Trying A Silk Bonnet And Pillowcase For My Curly Hair For The First Time!

  • Posted on 12 December, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hey friends!!

Today I’ll be trying out Lilysilk’s silk bonnet and pillowcase go see if my curls last longer overnight!

As always let me know if you have any questions!

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Hello, everyone welcome to a new video. If you don't know me, my name is isabella and i do all things curly product reviews, how to sleep in them and today i'm going to be doing a very exciting video where i'll be trying out silk, bonnets and pillowcases. I have never used silk before so i'm really excited to see if this is going to make my curls last longer, if it's going to prevent frizz for longer, we shall find out together. So this video was kindly sponsored by lily silk. You can get all different types of things from their website. You can get bonnets, pillowcases, pjs, literally anything silk, they have it and they use a silk called mulberry. Silk and mulberry. Silk is actually very beneficial for your skin and your hair. It prevents frizz. It'S also really good for not absorbing excess moisture and it's very soft and smooth and luxurious feeling. So thank you so much for lily silk for sponsoring this video. The first thing that they sent me is this beautiful: silk bonnet. I'Ve mentioned this a few times, but i've never used a bonnet before, let alone a beautiful gold silk bonnet. So i'm really curious to see how i'm gon na sleep with it, how it's gon na last and just overall my experience so i'm about to go to bed. This is day one of freshly washed hair, and i'm gon na show you guys how i'm gon na wear this silk bonnet to bed tonight. So first thing you want to do is if you have shorter hair than me or just less dense hair than me. You probably can skip this step and just go straight into putting the bonnet on, but for my hair i just can't gather all this hair in the bonnet without putting it up in something, so i'm going to put it up in a loose pineapple. So the first thing i'm going to do is flip my head forward and i'm just going to make sure that everything is just nice and smooth nothing's too crumpled or anything like that. Then i'm going to grab my scrunchie and do a loose pineapple. You don't want to tie it around. You just want it to just gather your hair. Now, i'm going to take now, i'm going to take the lily silk bottle. Let'S just appreciate how beautiful this spot. It is so i'm gon na take it and i'm gon na open. It stretch it out and put my curls just kind of rocking around to make sure my curls are in there and then just dropping it around, and you want your curls to be at the front. It'S going to not be moved around as much if it were to be in the back, so that is it. That is how i put on the silk bonnet and i'll. Show you also the silk pillow case they sent me i'm going to be using both tonight. I'M going to go to bed in a little bit, probably a lot of it and be back tomorrow to let you guys know how i slept with it and if my curls look just as good tomorrow as they did today, see you guys soon and good night. Hey friends, so it is the next morning i haven't rolled afternoon, i haven't taken out my bonnet at all and i slept with it pretty well, it felt pretty comfortable. I didn't get a headache or anything like that. I never slept with the bonnet like i've said before, so i wasn't sure if i was gon na take it off like in the middle of my night, but i actually found it very comfortable and the elastic is adjustable and my head is pretty small. So it's actually not very tight, like it honestly doesn't feel like it's being stretched at all and it was fun. So i'm gon na take off my bonnet and see what my hair looks like it's probably going to look a little disheveled because of the shape that it's in right now, so i'm going to let it settle after i take it out and then i'll come back And show you kind of how it looks after a few minutes, so let's take it off the unveiling all right, so i ended up switching um scrunchies, because the other scrunchie i was using was a little smaller and i wanted something really loose just to gather my Hair all right, so this is what my hair is looking like straight out of the bonnet, but i'm going to let it settle for a sec, but it feels really nice. It feels really nice and soft. It doesn't seem like trying to look and see if i have any frizz it doesn't look like. I have much to any frizz at all, so i'm gon na, let it sit for about five six minutes, give it a little bit of a shake and be back with you guys with the finished results. Alright. So these are my finished results. I let my curls settle for about five to ten minutes. It gave it a good shake, and this is what my curls are looking like on day. Two. They look really solid. I honestly wasn't sure if my curls were gon na look any different since my curls do last long anyways, but they definitely look a lot more defined and like exactly the same honestly as my hair looked on day one. So i'm pretty impressed. I also forgot to mention that i used the lilly silk pillow case on my pillow. It'S the same color as my bonnet. Let me give you guys an up-close view. It'S really nice and if you ever like get some curls that slip out, it's really soft and it won't cause any like friction or frizz. I'M like rubbing my it won't cause any frizz or friction on your hair. I also really like this on my couch or anything like that when i'm just lounging - and i might not want to put my hair up, but i just want my hair to not get messed up and i'll just lay it down and i'll just kind of cascade. My curls along the pillowcase, so i definitely think this is a cool experiment. I do recommend trying out a silk bonnet and pillowcase if you haven't tried one yourself, especially lily silks, i do have a coupon code which i will link here and then also down below. I will also link the pillowcase and the bonnet that i have specifically if you want those exact ones. I definitely think if you struggle with having your curls last past day, one or two a silk bonnet and pillowcase is a really great thing to purchase. It'Ll help. Keep that style lasting longer. I definitely felt like if i did have something to do tomorrow or the next day. I would use a silk bonnet now, just to make sure that my curls really stay intact, because sometimes you do roll around a little too rough or something happens and your curls do get a little disheveled. And especially, if you are someone that has to get up early in the morning and has to go to work or something like that, using a silk bonnet and pillowcase is really beneficial, because if you do wake up late, you won't have to refresh it'll just be Ready to go, i literally didn't put anything in my hair. I would definitely go out like this. I have nothing that i would need to do to my hair. It just needed to be shaken up and settled, and that takes like three minutes, so that is it for today's video. It was a short one. Today i thought i would do something short and sweet. Let me know if you also wear a silk bonnet and use a silk pillow case or, if you're gon na get one. Now that you liked my results also, i will link my social media in the down bar below, so you can follow me on those as well and don't forget to subscribe wherever it is. I hope you guys have a beautiful rest of your day and don't forget your frizz is beautiful, bye, guys,

Preeti Das: I use satin pillow case and satin scarf. They do help with frizz. Sometimes I forget to tie my satin scarf (like last night ) in that case I just put my hair in a high bun. The pillow case does preserve my curls (to a great extent). I also find it gentle on my skin

Adrianna the Kitteh: I use a silk bonnet and pillowcase. They definitely are curly girl essentials or at the very least, a silk pillowcase

Tylah-Belle Te Pairi: <33333

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