How To Make Baby Hair Bonnet |How To Make Hair Bonnet| Two Different Types Of Hair Bonnet Tutorial

  • Posted on 13 June, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Real nice hi guys and welcome back to my channel in today's video i'll, be showing you two ways to make a hair bunnette i'll, be showing you two different ways you can make hair bonnet. So what i have here is an anka ankara fabric that i'm using to make the first hair bonnet. I have ankara fabric and a matching satin color to line it so i'll start by measuring it now. So this fabric i have here is 21 inches by 21. Inches, so actually, what i need is 20 inches, but i made sure to have 21 inches so i'll fold it into two and then fold the second time, just what i did right here. So after doing that i'll start placing the measurement and i'll make sure to place the measurement starting from the folded edge, that is very important, so i'll measure from that folded edge to 10 inches all the way around to get a perfect circle. So that's what i'll do now and after that i'll cut it out. So, if you're, making this bonnet for an adult, the measurement you'll be needing, is 14 inches and not 10 inches, i'm using 10 inches, because this is for a child. So i measure this 10 inches out and cut it. So i'll do the same thing to the satin fabric i'll fold into two then fold, the second time and start measuring from the folded edge measure the same 10 inches until i get a perfect circle i'll do that and also cut out so foreign. So now i've cut both the ankara fabric and the satin fabric. What i'll do now is to place them on each other with the front side facing each other. That is very important. The front side is the shiny part of the satin facing the front side of the ankara fabric, i'll place that and then make sure to spin and pin them together before taking to the machine to sew. This is very important. Make sure is the front side that is facing each other, so now that i've pinned them together. What i'll do next is: stick it to the machine and join the both of them together at the sides using just half an inch but i'll make sure to leave one and a half inch that i'll use to turn it out after sewing so i'll notch. It all around i'll make sure i notch it all around then after notching it i'll turn it out and give it a very good press, our iron, it's properly me, so this bonnet will have elastic. So what i'll do next is is to create a casing for that elastic i'll start by measuring one inch from the one inch from the edge around so i'll measure one inch and connect and connect. Until i get a perfect second so measure one inch connect and take it all around now. I'Ve finished measuring that and i've gotten a circle. What i'll do next is to measure half inch from that one inch line. Another half inch all round because the elastic i'll be using is just a tiny elastic. That is like half an inch, so i want to make it a room for that elastic and what i need is just half an inch measure. This half an inch around and connect it also, so i've measured the half inch and connected it. What i'll do next is take it to the machine and sew, but i'll make sure that i'll leave a space for the first line, the first line, which is the one inch line from the edge. I will not be sewing that one completely, but the second line i will sew completely, so i'm leaving a space of like one inch or two inches. That is where i will pass the elastic from so i will sew the second line completely for the first line. I will leave like two inches and i'll mark i'll mark my chalk there, so i don't forget when i'm sewing it so i'll pass this elastic using a safety pin, so the measurement for the elastic. What i did i subtracted two inches from my baby's head, circumference, that is around her head. I measured around her head and the measurement i got. I subtracted two inches from that, so that was the measurement i cut out for the elastic. So whoever you're sewing this bonnet for you need to subtract some inches from the elastic depending on how tight or loose you want the bonnet to be so after passing the elastic. I will tie it like two times, because the elastic is too tiny for me to start sewing. So what i will do next is just tuck that hole. I will use a hand needle and try to tack this hole that i pass the elastic through and after that the bonnet is ready, i'll make sure to insert a picture of my baby wearing this bonnet. It is so beautiful make sure you try it. So, let's move over to the next bonnet, so the second bonnet is a satin bonnet. So what i have here is 14 inches by 14 inches of fabric and unfold. It is 20 inches. So what i will do now is fold it the second time and after following second time i'll fold. It again, just like we folded the the first time, just like you folded, the first bonnet i'll fold it again and start placing my measurement on the folded edge, which is very, very important, so i'll start placing my measurement from that edge i'll measure out my 10 Inches until i get a perfect circle and after doing that, i'll cut it out foreign so after cutting it out i'll have two pieces of a circle so after that, what i'll do next is to place them on each other with the front side facing each other. The front side is always the shiny part, the shiny part of the of the satin fabric, so our places on each other and then pin it all around. Just like we did the first time i'll, pin it around, take it to the machine and sew that edge leaving one and a half inch for turning out the fabric after sewing me so i'll knock it all around and after that i'll turn it out and give It a very good press so because i'm using an elastic of one inch i'll be making a casing of one and a half inch for that elastic and i'll mark it all through and make sure to connect as i'm marking. Until i get a circle, i don't know why my one inch line is not showing properly, but i will take this to the machine and sew it and after sewing that i will insert the elastic. So after that. I will take this to the machine and sew and also make sure to close up that hole that i passed the elastic through and after that the bonnet is ready. Can you see how beautiful it looks? I will insert a picture of my baby wearing this. It is so beautiful, so you can see how cute she looks. So thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe if you've not done that. Already like this, video drop a comment, if you have any question, thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in my next one bye,

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