Satin Bonnets For Natural Hair | Which Bonnet Is The Best? I Have 6 Of Them | Retain Moisture

  • Posted on 14 March, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hi guys so i'm back with some bonus content. So i'm thinking i wanted to share with you my um favorite bonnets, or what i use to protect my hair to retain the moisture so in this video i'm going to be sharing my bonnets that i wear and i have a ton of different options that i Want to share with you, so please keep watching so bonnets, so the first bonnet i'm going to share with you is the first bonnet that i ever spent well, no, let's rewind! So the bonnet i'm going to share with you is a fave bonnet. So my auntie got me this bonnet. She always gives me bonus from the beauty, supply store and i'm going to show you what i'm working with, and so my very first bonnet that i loved. I don't know why i love this band of this bonnet or on these types of bonnets, but i do but the the bonnet is stretched out so much that i have to put a rubber band on it to kind of make it fit. The perimeter of my head, but i don't know how much these things cost, but this is my one of my favorite bonnets. I have not thrown it away, but i don't really use it as much as i used to. I don't know what type of fabric i think this is polyester. I don't know um leave a comment down below if you know uh the type of material this is but um. This is what everybody's go to is um it's at the beauty supply store. I think you can get them for like three dollars - two dollars - i don't know, but i love this bonnet and i'm not getting rid of it. This is this is like a memories. You got to know where you came from now right, so this is the first planet. I don't even know what the name of it is, but my very first bonnet that i love period period, sis the next bonnet um that i purchased. So i was trying to be fancy trying to be bougie trying to be sid diddy, and i purchased one of these glow by day bonus. And so, as you can see, it's huge. It'S stretched out. It has a drawstring, but initially it had some elastic, and so the elastic was so tight. It would give me headaches, and so i actually literally the same day next day i purchased it cut the elastic and like sewed it up myself crazy um, but i just didn't want a headache, but it fits over any hairstyle, big hair, big hair, don't care, it Fits over it, but my only complaint is that the elastic was too too tight. Um again i got the large one and maybe my head just big but yeah, and i think at the time i paid about thirty dollars for it. Thirty, third, twenty or thirty. Currently, they're twenty dollars, um on global day sites um, but yeah and i was kind of bummed, but i still love it because it's double lined um. So i got blue and then i got black, and so i wear it both ways: um but yeah. I i love it, so i would recommend it um, but just know the elastic may be too tight and i literally went in this thing and was like i paid 20 for this. I'M not gon na one. Send it back, i'm not sending it back because i needed a luxury bonnet or a satin, pure satin, bonnet, double lined the best um and so yeah, and then i just i don't know if it's still in here. I think i just ripped it out girl knowing the most um so yeah, that's the second bonnet that i purchased and then a brand reached out to me named maine pharmacy and they sent me their bonnet now. These bonnets are great quality, so it's double lined as well and um. I had a video about it as well, but this is like legit, my go-to bonnet. This is a go-to bonnet like i interchanged this bonnet and another bonnet. My next bonnet i'll show you in a second, but i grabbed this. It'S not too tight. It has the drawstring it's satin. I use it this way, as well as the other way and i'm gon na. Look it up on my small black own business, not the main pharmacy but main pharmacy. I think i'm trying to find it sis. Why can't i find it anyway? I'M gon na leave the uh youtube, not the youtube. I'M gon na leave the um instagram or whatever. If it's still available, she was, i think she was in like medicine or whatever, like maybe a nurse or something like that. Um she reached out to me on instagram and said: would i want to try her bonnet? She sent me one. I was like i'm always down to try a bonnet um and you know just share with my audience and i'm down black owned woman owned small business i'm down. So i did that and um i'm so thankful that i did and i think that a couple of people purchased um her bonnets. I think that they were very affordable. Like 10 bucks, 5 10 bucks, something like that like it was just insane. When i looked and was like this quality for yeah, so i don't know if they've increased the price um, because i can't find it at the moment. But i will leave any information that i have down in the description box. So please be sure to check that out. Also snippet plug, please be sure to like comment, share and subscribe if you have not already um, if you like this content, uh yeah do that there please please um! So that's the third on it that i had and then another bonnet company, humble glow, sent me their bonnet, and this is luxury too sis. This is luxury too, and it has a band for your edges and you don't have to worry about any tightness. This has like an elastic, but it's just at the back, my kind of bonnet and you can tie it, so you can tie it as tight or as loose as you want. It'S a big bonnet about as big as the rest of them, except for my very first one, so it fits all of my hair. The print is fabulous i'll leave the information down in the description box um. I'M about to look it up really quick um, because i want to share with you the price of them, and so it's called the elite bonnet, very, very good, um quality, it's double layered, definitely high quality um and they come in two sizes, um and they're 36.99. So i feel like it's worth it, you use your body, your bonnet saves your hair cysts, your bonnet saves the moisture and all the work that you've done on wash day. It saves it and i prefer bonnets over. I have i have satin pillow cases too. So i do the dual thing, because satin is good for your skin as well um and, like so in case, my bonnet slides to the back like this. My edges are protected, but you didn't know, that's why i do it, but um yeah, so bonnets keep all of the products like off of my face and in this bonnet. So it's good for people with um sensitive skin, i think or like acne prone skin, because your hair isn't all over the pillow. And then you rub your face on the pillow. So that's why i opt for a bonnet bonnets. Aren'T who told me this? Generally speaking, bonnets aren't cute right, but i'd rather be not cute right and have great hair. When i take off the bonnet then to not wear a bonnet and your hair be dry and dusty and crusty just my opinion, just my opinion, so um yeah. So this is the from from what i've collected now. This is the most expensive, expensive bonnet that i have and i would purchase this like legit. I would i would get another one facts, facts i interchange these two bonnets, the most now um. I think i the glow by day i don't anymore just because um these are my go-to. These are the newest ones that i have, but i definitely would use this for like big big hair, because it's already like stretched out, and so you just slap it over. You know it's easy to come over and then you just you, know, drawstring it, whereas with these same way, but you know you have to push your hair in to the bonnet - it don't matter. None of that matters honestly, because your hair is going to look good regardless when it comes out of the bonnet um and then the last bonnet i got in this packet. Oh no! I have two more bonnets, so i got this bonnet in um my meow package. The and i haven't even used these products, i'm so late. I think these products came out like six months ago. Leave a comment down below if you'd be interested in me reviewing the oats and honey collection from uh meow leave a comment down below um, but yeah. This is the bonnet. It'S super cute super luxe. I thought that i would like it um just looking at it like super cute, dual wear um, but she tight she tight and then there's not a lot of um movement in it. So this is for a small head and i don't know if my sister has a small head. I was supposed to give this to her for uh in her christmas stuff fail to do that. So sis. This is yours. This is your words. You can have this. It'S new um, but i just need to give it to you because i i don't know what you're gon na do with it either i mean, i don't think your head is big as mine, but um. I don't know you can do something with it. I think i hope, and then my last bonnet everybody knows you. If you don't have anything, you need to go, buy the beauty, supply store and get you a bonnet. Get you a bonnet at the beauty supply store, because it's like one to three dollars. You need something over your hair, even if it's not pure silk or something, even if it's not pure satin um, and they claim that this is. This is satin. This is a satin, i guess blend. I don't know my mom's into textile and fashion and stuff and so um. I wonder because this is not looking like, so this is satin right. This isn't looking like this, i'm just saying i'm just saying, but it's a super jumbo and i got it for the big hair days. I actually got it for when i do the hair paint wax, because i will not mess up my good linens with the hair paint wax. So i purchased this at the beauty supply store. This is red by kiss um and just naturally protects your natural hair, silky satin fabric prevents breakage whole style and retains moisture. This is like the og bonnet flat. Satin sleep cap, um super jumbo size, so yeah this for this or if i do something else with my hair, which i don't know um but yeah. So those are all of my bonnets, leave a comment down below. If you wear bonnets or if you um. What do you, what do you wear on your hair at night, or how do you prepare your hair at night? How do you retain the moisture in your hair? How do you go to sleep? What'S your sleep routine, to protect your hair, do you protect your hair? Do you use satin bonnets? Do you use satin pillowcases? Do you do a pineapple? Do you band your hair at night? What do you do i? Just literally, when i do my hair, i slap my bonnet on and figure it out the next day. Usually - and i've always done this heading whatever length - i had, i never like banded my hair at night or any of that stuff. I just slap a bonnet on, because the curls will curl the curls be curling. If you prepare your hair, the proper way on wash day, that's my motto. I think i've never had to do any finagling in the morning other than like you know, fluffing or maybe spray some aloe juice, maybe but yeah. It'S never been anything but just slap. A bonded on so that's it, that's all i'm so so so glad you decided to click on this video. If you want to stay, if you want to see more content from me, please be sure to like comment: share, subscribe and see you next time.

