Diy Satin Bonnet | Cheap & Easy For Natural Hair

  • Posted on 12 January, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hi All,

Whether 4c, 3b or 2a, satin is your best friend.

Especially a satin bonnet, which can be quite expensive for no real reason.

You don’t need to break your bank. Everyday to be natural.

Here is a quick, easy and cheap way to make your own.

Satin- Spotlight

Elastic- Spotlight

Fabric glue- Lincraft

Inspiration (beautarie)


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Hi guys Happy New Year Happy New Year, haven't seen you guys, even though it's the twelve or something happy New Year to you guys. I hope we all had a blessed Christmas. I heard we had a blessed New Year's, and I hope 2019 thus far has been great, for you guys. Welcome back 2019 we're gon na start off with a bang. So today we're gon na be doing something quite different. We'Re gon na be doing a DIY because in 2019 we're gon na change it up a little bit. It'S not always gon na be here. We wan na open, open the box up a little bit and we're gon na be doing a DIY, satin bonnet. Hopefully, everything goes well, so we'll go straight into the video it's the first thing. You'Re gon na need is your Netflix, whatever you're watching on Netflix we're gon na need some scissors. I'Ve got a few pairs here. You need some elastic, you need fabric glue and you need a needle and thread and then also so you start off by cutting the amount that you need. I had 3 meters worth all fabric, so I was cutting it down to 1 meter that I could work with that was double-sided, and then I folded it in half long ways and then I folded it again in half so that it would be a square. I cut it into a semicircular design, which is what I'm showing you here and I used a highlighter to draw freehand the semicircular design so that I can follow it and cut along that design. So it ends up in sort of a curved square shape. So once you're done with that that your two parts should be separated, and then you want to flip them inside out, so that the satin pots are the shiny part of the satin are both facing in for both sides of your fabric. And then you want to go in with your fabric glue and go around the perimeter of the two fabrics and you want to glue those two fabrics together. But you want to leave a space just a tiny little bit enough for your hand to fit so that you can flip the fabric inside out, so that the shiny side is showing. So then, while you wait for your fabric glue to dry, you want to measure out your elastic leave a little bit of room so that you can work with it a little bit of leverage room and then cut that piece of elastic out. That'S an elastic that we'll be using for the band by this time. Your fabric glue should have dried down, and you want to flip it inside out. You want to do. Is you want to maybe do one or two or three centimetres, depending on how big your elastic is gap from the perimeter that you've just glued so remember, you've, just flipped your you're set it inside out so that it's it's like a pillow casing with a tiny Hole at the corner and then you want to draw around that perimeter line, and then you want to Sur around it. I'M using freehand sewing because I don't have a sewing machine. If you have a sewing machine, you can use a sewing machine, otherwise you can just freehand it. This is when you capitalize on all the episodes you've been wanting to watch on Netflix. So, finally, once you're done, freehand think that you want to put a safety pin on your elastic, and you want to weave it through that area that I told you before to leave that you didn't glue together. So you want to just weave the elastic through making sure to hold on to the other end until you get all the way to the other end of the elastic once you've reached the end. You just want to double-check your size before you stitch the ends together. Once you're done, you stitch those together, you can see that open end together, if you like, I just left it because it wasn't that big of a deal to me and your bonnet is done. Look how cute that thing is it turned out really nice? I'M really really happy with it. It'S doable, you can spend you know under three dollars if you already have majority of this stuff or ten dollars that max to do this, and do it yourself. So I hope you guys, like this video, give it a try, see how it goes. Thank you guys for watching make sure to like make sure to subscribe and put your notification bellow. If you want to get a video every time, it's posted love, you guys so much.

Beyond Sight Network: This is such an amazing idea! I’m so going to do my own satin bonnet. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Happy New Year

Angela B.: This is a great idea and the music in the background is giving me such a positive energy! My hair is a 3b/3c and I was looking for some ways to protect my curls. Thank you for the inspo! Also I would suggest to whoever is watching, especially if you're white, there are lots of Black businesses retailing Bonnets and Durags :) they even make matching ones which I found so cute! Support black businesses!

Asia Mitchell: I love how there’s no dislikes on this video

frøya: Great idea! I'm ordering satin and doing it. Thank youuuu ✨

Doe Lala: I'm totally making a blose like yours next. So pretty!

Brilliant Mpofu: Wow this is super simple! Way to go home girl ☺️

Nayakia Bates: Great video, love you did this without sewing so thanks again

maNcube: Thanks dear. You instructions were perfect. I will follow them.

TshepiSweetooth: Yasssssssss this is the first video I've ever watched of a DIY bonnet and I love it! Much love all the way in Botswana ❤️

Nikita1 Destiny: Happy New Year and thanks for this wonderful tutorial

Tate: Wow that turned out great.

Latifa Mthembu: Wow this is a great idea

Renee Ramsay: Hi, what kind of satin did you use?

tdizzy's world: hi, i was just wondering where you bought your satin fabric from

Bells M: OMG!! GOOD JOB TATENDA! Super Proud turned out cute

MamMuh Knokk`A: This is so simple, easy and cute. 2 thumbs up gurL. I will be trying this butttttttt I'm going to Goodwill and purchase silk head scarfs to put together and make some. Thank'U

Tari Kand: Love the song choice Great video Tatenda

Carol Francesca: ‘First you’re gonna need your Netflix” me everytime

Folakemi BSN, RN: Happy new year. I would love to try this

Tochola Tinah: Happy new year.nice bonnet!

Joy Mumo: How many meters did you use

Inviolater Magak: Happy new year to my one of my favorite you tubers. Have a blessed one, love you

Lily Raimey: You are incredibly cute and precious. Very positive energy.

Cynthia Adams: Woooow ❤️

El Belle: Nice video...i love your blouse

Amanda Tatenda Mutangadura: Girl I'm in love. Fellow Tatenda here

Angelia Fairchild: Great blessings for the new year

privie mcspice: so easy peasy handingatadziwo. Am gonna make it

miss arcene: Thanks. I subscribed.

Uneak Tershai: Your voice is everything ✨

Rose s. cvn: The best✨

dulce gomez: FYI, dollar tree now carries satin pillowcases, I got one for this. They have black, white, a mustard brown color and some fun prints. It was perfect for this project AND such a bargain!!!

English With Ashley: Can you wash this in washing machine?

Sashae Blake: what type satin did you use?

Farai Katiyo Music: Talents idea!

Dinah Ewing: New sub!! Thanks for sharing!! HNY!!

Maryam Laith: You a talented person

Tilo Lups: This will save me some money, thanks

jjmunna: Hi can I ask a question what's the difference between a satin Bonnet and a silk bonnet. My hair is very dry, defo the cotton pillow cases I have isnt helping. But I'm not sure what fabric get. Any advice would be welcome Thank you

Where's the Lamb SAUCE!!: Omg i love you

Tate: Happy new year Tate

Enya Hweta: We ar all represented ...go gal

Jacobs Child: Can’t see what you’re doing

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