Satin Bonnets Have Literally Changed My Hair So Much In A Year! #Bonnet #Hairgrowth #Haircare

  • Posted on 07 April, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

How to properly put on your satin bonnet, hey you

Cierra Lembcke: Do satin bonnets help oily scalps? And thank you for this tutorial!

Millyfr: Y’all I love my bonnet, I have wavy blonde hair and before I was using a bonnet my hair was dry, greasy, frizzy, and dull. Now my hair is VERY shiny, soft, smooth, not full of tangles and eats to brush out! % would recommend!

Cindy wa: I don't know how I feel about this. I'm Black and this is a stable thing with in our homes. To the point that you will see Black women walking around with it on in day light. With that said, I am kinda excited to see some white women wearing bonnets too. Btw, the cheapest bonnets are at Walmart. You can also get long silk scarfs and tie it around your hair ( kinda like a dog neck cone ) and wrap in hair with the silk. Also! Get silk pillowcases and sheets. The silk will help your hair stay safe. This is like a bridge for Black women and white women to talk about nightly hair routines. I'll feel better at sleepovers.

moonsaber97: To the people making this about race… I will agree that it is more commonly worn by black women/men these days HOWEVER sleep bonnets/caps have been worn by ALL races. Look up women wearing them in the 1950s.

Spooky Umi: Lol wtf how is this about race ? This is literally about having healthy hair and as a woman with thin and fragile hair I will get myself a bonnet for my hair's sake. Can we please stop making a fuss about everything. This is understandable when it comes to protective hairstyles like box braids but a bonnet ? No no, I'm maybe white and have straight fine hair but I want it healthy thank you

Lily Alcee: I don't care who wears a bonnet. It's good for your hair. What I care about is the decades of slandering black people for doing so, but now it's trendy bc wp are.

Natasha Letourneau: With long curly hair… this won’t work…

🐞 joy, peace and happiness: If you use a small clip for your bun makes this easier and ensures no tension

Bathsheba Bagalkot: Loved this tutorial

Fallon: I have a white co-worker who has worn a bonnet since she was a child and she is 60

Yvonne Ybarra: hey girl so if im trying to grow my hair past my ass with no splits to make a wig, what's the best bonnet ?

cel! : So are bonnets with ties better than just the elastic ones? Do they stay on better? I’m so frustrated every time my bonnet comes off before I wake up, and the pressure on my forehead gives me a headache

C. Brown: I would love one of these. I have tried so many other things to keep my hair contained at night but none were great. Anyone know where you can get one. NO POLYESTER PLEASE.

Bathsheba Bagalkot: Loved your way of teaching ❤️❤️❤️

IsntSheLoveLi: I honestly dont see why more white girls dont wear bonnets how do you sleep with all the hair everywhere ots so uncomfortable

Nicki: I just went through 122 comments idk what yall talking about I havent seen a single comment about somebody hating on her wearing a Bonnet yall wilding lol

Lily Rose: She got a fancy bonnet. Where did the little ties come from?

Steph Any: stop making everything about race, this is getting so old! At the beginning of time we were one continent "Pangaea". We are all a mixture of multiple races. We are not pure. Whenever we are watching beauty hacks like braids, bonnets, wigs, gel, powder.. anything.. lets just encourage each other, and teach each other! lets unite ❤ there is enough division in the world as it is.. we don't need to create division over a bonnet.

0dollarsdown: omg ur a genius. thank u so much. i’m a black woman and i didn’t even know how to do this. u saved my life❤️

Juli: Where is the bonnet from?

Puja Mandal: Where did u buy this

We Love Doll Babies: ❤️❤️❤️

Twilight Lupine: Where is yours from?

Natheer Hussein: You are sooo pretty

durfishan qazi: And some ask if muslim women sleep with hijab on.

Jeannette Holland: How has it changed ur hair tho? U never spoke on it

Tis'ButAScratch: Stop making it about race. Bonnets were originally created and worn by WHITE women since the 1400's. European women wore protective hairstyles that were often wrapped in layers of linen cloth since the midevil times during the day and night! White women stopped wearing bonnets to sleep during the 1930's because hairstyles became much shorter (the bob was in), and women started to wash their hair ever day and style it down rather than up in a bun. Black women did not start this trend and they were NOT the first to use it. Black women came up with the idea of the silk bonnet (appropriated from the original European bonnet) in the 18th century, which is far more recent. Let's just get that straight.

Kenzie Leigh : people saying black people have been doing this for years cus of curly hair, meanwhile my Irish ancestors have been doing it for years too

Patrick Ejinaka: What kinda bonnet is that luv

Evin Conyer: Ok hun and you Amish or something??? HMU for the best satin bonnets!!!

hailey😹: it’s crazy how everything is about race now cause yk people that aren’t black can have curly hair too including myself and it helps so my hair doesn’t frizz up it’s crazy how now we can’t even have hair products what y’all gonna claim next gel?

Kayanna: black women have been doing this for ages, interesting you guys caught up

UnknownGaming: What in the handmaidens tale

ms. Eve Gene: Who is she talking to m. Wtf

val: love how black women are being an inspiration to this

Lambsauce but cappy blappy: Racists in these comments just keep kicking and screaming...

Janielle Ramos: Black people were the main ones to make bonnets to care for there hair and all the credit goes to them but there are many other races that have natural hair texture and not only for vmcurly hair there are many beneficial things from it but yes they are not the ones that really need it we shouldent down grade other races when black race has been put down so much we shouldent do that to other races

🍫glossy🍫: Oh so now everybody is wearing bonnets when us black women have always been wearing them

Adam Smith: Why is this woman so over excited about a damn bonnet chill out

Angel: Ppl are bringing up race but all I see are white women getting butthurt in the comments. I’ve only seen 2 comments from blk women ☠️& they weren’t that rude about it. I’m non black & I have fragile thin hair so I started wearing one. Just wear ur lil bonnet & be quiet.

Steve: WHY would she put perfectly good CAUCASIAN hair in that afro bag??? I guarantee you her bf is named Jamal.

JOVSILBAL4EVER: Appropriating

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