Hair Bonnet Blow Dryers! "I Want Big Hair, Mama!"

  • Posted on 12 March, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

BIG HAIR! That's all we want (well Tara, Natalie already has an insane mane) and this blast from the past might be our tickets to luscious locks... if we can figure out how to make it work... and get the curlers out without ripping out allllll of our hair. Alright, all jokes aside, Natalie found this hair bonnet while tooling around on the internet and if we can get it to work, it could be a beauty game-changer. The idea is you curl your damp hair, put on this nifty cap, attach your blower dryer and sit back while it sets your hair. Problem is, our curler may be of the devil.

THANKS to constant supporter and repeat Amazon Warrior- Ed Keaton. You are a man for all season, thank you for always giving the channel lots of love.

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Hey, i'm tara, i'm natalie, and this is natalie and tara, try stuff a show in which you try stuff for the first time, and today we are going to try out these fancy hair bonnet blow, dryer thingies stuff, yes, okay, before we get started big. Thank you to amazon, warrior ed keaton for sending us this bonnet set to us off our amazon wishlist link below. If you want to join the amazon warriors set. Also, if you want to support the show, we now have a paypal set up for you link for that as well, below lots of talking with hands so much hand work. These are go ahead and pop yours, open, um, there's two different ones. I know if they're different sizes, i have no idea - i don't know these seems like fun, they're bonnets, you put over your hair and then you plug on your curling iron to this tube and it blow-dries your hair inside. So i was convinced to do this by the the promise of big hair yeah. I think all i want in life is big hair. I think that that it is something that, because what it is, if you put your roots up yeah while it's drying, then it is drying up. So we're going to use curl these curlers that i bought. You can do like what you want to do for, like the big big blowout yeah you'd want to put those big curlers in there, okay and then big coke belly, yeah yeah. I wanted. I wanted more of a dramatic effect and i think these curlers will give us baby hair if it works all right all right. Let'S uh dive in what rat is my hair, so wet okay, yeah, it's still wet my hair dries so fast, so fast. I think i want to go large and medium and not the extra large rollers, because i actually want to curl like this will make. I think this will do more of a wave okay. The idea is that i mean it's just like with other um those big curl or things is that you want to you're going to want to kind of uh curl it so that it. It stands up because you're creating that lift there when it dries and that's where your lift will come in not from the curl itself. I mean you will create volume in the rest of your hair. But what you want is that, and actually what you probably should do, you should not start like that, like what i'm doing yeah, you should for you if you want big hair, take your center piece like this uh-huh and do a row back straight this way, oh In the middle yeah - and it creates that, let's that volume and my hands are off right - i can't reach my. I can't do this. I can't reach into my head. I can't reach it all the guys who watch our channel are like what the heck am. I watching how does this? Why am i still watching this? How does this always happen to me now? You can start fast. Forwarding tara, go future tara. Go save yourself effort. I may need assistance. Do you want me to help you and next time one starts to get stuck, i'm just going to stop and you can because i'm sure i did most of the damage here and somehow it didn't like all the hairs still attached. That was a disaster. Thank you. You'Re welcome all that insanity. Did i get that other hair that i was missing, which is the reason i pulled it all. Okay, my insanely small head of hair is done. Natalie'S got another hour to go, i'm not that far off. Okay, maybe i am, i want to see what just happened here. Oh my god. Okay, all right here we go. I am done. Denzo'S done all right. So then the next step is putting on one of these bonnets. Okay, okay, i love how your oh, you will laugh already. Oh, oh, it's like an elephant yeah! Oh so then this part goes on your head. Okay and then you draw a string shut and then this side - oh, this is not really long goes on. Your loader got it: okay, okay, my mine's not doing it yeah mine's too. It'S too small; okay, all right! I'M gon na hold this on here, because i think mine's gon na rock it off same same okay, ready ready, one, two, three hot, so hot all. Ah, i don't there's no like how long you're supposed to do it. You know, i think everybody's here is probably right. I think i think i think i've got it. I think it might be done. Okay, i think. Okay, okay, okay, nothing too scary! So far in here, oh, but it's a little damp right yeah, i am i'm dry dry dry, all right! Well, let's just go for it. Let'S try, let's see what's happening. All right, i mean worse. That happens. Is it didn't work on me? Actually, the worst? That happens is my hair is stuck in here, yeah, oh, it's curled, but you're right, it's more of a wave than a curl. Let'S try this! Let'S try our our! I did this one look at this one, this one tester one, because i was just