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  • Posted on 26 May, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

➰ Silk Scarf Tutorial ➰


I finally got round to filming this for you all


Wearing a silk/satin scarf when you sleep can help to protect your curls. There is a lot less friction than a cotton pillow case, which means less frizz and breakages


How to tie your silk scarf:

1. Fold your scarf diagonally in half to make a triangle

2. Flip your hair over and place the silk scarf over the top

3. Grab the two ends of the scarf and tie them in a single knot at your forehead

4. Bring those two ends around to the back of your head and tie it in a double knot. Make sure it is tight enough to be secure but not too tight that it is uncomfortable

5. Tuck the ends in so that they are not left loose

6. Gently twist your hair and push it into the scarf on top of your head

7. Pull the front corner of the scarf through the knot at your forehead

8. Bring that corner up and over and tuck it in so that no material is left out

9. Tuck in any remaining strands of hair and untuck your ears (I don’t uncover all of my ears as this can leave the silk scarf a little less secure)

10. Have a peaceful sleep (hopefully)


If any of you are at the beginning of your journey, I would really recommend getting a silk/satin scarf or bonnet and silk pillow cases. It will definitely make your curls last longer


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Selestine Sophia: Thanks for making this simple, quick and no words.

king Zoe: FINALLY a video about putting a scarf on your head that’s not 16 minutes

kinilas: I'm a dude who recently grew out my naturally curly hair and I have been spending weeks trying to figure out how to use this scarf, thank you so much for posting this video and teaching me what my mom refused to!

Does it even matter: Thank you! I am transitioning back to my natural hair so I didnt know how to wrap my hair It's 2:08 am and thanks God I found your video. It took me less than 3 minutes to follow your steps. Thank you for making it so easy to follow ❤

Kenzi Rae: Thank you! Quick, simple, and easy to replicate.

Ash she,they: this was super helpful!! thank you so much! i've recently started taking care of my hair the way it should be even though its not nearly as curly as a lot of people's, my hair is definitely not straight and my hair has looked so much better than ever before! but the bonnet i bought has not worked and i think just the pillowcase is still not enough so i finally realised i had this scarf thats large enough so im trying it for the first time tonight! i hope it helps! thanks again, this was the perfect visual aid for me to get it right!

Laura Jennen: This was so helpful! Thank you! Trying to get as much sleep on my wedding day, so I’m hoping to wash my hair the day before and sleep on my curls with this technique. Trying it out tonight :)

Gothsandvandles.5: Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been really struggling with my hair at the minute so this is a great help xxx

Serenity: Simple straight to the point content!

Shivisha wings: Thank you so much for making it simple

Maggie Hallinan: Thanks! I’m a visual learner and you made this super easy for me!

ScarlettRobin: This is an excellent video, I found it incredibly helpful and straight to the point. Thank you.

Dani California: Thank you easy,quick straight to the point.

MayaWait: OMG this video helped me so much right away after so much struggle following other videos or being uncomfy or having the scarf fall off. this is so comfy and secure and easy!

Miss_K: Awesome! I followed your every move and did mine for the first time. Thank you

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chizdawg: thank you so much for this tutorial

Miss Sue's Skills 4 Success: Thanks for showing us how easy it is! Do you wear it to bed every night? I just tried it last night for the first time and I was so happy to see how my hair looked so great in the morning when I took the scarf off!

Wendy_13: Super helpful, thank you!


Isabella Barbour: Thank you so much for this video! I just dyed my hair black and I don't want that all over my light colored pillowcases if I can help it. It feels very secure compared to other ones that I've worn.

Grace: Omg perfect length and no talking thank you!!!!!

Mack Tavares: I went searching for a video like this thank you so much!! I have straight hair but my cotton pillow case hasn’t been helping me hair and silk pillow cases and bonnets are so expensive and I have a silk scarf laying in my closet

Riiim Rim: Thank you so much for the amazing video ♥

9melissal: What technique did you use for your wash day in this video? You have my perfect curls!

Ms. Around The Way Girl: Wow the perfect curly hair

Cloudy stars: Thank you!! I was just about to purchase a HELLA expensive silk bonnet, now I'll just steal my mums Scarf

Bad Puddy: Hi! It would be really helpful if you could tell how big the scarf is.. I know not everyone's hair are as long as yours but as a reference it would be perfect! Really helpful and beautiful tutorial thank you for your work!

Miriam Fichera: Omg thank you so much! can I ask how big is your scarf? I always struggle to find the right size. thanks again! <3

jessica m: For any girls that have a scarf that's not As Long I tie in front and then put a tight stretchy headband over the top holds the scarf on good

Valerie Cheng: Thank You

Neelima Shrestha: Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Sean Tran: I’m a dude but I use these for when I have my hair braided lol highly recommend tho

Erika Rich: Thank you soooook much! Life changer

Nilda Rodriguez: This is called the Turban style with tuck in front. The song in the video: Artist: Khalid Song Title: Saturday Nights. Size of the scarf the lady used? Always good to know considering not all hair lengths are the same nor scarfs the same size. Constructive criticism. You're welcome.

Taylar Griffith: How big is your scarf? Also, how often do you wash it? I have about the same amount of hair as you (yours definitely looks better though lol ^^;)

Smiley Stewart: Thanks a lot!

crackerjack4u: Thanks for an easy to follow video. Although, lol my scarf isn't nearly as large as yours, so when mine is tied, both sides sort of stick out, and it kind of resembles Sally Field's hat in the flying nun.

Stephanie G: My question is how does people sleep with those knots tied on the scrap without discomfort

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Harnoor: Thank you

Jaime Cohen: How did you get the arms of the scarf to be so long? Mine is huge and the bits to tie are tiny and don’t look like yours. I also have an enormous head so maybe that’s it

Pavithra S: Can you tell me the dimensions of your scarf

Markus Turner: Thank you for the video. Who's singing the song in the background though?

Neige D'Amour: I love how you dont talk, or try to explain. Just showing to me is way enough because I find it super annoying when women talk same time as they show how to do it, makes no sense lol..... thank so much ans for that I subscribe

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Ralitsa Urukova: I look like a genie, but I guess it's for beauty purposes

PrimaDeluxe: My hands are too stupid for this

Eli Castroverde: How big is that scarf?

Kanyawee Chaidate: Nice tattoo, love from Thailand

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Fatema Hashem: This is a silk scarf right

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