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  • Posted on 20 February, 2020
  • Long Hair
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Demonstration on guide on a healthy natural hair journey, benefit of SATIN BONNET on Natural hair.

Get in here and let's talk about why you are not wearing a satin bonnet. in this video, I talked about the benefit of satin bonnet in contributing to getting healthy natural hair. Wearing satin bonnet seems like nothing but as little, as it is, it has a whole benefit to the health of your natural hair.

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Hey this is the part 1 of a series where we'll be examining little fish that contributes to a healthy head of natural hair hand into this video. The question is, she did get a satin bonnet, hey guys, thanks for coming to my channel, it's a girls into the end into this video. We are going to be talking about why you do not need a satin bonnet. I know that is why you clicked on this video. You really wanted to know what is the eye about wait? Satin bonnet, why is it? Does everyone, especially in the natural hair community, is talking about it? Is it really that's necessary? She tile really juices. After all, we listen and nights we've been using several things. What difference is it going to make in your hair condition or your hair else or whatever you can think of all right? Now, let's move right into the video. The number one reason why you do not need a satin bonnet is because it gives you had ahead. Don'T come for me, yes, Eddy yeah. What satin bonnet does is that it does not allow friction to happen between your hair and your pillowcase. Okay, that's like I'm about to get stolen, satin bonnet, create a kind of a barrier between your hair and pillowcase, and the issue is the surface of the pillowcase that we use cotton, pillowcase or, whichever one that you use. It is not smooth. It is rough. Okay and when you sleep on it with your hair hard like that, your head goes like this like bump key, but with satin your hair does goals. I don't know, it's dusk leaves like it's moves like this. Instead of it going like this on rough surface, no, it does guys know when something is moving on a smooth. It just goes smoothly or like when it's moving on a rough surface in the rough surfaces just like. So that is what happens and when your hair is having friction with a clothing material. What it does to your hair is about one: it causes yes thinning. It causes hair breakage, it causes tangles, yes, and it's also called split ends. So why do you not think you should not use a satin bonnet while you sleep down? Let me show you what I'm trying to say about this smooth surface and a rough surface. Here is my cotton pillowcase and this is a set. I got this from my friend who sells Bettina's interior materials like that, so you are betting Zanna Tyrael. She sells beautiful materials for your bedsheets and do this and all of that. So this is what I'm trying to tell you. Everybody'S material is actually very smooth, but not as smooth as it's satin or his silk material. You can see how the weaves were made. He needs and me touching it compared to me touching a satin scarf. It is just very harsh to touch compared to something like this. That is just like very, very smooth. It feels slippery this one just kind of like hard. The second reason why you do not need a satin bonnet is because satin bonnet asks you to lock in moisture, as you know whether, if you're trying to grow your natural hair number one thing every naturals look for is moisture and there is no way you're sleeping On a cotton material that it cut, the material will not draw hot moisture from your hair compared to why you use a satin bonnet when the cotton material draws hearts the most on your hair, you wake up in the morning your hair he's feeling so dry. That does not make any sense at all, because you're going to wake up again and starts the process of remonster, rising your hair and not everyone actually, every time to be moisturized every morning. What he wants to do is to sleep. Wake up take off your satin bonnet restyle, your hair and just get the heck out of the house. Let us say that and just get out of the house, let me show you what I mean by cutting drying out the moisture out of your hair. I'M back my field, I'm just going to spray where I can see, see and see what happens. Of course, the just goes right here. Of course, it just goes right here it soaks in whole up - and this is what happened. Why you sleep? The cotton pillowcase is drawing out the moisture in your hair, but what it cuts off at which is our satin. You just can't go like this and it's very fun in a virtual. You understand this concept, especially when you're washing your satin cub you're, watching your starting materials. You knowwe dip it inside what I have to like squeeze it very well. So that's what I can't really penetrates in it. That is what we're talking about. This does not draw out the moisture, your hair, it's rather just lock it so you put on your satin cup overnights you wake up to a moisturize yeah. Another thing why you shouldn't just leave your hair out, even if you're putting it on a satin pillow case, especially when the temperature is so muddy. Climate is changing and all of that the weather is not harsh and dried. You do not want to expose your hair to ashford hours while you sleep, you still want to keep your hair moisturized put on your certain cup so that it's come lock in the moisture in your hair, see you you wake up and just do a little bit Of shake and go about your day, so nobody real reason why you should not use satin bonnet values is that it makes you a star lastly, longer than it should. If you are thinking you wants your, maybe your three starts. Your bridges are the bunch of otter to last for a minimum of three days and and then you put on your satin bonnet for the all three days. Your hair is actually going to last longer than three days. So if you do not want a hair to last longer than three days you can toast do not put out so you use the shuttle. I just leave your hair, like that's sleep anyway, hang out like that. The good thing that this does to your hair actually is that yoke and stars kind of like remain in one place. Okay, they are not moving around, they are not shaking around you're, not doing anything around the moisture is loading the because are put together. Even if you put it in a pineapple here's, the kind of like protecting it so that it doesn't move on rough surfaces or anything, so they cause our pact to get that dia just in one place and they are moving freely inside your satin bonnet, because the Satin bonnet is slippery, it is the surface is very smooth, so not only love me to them. They are not shaking your air in stones going to be like, in fact, I mix it last longer, maybe two days more three days more and if you have wearing something like a minute wrist or maybe bridge or anything, your is actually going to last longer. If you're planning to wear diamond it is for a month, and you want it to still look good for the period of four weeks just puts on your satin bonnet every night. I promise you, your Hestia is going to last longer than you think. Now you can experiment this yourself. Okay, just do a star, maybe your two strand twist, all right for one week to let it last for mommy, don't use or sat upon it. Don'T sleep on a satin pillow, just sleep normally on a cotton pillowcase and we're just linked like that at the end of one week, take a picture of your hair another time to that same hairstyle, wear a satin bonnet, even if you do not have that. Try to sleep on a pillowcase after one week took a picture of it. Them puts it together at the hand when you look at the benefits that you get in just for you to have a healthy hair, which is the good luck. Everybody, I'm not even going to tell you that your lens should be the goal of your head. John, I'm going to tell you that early hair should be the goal of your hair Johnny, because if you do not have a healthy hair, you can never have very long it. That is it. There is no magic. There is no mathematics. There is no further mathematics about it, so engineering, mathematics for that matter. Anybody no nothing like that. It is just simple logic: take care of your hair, make sure your hair is holding, and then the result is always a very long year, which you want to try to keep the word and little things like this contributes to you. I'Ve been held here on shoe boots. You have been a long here on the long run so guys how these points - let's use a reverse psychology and properly tied to this video, which is three reasons why you should get his satin bonnet for your natural hair and it's equal to this. Video will be coming up in two days, which is going to be the part to have this series examine a little things that contributes to having a healthy head home. Natura, hey, remember, to click on the subscribe button, and you ho. Please do not forget it's on on your education bill because in my next video I will be having a discussion around satin bonnet. So it's going to be battle of satin bonnet and we'll be talking about three satin bonnet that I personally own and share with you. Why I use them well what I use them for any reason why I prefer one to Dakota, so maybe I'm even going to talk about fall. I think I have one extra thing that I can hat so here's the make it four reveals that we can do so make sure you turn on your notification girl, like this video comments and share with your friends and let's meet in the next video you

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