curious. What this little small one would look like just so i would know i can't get it out. It doesn't want to come out. Oh you're, doing it you're doing it, stop stop that's what i was like. I'M gon na just stop next time, good to know good to know, oh that one didn't do. Oh, this one's still kind of damp got into a place. Yeah feel this yeah feel all in there. Oh yes, oh yeah, i'm not done i'm going back in okay, a little damn right there. I probably could do more yeah all right, i'm gon na redo this one and then i think how long was that it wasn't enough time? Okay! So what did we learn? There'S not enough time. I want to be done with and time. Thank god my patience was wearing thin. Okay. Let'S do this again remove thy bonnet dive on it: okay, okay, oh oh, that feels curly that feels curly. Oh, oh, oh i'm just not! I mean if i don't pull yeah, don't pull when you're, taking removing your curlers okay, and you want to just very gently - you don't want to still still uh. You can pull the curl out right. So don't panic whatever you do. Oh my god! Look at your hair already. I know it's going to be. Oh, my goodness look at your i'm so jealous. So what we learned is you know that i use these curls without a buddy system right so never again, nope nope nope, maybe the maybe the dryer, the dryer, not these curlies. These curlers are never allowed to touch pored, your hair, no anyone's hair. They seem like they're going to be a good. Oh boy, that's that's a rat's nest. It'S out, though, it's out that's the most important thing i am free. Oh my god. Look at your hair. How is your hair so pretty and mine's like a giant weirdo fuzz ball? Well, you keep. What are you doing? I can't get them out. I know, but as soon as you are tangled, don't go any further. Okay. What is what is happening here? I'M not allowed to do my own hair anymore sanity. What is that wow? I don't know what's gon na happen here, guys you get this one. Let me get my arms a little break and then i'll get you. This did not work out there. We go that. One came out uh-huh i mean the ones that come out are curled, okay, okay, it does work, i'm just not good at it. You see when things start to go wrong. That'S where i made my mistake right there, mother, okay, all right almost done here, i'm so over it. I know they're so dumb. How is this still damp? Do i have big hair mama? You definitely have big hair. Well, it's bigger. How is my hair still wet? It'S just like spaghetti coming down. It'S awesome and here go the bangs all right hold on okay, okay, all right! Let'S, let's, let's, let's, let's oh man, i mean like i'm, not gon na lie. I kind of like this part i kind of like this chaos. I would love to have curly chaos hair, but uh. I i clearly don't know how to set curlers like that's problem number one right here. This is user error. This is, i don't know what i'm doing. Look at this even with the fact that this stuff is not dry and not giving anything to me yeah like look how big my hair is yeah. Okay, i in concept, okay, here's the thing in concept these ones. We got not good for my hair, not good, not good, for your hair. The idea does work. If i know what i'm doing, i think you could probably try this again with those big rollers bottle thing i this is ridiculous. Let'S see what happens. Oh yeah uh-huh. That'S some chaos here, i'm not technically mad at this. It does in concept work if you know what you're doing so, i think no because i kind of know what i'm doing. I don't know what i'm doing. What i'm saying - and this is what this is, what happens if you know what you're doing that's you know better warmer closer? I knew this was gon na happen. You do look adorable this would i knew this was happening. This was a mistake and i knew it was, but i just thought it'd be fun. Yeah, it's fun. I like it looks like this 1950s. Like roller anyways, oh okay, we gave it the good college. Try! Here'S where we get uh we're gon na have to do something completely different for their hair to film for the rest of this day, because this is something thank you ed for sending us this off of our wish list. Even though we clearly don't know what we're doing it, we are really happy to finally have tried this and i don't know, what's wrong with her, but she couldn't let this go. She just had to put on a bonnet. So thank you again. I was wrong again that link is below if you want to join the amazon warriors and send us something off the amazon wishlist, and there is that paypal link at all will and we're gon na go figure out what to do with our heads. Now. I'M tara - and this was natalie and tara. Try stuff, don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell so that you never miss an episode or a moment of mass look embarrassment. Bye,

Justin Wheeler: Alright Ed! Great contribution to the Big Hair lifegoals.

Ed Keaton: Well, you both still looked lovely to me ladies. I'm glad that you both enjoyed your gift nonetheless. Looking forward to your videos in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend my lovely friends and be well and stay safe! ❤️✌️

David Faith: Natalie and Tara impersonate cone-heads. It’s awesome. Then the finished result was pretty good.

Blair Beveridge: As a cleric of the deity of Meg Ryan, anything that brings back curly hair, I am all for

LeesaDeAndrea: I used a bonnet dryer & curlers when I was a teen. It took nearly 30 minutes to dry my hair.

