I look back at pictures of that time and say What the heck was I thinking? Currently I have rose gold hair. I use Aura tinted conditioner so the color refreshes every time I cleanse my hair My favorites are honey, in the more classic" category and "peach" in the fun category.

Michael Halbritter: You are so right about the quick fading of pastels. My daughters (very expensive) lilac was gone in a week. Not worth the time and money

Alisha Sood: i'm in love with your hair color!!!

Genevieve Hodgins Laity: First those earrings are amazing! I really like the colour block styles, and the violet is gorgeous.

Darlene Carman: rs ago I love the illuminated brunette and hone beige great info thx for keeping us up to date

AmericanGirl: Can you recommend some brands of temporary peachy colors? I’m going grey and would like to do peach without any permanent color. Thanks!

Honey campos: They are all really good✨✨

Jesus is Lord: So after growing in my white roots that took me three years I’m out of style now? I still have blond on the bottom half of my hair which I use purple products on but I struggle with sticking with it or just depositing color on my roots again…???

Shari Russell: Love ❤️ your earrings!!! Can I ask you where you git them??

Gina Spencer: Love those earrings and cherry cola!

Jade: Can we talk about those gorgeous earrings ❤

Andra: I want to try some version of the illuminated brunette. My current blonde is way too warm for my skin tone. I keep trying to go darker blonde but it still pulls too warm. I'm clearly not using the right words to explain to my stylist what I want. I'm taking your video next time! Wish me luck!

Carmen Diaz: Thanks Gabi ❤honey beige for me!

Victoria Chanel: I want to try the color blocking. it looks so cool!

Yvette Astley: Great video. Please can you do a video re Hair Toppers and maybe extensions. Advantages and disadvantages. You are so eloquent hence an interest video. Thanks.

Rubi Potter: Butter cream , and second favorite honey beige.

buddy holly: I had cherry cola for a bit, it fades fast lol. But it was beautiful. Now i have nothing in my hair bc I can't be bothered

Jennifer Wright: I have dirty blonde hair and like to get it colored to an almond blonde color but I may try the buttercream blonde bc you said it's very low maintenance and the color lasts longer and the almond blonde is one of those colors that fades kind of fast lol.

M S: I'm so happy Penn Smith sent me. Been trying to find a channel like this. Ik face shape, eye & skin color & hair cut & color can really make or break u. I have cool skin tone, light brown eyes & Idk if this right, but triangular face shape. Been looking to try new colors & haircuts, but I'm not sure what will look good.

Shelly S: I love the honey beige ❤

Lepa Jelena: I got that peachy color with kool aid back in the 90s

Violetsky__🔮: I’m pale af, buttercream would wash me out

Monica Kostak: ❤honey beige!!

Maria DeSantis: Sometimes I just think Maria, you are BORING lol I think my stylist would agree as well! I see all these different colors and I love them all Gabi! Especially the violet color on the dark brown soooooo pretty BUT I’m a scaredy-cat I’ll just continue doing my roots every 6 weeks to cover the greys and stick to my dark brown. I know I know I must stop being so adventurous I could get hurt lol ❤

SurgicalTech Crafter: God I just hated this cherry color and am in the process of getting rid of it with my hairdresser and am hating it. Was a shock after being blonde

REX BOY-{official}@: Nice

theExistencePROJECT: Color blocking is so cool.

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