Why Should You Use A Satin Bonnet If You Have Curly Hair? #Shorts

  • Posted on 20 February, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Why should you use a setting bonus to sleep if you have a curly hair when i wake up and don't use a set bone at your sleep? This is my hair messy huh. This is my hair. After sleeping with a satin boner, better right, the setting bonus will help. You maintain your curls definition during the night and you don't need to style your hair again in the morning. Also the bonnet will avoid freezing your hair. This is an amazing option for people with curly hair

Adam’s channel: You better to be a skater because you have curly hair ‍

Tony: Where do you get your bonnet

pleb 70: the satin BOOnet

Namo: you got some curlss my boy

Tracy Mattyse:

rigo: This what i needed n ima edgar lol

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