Mary Roraff: Oh my goodness, I'm having flashbacks! And we used to sleep on these to get curly hair. Thanks for the fun video!

johnny mayo: Big hair!! I laughed through the entire video!!! One word: Aquanet....My mom would fog the room w/ that stuff.

Jason Raschen: Hi Natalie & Tara! When I first started watching this, I thought it would be a hairy situation. And I was right. Also a very entertaining episode.

ivanj05: Well, this was certainly a hair raising experience.

Tactical_RN: I remember my mom when she used to curl her hair... Minus the hair drying bonnet... Curled hair suits you both!

William DeGeest: I am almost overwhelmingly tempted to do this to my beard.

paca_bill: Great video today! So you really had two different things trying out here. First, the blow-up Stay-Puft marshmallow headdresses. Other than having an inlet that doesn't fit modern hair driers, and taking a exorbitant amount of time to dry hair, they definitely are a fashion statement (ps: or you could paint a face on it, and have it look like a big Lego on your head!) (pps: just don't use the BeDazzler!). The second was the hair curlers from hell (probably designed by some bald guy!). Never having curled my hair or beard, I'm guessing there are better products out there for doing that. I have seen torture devices that appeared easier to operate than those; I certainly hope those are not "Amazon's Choice" :) But nonetheless, you both wanted "big hair", and I think you accomplished that! both loook Maavaalus! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Film It Yourself: I was literally sitting here thinking "I hope they shot this last that day."

Heather Torrey: My grandma would put me in one of those when I was little. So fun! Good for clearing ear infections, too, with the gentle warmth.

Brissy Girl: My hair will not hold a curl without a TON of product and even then I'm lucky if it stays in! Fluffing it with my fingers like you did is a sure fire way for the curls to fall straight out Basically my hair sucks!

amanda pollichino: My first thought when I saw those curlers was “my hair would definitely get stuck in those!”

E. Urbach: Oh my gosh, '80s flashbacks! If you had curled and hair-sprayed your bangs so that they stuck up and curled back from your forehead, you would have had what we used to call the "hair-bear" hairstyle. Why did we call it that? No idea, but it was supposed to look fashionably wind-blown ... And I remember having to use those same curlers! They always stuck in my hair, too; I have no idea how you're supposed to use them and not have them tangle! I remember having to cut one or two out of my hair more than once while I was growing up.

Arabella Dawn: Holy you ladies have such patience!! This video gave me flashbacks to 11-year old me and my best friend in her bathroom trying to figure out her mum's velcro-curlers. Long story short, my mom had to come over with the scissors ‍♀️ you both looked very cute at the end! Curls are so fun and they suit you both well!!

Ben Roethig: Like other social hominids, the social order of Natalie and Tara require other members of the group to help with hair grooming

17th & 18th Century Horsemanship: Thanks ladies! Folks from the 18th Century would kill for this 'tool'. #18thcenturyfashion

Ditte Jensen: This is some epic hair! Rollers are not easy. Not at all easy. I want one of those helmets once my hair grows out (I did the whole pandemic shave off my hair last year ).

Jen Straub: RE: removal of curlers- that seems about right.

twycross3: So Tara was your hair style from Shh Shh a left over from this undertaking? LOL I was dying laughing when I saw the bonnet inflate!!!

Bernie: Good cone head look, as well as curls.

Clayton Gordon: Yet another reason that makes me thankful to be a guy. :::clears throat::: (in my best Billy Crystal/Fernando Lamas voice) You two look marvelous.

Matt Kean: I can't believe you girls do that every day!

chicagorandy: Watching your joint ordeal and angst makes me glad/content to be near bald with a buzz-cut. - lol

Greg Phillips.: Curly Hair Joke research already happening for the next Ssh Ssh

John D II: You have to tease your hair now.

TheBrat Queen: So what we learned from Tara today is not to set curlers using Gorilla Glue.

A Smith: Curlers, whatever, still hot!

Ben Roethig: I'm waiting for the Spinoff Natalie and Tara's Salon

Daniel Taylor: What no Greece references? Pink hair hood Ladies? Beauty school dropout comments? Missing the opportunity to use the "a few hours later" meme? Wait did you to film this sober?

Pixie Styx: Wonderful lol

Bill Shepherd: Yep. Glad I'm a guy! Just saying.

fishermansbounty: I can’t look away. Lol

Brian Newlin: Wowee!

wingate barraclough: Yikes

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