Tyiece: Great video showcasing all of your bonnets. Before creating Humble Glow bonnets, I had that same problem with a bonnet being too tight and having to cut the elastic just to keep the quality. Thanks for sharing

peepla7: The best bonnet ever is BonBons Cheveux ....many styles, sizes, patterns, and if you have special needs: smaller, bigger, waterproof...they got you. mine was pink/lavender ...had it for about 10 years .. didn't survive my move but I already ordered another one in the same color combination.

LaurelsCurls: I'm so glad your video came up because I'm hoping to get a couple new bonnets this black friday to replace some of my old ones. I'm going to check out Humble Glow to see if they might have a good sale!!

Kearsten W: I definitely pineapple every night except the first night after I wash it, that's when I band my hair in four sections. The stretch usually lasts for about 2 days then I will band it again if necessary.

Doretha McElliott: I love the Humble & Glow but the Average size is to big for me. I wish she would come out with a smaller head size. I have a petite head size, so to spend $36 for something I can not wear is not worth it to me.

Loretta Hargrow: Your bonnets video was really good and interesting we all have a favorite thing to hold on to ❤️

jeanetta Hargrow: I wear a bonnet every night. I love the first bonnet I purchased them from Sally’s. How when I shop at Sally’s they are always out of stock. Thanks for information for other choices of bonnets.

Boulevardfox: love the consistency !!

Dionne TheGirl: Smart & Terrific suggestions you've made. You have an assortment of bonnets. Thanks for posting this.

Summer Bailey: I LOVE me some Humble Glow!!

Boulevardfox: i need a new bonnet, def gonna try one on these

Earlene Carson: I bought the big pink bonnet but it didn’t have the band around the edge and so I didn’t wear it after a short period of time. I use a bonnet that I bought from Sally’s and it works fine. Great review❤️

Kearsten W: That rubber band... That's funny

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