Doing My Hair With Only Tiny Hair Tools! World'S Smallest Hair Tools?

  • Posted on 08 January, 2023
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Doing my hair with ONLY TINY Hair Tools! World's SMALLEST Hair Tools?

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy today's weird hair tool video! Surprisingly some of these hair tools are very useful. Not only are these tools compact, some of these mini hair tools performed better than I expected.

You can find mini hair tools using these links below or you can check out your local TJ Maxx which is where I found a couple pretty cheap. If you are looking for mini hair tools, these may be a good find.

OK, I'll admit it, this was honestly pretty hard and took a lot of effort so I would appreciate if you subscribe and turn on my post notifications :)

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Hey guys it's silly and welcome back to my channel and today, I'm gon na try to do my hair with only tiny hair products. So before we get into today's video, I do want to clarify that I am sick um. So I mean when this video comes out - I don't know if I still will be, but I am sick, so I'm kind of just isolating for my family to make sure they don't get sick as well, because um, why spread the sickness so yeah, I'm kind of Just stuck in my room and I'm a little bit bored, so that's why I may sound a little raspy or a little just like nasally um. So I just want to like clarify that before so I haven't touched my hair today. I haven't done anything with it, but we're gon na try to do it with only tiny hair products. I went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls earlier on in the week, and I picked up this mini blow dryer because I also have a mini straightener and I was like that's so perfect like why not just do like trying to do my hair with only mini products. So yeah, let's go ahead, um and first I'm gon na brush out my hair, because I literally have not done anything to it. Today I did my makeup and I was like okay: let's do this video, so this is what it looks like now. This is what a normal straightener and I slept in it and like spent the day with my hair like that last night. So this is what it looks like now. It'S you know very, not straight um, but this is with my normal straightener. My normal straightener looks like this. I have around stone straightener, it's my favorite thing in the world um so yeah. This is what it looks like now, but I'm gon na wash my hair and then we're gon na um. Take my mini blow. Dryer we're gon na see how long it takes a blow dry, my hair with the mini blow dryer and we're gon na kind of like open it up and go through it and then we're gon na. Do it with my mini strainer, so anyways, let's go ahead and let's start off by washing my hair, so um ignore my voice, I'm slowly losing it, but we're gon na go over the tiny items that we have. So I have a tiny Moroccan oil for my hair that I have my little hair dryer that I got from TJ Maxx and this tiny straightener that I got in the five dollar section of Target um. I wanted to try it out and I was like oh this video would be a perfect opportunity to try so yeah. I got this and the only thing I don't have that's tiny is a brush and I know that's a little disappointing but like this challenge is already as hard as it is so yeah, let's go ahead and let's start okay, so first we have to open up This tiny uh blow dryer. I got this from TJ Maxx, it was um 16.99 and it says that it like promotes shine, eliminates frizz um, it's perfect for the go lightweight easy to use and for all hair types. It has two speed settings, so I don't know. I'M gon na assume that this is gon na work um, but I don't know because this is from TJ Maxx once again, okay, so this is what it looks like without like the packaging on it and it's a little foldable thing and it's from Lux and Willow. If you guys were wondering and we're gon na open it up and then inside it comes with the blow dryer itself and um directions that here's our mini blow dryer um, I'm gon na open it up and says mutton Willow on the side, and then it has Like the vet in the back, you know like every other blow dryer and then it folds so like you can fold it which is sick and then there's option one and two um. You know it's just like a basic hair dryer and then you have your cord, which is decently long when you untangle it and boom. So now we're going to take it out and we're actually going to use it. But first I have to put in my Moroccan oil before I do it, which is my tiny oil. I have a big oil, but this is my little one, because it's a little oh shoot. I feel way too much because it's a little hair thing. Okay, so now I'm gon na rub the Morocco oil into my hair and just get it. You know worked in because it really helps protect your hair. I love this oil. I'Ve used it forever and my mom's like here I just take my little one. So I'm like okay bet, so I took the little one and we're using it for this challenge. I'M gon na brush out my hair okay. So this is the Moment of Truth. This is setting one, and this is setting two kind of shocked like it blows. A lot of air, so I'm actually gon na time. It does smell a little weird um, but now I'm gon na time and see how long it takes to do my entire head. So for my entire head to be dry, it's three minutes and 34 seconds, which actually is not bad for like this little thing. So if you want to bring it anywhere and you just there you go now, you have your blow dryer um! So, honestly, I think it works pretty well, I'd probably give it like an 8 out of 10. um. It does take a little while on like each section and if you have thinner hair. I think this would work um really well for you, especially if you just need a for some reason: a little blow dryer anywhere you go, but yeah so anyways. Now I'm gon na plug in my straightener I'm gon na. Let it heat up for a little bit and then we'll continue. So I'm just going to show you guys, like the basics of this um straightener, it's already like kind of hot, oh yeah. I touched sides so hot um, but it's from the target. Five dollar section and it's a mini, straightener doll because yeah, I don't actually know what it's called on the website I'll pop it up over here. If I can find it um, but it has the little on and off switch and it turns red when it's on. So you know what it's on and then I think off, there's no light, but I'm not going to turn off because it takes like a couple minutes to actually heat up, but it heats up really fast like once it starts getting. It heats up so yeah, I'm gon na finish, waiting for this to heat up and then we'll start tying. My hair up in like a little clip that I got from Marshalls like TJ Maxx, one of the two um, and now we're gon na go ahead and we're gon na try straightening it. Here'S the Strand that we're gon na take - and let me like get a good grip of it. They, like actually straightens, wait, hold on wait that actually works. So good, ah wait! So if you have thinner hair, I think this will work like pretty decently, like just to keep with you the only thing about it is like it's small, so you don't have like a lot of like the metal space like put your hair in, but it straightens. So now I'm going to go ahead and see how long it takes to straighten my entire head. Okay, so it has been two minutes and the first layer is done so now I'm gon na take down the second layer and we're gon na start working on it. So, to get my head as straight as I possibly can, with this little straightener, it took five minutes and 39 seconds um do I think this is ideal, definitely not um. I think this is more of like a keep in your backpack for school or like, if you're, in a rush in the car kind of thing or, if you just need to like touch up your hair. But this is definitely not something that I think you could use on everyday basis. It'S just it just takes too long, and it's not even perfectly straight. It'S still really fluffy and like poofy, so I don't think it could work on a day-to-day basis. That is my hair. That is how it looks um now that, like you, know, straightened everything out and yeah. That is it. That is it for me and my mini hair tools. I hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure you hit the Subscribe button and turn on my post notifications anyways. I love you guys all so much and I'll see you in the next one bye foreign

wolf23: Beautiful hair; awesome video. Get better soon

Thomas Latomate: I only have a cheap hair straightener, and my hairs also look like that after I use it except that they are shoulder length. I even stopped using it as I don't like the result! I'd like to get one that does better work but the good quality ones like ghd are extremely pricy

Ervin's Movie Corner: A super good job, Jilly!❤❤❤❤

angry wyatt: I was just sick the other day I missed 2 days of school and now I can't stay home for the rest of the year since I missed too many days of school and it sucks but anyways I really love your content sorry if I keep commenting and a bother to you to be honest but remember always stay strong and dont be like me being depressed and plus one of my friends have cancsr no joke and he only has a week left to live no joke but pls respond pls if you truly care.

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