Diy: How To Make A Satin Hair Bonnet

  • Posted on 11 June, 2022
  • Long Hair
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Not to sound too serious but hair bonnet is very essential for your hair. Why?! Sleeping without one will make your hair dry up, lose all it's moisture and that causes breakage. Ever wondered why your hair isn't growing as it should, it's probably because your hair isn't getting this love.

Keeping your hair in bonnets, especially 4c hair carriers, your hair will love you❤️

Welcome to my first video. This is something everyone can try out. Tell me what you think in the comment section. Thank you!



In today's video i'm going to be showing you how to make an elastic band satin bonnet, and it's very easy to do. Trust me if you're new to my channel you're most welcome and if you're an old, subscriber you're also welcome. Thank you so much for sticking by. Please click the subscribe button down below and click the notification bell. So you get a heads up whenever i put up a new video so for the satin bonnet, we're going to be needing ankara fabric, we're going to be needing satin and also a black stretchy fabric. This fabric is going to be used for the band. We also need a pair of scissors, a tailor's chalk and measuring tape. So let's get right into the video so guys for this we're just going to be needing two measurements: the size of the bonnet you want to make and the circumference of your head. So i've taken those measurements already the size of the bonnet i want to make is 12 inches and second, prince of my head is 22 inches. So we're going to be working with that. So i already have this square fabric. I cut out 14 inches. If you measure it all around, so it's just enough for me to use i'm going to be cutting out the satin fabric first and i'll use that to cut the ankara fabric. So i have this satin fabric unfold. I folded it into four places. So it's going to be just about easy for me to cut the circle: flare go ahead now and take my measurement like i said earlier. I want the bonus to be 12 inches big, so i'll just go and mark 12 inches. You could make yours bigger. If you wish, you could go for 13 inches or 14, depending on how big you want it to be, and probably, if you're making for a younger person or for a child, you could make it 8 inches to 10 inches. But i want mine to just be 12 inches, so i'll, just mark 12 inches right there and then i'll go ahead and mark 12 inches all around placing the tip of my tip at the folded end of the fabric. So the tip of my tip is at the folded end of the fabric and i'm just smacking 12 inches to form a quadrant so guys once that is done. This is what i have now. I'M just going to join the dotted lines together. So i can get a clearer view of the quadrant and once i'm done i'll cut it out, so i'm done cutting the satin fabric i'll just use it to cut my ankara fabric i'll, be using a set of office pins to pin that in place. So it doesn't move while i cut it. So the same thing we did for the satin fabric. That'S the same thing: we'll do for the ankara fabric, i'll just fold that in place i folded mine on the right side. So you can fold it either way on the right or the wrong side. So i'll just go ahead and pin that down, so i can find it easier to cut so once we're done cutting guys. This is what we have i'm just going to open up the two fabrics and place them together wrong sides facing each other and i'll just arrange them. Well, please don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe. Also, don't forget to click the notification bell, so you get notified when i put up a new video so guys i just tried to arrange the two fabrics and align them well, as you see me doing so that it should be neater and easier to sew. So once you're done with that, just pin it all around and then take it to the sewing machine and sew with half of an inch. So i'm done sewing this round and it's looking very neat so i'll go over to the band. Now the measurement i'm going to be using is 22 inches, which is a measurement of the circumference of my head. So i have this black fabric unfold right here. As you can see, i just measured 11 inches, that's 22 divided by 2 11 inches, and i took out half an inch because this fabric is stretchy. So, instead of taking 11 inches, i'm going to be working with 10 and a half inches that half inch. There is for the sewing allowance, so i'll just measure ten and a half inches and i will mark it down so for the band i'm going to measure out three and a half inches. I want my band to be one and a half inches thick. So since the band is going to be unfold, that's three inches and then the extra half inch is for sewing allowance. I'M going to use quarter of an inch to sew on both sides, so once i'm done marking out i'll just join the dotted line. So i can see it's a bit clearer and i'll cut it out, so i'm done cutting the fabric. This is what i have as you can see. It'S very stretchy because i cut it on the width, so don't make the mistake of cutting it on the lens because you will not get the stretchy effect so i'll. Take this to the sewing machine now sew it with half of an inch, and i placed this material wrong right sides facing each other, so once i was done sewing, this is what i have i'll just trim off the end and then i'll fold it over. So you can see what it looks like. So what i'm going to do next is that i'm going to pleat this ankara fabric to fit into the band i'll, be plating the ankara fabric to fit into the band and how i'll do that is to find the midpoint of the elastic band on both sides And notch it, and i also find the midpoints of the circle fabric, and i will also notch it so just watch it as i do so once that was done, i'm just going to place the the band the elastic band right sides facing facing the satin part Of the bonnet the right side of the elastic band facing the satin part of the bonnet, so if you place this wheel, you will see that this stitch will be inside. We know what we don't want any rough stitch showing outside. So we want it to look neat inside and out, so i'm placing the right side of the elastic band on the satin part, and i'm just going to go ahead and pleat this slide to fit into the band you complete these, however big or small, you want The pit to be you can also go ahead and do a gather stitch, but i decided to do mine with plating. So i'll just place this all around. I'M so sorry, guys my hand was going a bit off the camera. While i was splitting, but probably my subsequent videos, i'm going to show you guys how i pleat so i've i've pleated half of this, so i'll just go ahead and place the other half and i'll get back so guys. This is what i have once i was done pleating. This is looking very beautiful already. I love the way it's turning out. It'S very neat inside so i'll just go ahead and sew this down with quarter of an inch all around so guys i'm done stitching, and this is what i have. I used a bright colored thread, so you can see what the stitching is. Looking like. Look at how this, how neat this is looking guys. So what i'll do next is i'll fold the elastic band over fold it in by a quarter of an inch, and then i will just sew that on top right there, since i was done stitching. This is what this looks like you guys. I really love how this bonnet turned out. It turned out really beautiful. Do i made a correction to the band? I realized the first measurement i used was quite small and didn't really give me the effect i needed. So i had to change it and use um. Six inches instead unfold, that's three inches band, but you guys this is really really really beautiful. I love what this looks like. Please. You can try this at home. I recommend it. Thank you so much guys for watching i'll, see you in my next video bye,

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