How I Wrap My Wavy Hair At Night: Step By Step Breakdown

  • Posted on 10 February, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Here'S the step-by-step breakdown of how i wrap my hair to protect it, as i sleep, i'm using a large silk scarf, because my hair is really long, and this is just something i had lying around my apartment. It was actually my grandma's, starting with it over my shoulders, like a cape, i'm gon na tie these two front corners together, sort of like a headband just like this, and as you can see, my hair is contained within the scarf and then i'm going to grab The bottom corners and lift up over my head like this, so now i'm creating a little pouch for my hair, since this scarf is so big and then roll it down lifting my hair up as i do this to get up behind my head. This is what it looks like and then i just tie these pieces at the nape of my neck. I then tuck this front piece in and under and that's it. This is what it looks like at the end and it's really secure, so it doesn't fall off. My head, but you can also bobby, pin

Skye Phantom: I love how helpful these videos are. With all the hair care articles out here with a whole bunch of overwhelming information, it's nice to see someone finally break it down. What would you recommend for shorter, shoulder length hair? And do you have problems with tangles/frizz? How did you fix it?

Sanji: Nothing stays on my head at night, nothing.

Arctic fox: I’m new to your channel, I’ve always had wavy texture but like you never treated it the right way to get the waves I naturally have, recently I’ve been trying new methods (using curl cream, putting a scarf on before bed, stuff like that) it’s been really fun and it’s actually your videos that inspired me to try to get my natural texture! good luck to everyone on their journey to healthy hair!

Woman of Faith22: This is BY FAR the easiest tutorial I've seen for trying to wrap your hair at night. I havent tried it overnight yet but just tried so I could get a feel for it and it felt VERY secure. Thank you!!

ᴀʏᴀɴɴᴀ ᴢʜᴀɴᴇ̀ .: Or you could just use a bonnet. They have all different sizes at local beauty supplies and on amazon.

Karra Iverson: love this. I have to do this because my hair is curly and long. otherwise it's a mess in the morning!! THANK YOU!!

Mariiiam: That’s the best wrap I’ve ever seen thanks for sharing this

Makeup by Rena _: What do you do in the morning if your hair is knotty? I only wash my hair twice a week. I've been trying your bowl method and it's been working! Poofy, Frizzy hair be gone!

BarnesBucks: Gonna do this tonight thank you so much ❤ God bless

Savannah Mancuso: My silk bonnet has been crushing my curls, I did this method last night and they weren’t crushed!!! Thank you!

Natasha Leigh Adkins: Ur content is sooo helpful

dark rainbows: Sophie, have you ever tried those satin/silk pillowcases? What are your thoughts?

hazelnutspice: thank you! what shape is the scarf? is it a large square or more of a long rectangle?

Bijly: What can we do if we don’t have a silk scarf?

Sukiomi: thank you for crediting black culture as well

Kriti Singh: Can we use cotton scarf to tie ?

ElizabethKeen: Let’s see if this works I’m convinced I fight demons in my sleep. Double knotting this bad boy. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall off

My_eyes_ hurt!: Mine keeps sliding off my head. Even with safety pins.

Maria Rudina: What haircut do you have for a wavy hair? Suggestions?

Poppy Pocket: To protect your hair at night from what?

Aizan Azhan: Girl, you do make this as a daily routine?

Zuzka Klímová: If I have bangs, how to make this? Should I put this into or not(somewhere else)

Cat Bob: That looks so uncomfortable I can't even sleep with pillows lol

Alejandra Hernandez: Do bonnets work the same way?

lowkey Naomi 💗🦋: Yr hair is beautiful honey❤

lupe: Thanks! Btw, name of the background song?

deleonmorena05: A bonnet is easier

『Kali—Blossoms』: You say your hair is really long. Mine is legit 145cm long ( almost the same height as me)

Truest Kiss: Sis just get a satin bonnet

Uma Padmaja: Do you only talk about your hair... i mean look at your face... you are sooo beautiful start talking about you skin care also......

Ashleey Valentine: Just get a bonnet

Yuvia Lynn: Her * cause i have really long hair* Me ( who has twice as long as her hair)

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