New Hair Style + Applying Bonnet For Long Braids/Locs

  • Posted on 21 April, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

#36inchlocs #bonnet #protectivestyle NEW HAIR STYLE ALERT


Hair by:

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What'S up youtube, it's your girlfriend everything baby and welcome back to brizzy's world you guys and if you're new guess what you're not going to want to leave me just like these work period. Okay, you guys, as you can see, dude 36 inches soft flops by my cousin jazz um, go check her out i'll, put the link in the description box, and you guys so i bought me a i bought me, a soft lock or a braid bunny. You know for the girls that for the girls they got the long hair and this is 36 inches as y'all can see. So this is what it looks like. I just wanted to get on here and show you guys how i open to apply it on. It'S very simple and easy: this is my cousin. Also, this is her brand jason styles and she have her hair business and i will be putting the description down below, so you guys can go check her out also yeah keep it in the family period. So this is what it looks like it is this long. It also has the button and the stringy thingy that you tied up. So i am about to apply this on really quick and this band y'all is so super stretchy. So that's good, so i guess you want to make sure that it is like right in the middle okay, you guys. So this is - and i will be back with you guys so make sure you like comment and subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit that bell. So you can get notified when your girl

Lana Deen-Nyarkoh: I love the bonnet. Thanks for sharing

Caz: I'm about to buy one of these because I'm having my hair braided for the first time in years, but I remember how the braids use to annoy me when I slept. Not looking forward to the first week of pain when trying to sleep ‍♀️ Any advice on that?

Sent Hair Official: hey love,your video is amazing. welxome try our comfy long bonnets. Super Soft & Cute Print

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