When I Wake Up My Hair Is Flat (Solved)

  • Posted on 10 April, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hey Y'all. Today's video is dedicated to y'all!! A lot of people ask me what to do about flat hair when you wake up and so I'm about to school you!

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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel, so today I'm gon na be addressing a question that surprisingly, I literally get like. Besides, what are you putting your hair this, like the second most requested question that I get, and that is when I go to sleep. My hair gets flat. What do I do tell me I'll really be thinking like something's wrong with your hair. Like some, you don't really be like. Oh does that mean I need to cut my hair off or something I'll be like. Does this mean I have to wash my hair all over again? I know somebody specifically was like yeah whenever my hair gets, but I got to wet my hair and then shake it out to get it back to getting back to where it belongs. But then it shrinks up and then it's frizzy and I'm like you, don't have to do all that like stop. You do not have to do all of that. So let me show you what I do to fix this, because I think you're overthinking this a little too much like it's literally simple. It'S like it's literally physics, like simple science, that matter of fact it's probably physical science. Technically, I don't really know its physics and physical science. The same thing I don't know, but it's literally so simple. So here I have a piece of paper. It looks fine, totally fine, just a regular piece of paper. Now, if I smoosh the paper, it's gon na get smushed. Now, when I unsmirched or remove the force, that's smashing it. The paper is still gon na, be smushed like it's, not just gon na bounce back magically and not be smushed anymore. I literally just smushed it. So don't expect it to look after the same way it looked when you smushed it now. If I take this piece of paper and I try to flatten it out and get it back straight, you know well now it's looking like the paper again and it doesn't look exactly like it because, as you can see, there are some wrinkles any you know. There'S some some dents and some dings and it just you know it's a little bit wrinkly, because why I just smushed it it's the same concept with their hair like if you lay on it, you're smashing you actually. Let me just show you so look. Look. Look! This is what I'm trying to say if I lay on my head. Okay, so look, my hair is out and my hair is out here right if I lay on my hair right, so I'm laying on my I'm like going to sleep, I'm laying on my hair. You know, and I'm smashing it my head is a force on this pillow, that's pushing my hair is literally being smushed. Now when I wake up oh well, look my hair is flat, it doesn't look the same. It hasn't looked the same now. I'M not gon na expect my hair just just to bounce back, but what can I do I can I can I can pull it back out. I can fluff it back out. You might need to go to roots and pick it out a little bit, but I can fluff it back out until boom wow. It looks back the way it was supposed to be, you know, and it it obviously smooshes a little bit more when whenever I'm, whenever I'm sleeping I'm sleep for a long time, not for a couple seconds, but let me let me show you, let me show you Another example, so I have a hat Bob put this hat on. Okay, I'm smashing my hair smashing it down smooshing it down. My hair is smushed under this hat, it's not out like it would okay, I should not have did this as an example. I look crazy right now, but my hair is so much now I'm gon na take the hat off. I can't expect my hair just to go back the way it was so don't expect your hair to just go right back to the way. It wasn't me. Wake up, but what can I do just like when i smoosh the paper and then I unn smushed it in our life? Try this flatten it back out to get it back, looking as close as it could, when it was originally done. I can do the same thing with my hair, so it's like this right. I took the hat off or took my hand off of the paper. Remember that example, and then what I do. I pulled the paper back out and flattened it out to try to get it to look back the way it was so I can do the same thing with my hair. Literally, I don't have to wet it. I don't have to. I can pull my hair back. The way I want it to look, you know, pull it up in certain places, fluff it out in certain places holy, you know and just move it back to where you want it to be and boom. I literally just like that. This is literally what I do. Every morning I go to sleep, my hair looks crazy. I look like a monster and when I die, what do I do? Fluff it out and shake it around a little bit. You know and put it where I want it. You know until boom and of course it doesn't look exactly like you did when it was fresh, but the paper didn't either. The paper was still wrinkled a little bit. Well, your hair might get a little bit frizzy. You know just like the paper got wrinkled your hair might get a little frizzy your ear. It might not look the same or might get a little bigger because you know over the days. You know it gets fluffier and fluffier and fluffier, but it's not going to look the same exact way that it looks when you just had the French piece of paper and when you just did a fresh washing though it's not going to so don't expect it to Be but don't overthink it it's literally as simple as it's science, if i smoosh this paper is going to be smushed. If I it back out well now it's not smooth anymore. It doesn't look the exact same though it still has some of the effects of what it went through that pressure same thing, with your hair you're, putting pressure on your hair you're pushing it down. What do you do? Look you just pull it back out. To put it back where it belongs, so this is what you can do in the mornings when your hair is smushed and when your hair is flat. Now, if you have shorter hair, you might not have hair that you connect to like grab in place places, but what I used to do with my shorter hair is I you should do this rub it around and they don't get it'll raise up off of your Head, you know and then you can. You can sort of still work with it and blend sort of place it where you need it to be, but it's really simple, just don't overthink it. I know there's so much information out here. So many rules out here. So many this and that - and you got to do this - where you guys live that way, but I'm telling you don't think about it too much. It'S really not that complicated. It'S simple! It'S really simple, but that's all I have for this video. You know if your hair gets flat, just put it back where it needs to be. Hopefully that was helpful. Hopefully that put some things in perspective for you and hopefully you're just you're, not overthinking. It anymore, like you're, probably watching this like oh well, that makes sense, and if you are I'm glad, but thanks so much for spending some time with me, and I will see you in the next video

Koby Lomax: WHAT'S GOOD!!! What y'all wanna see next?????

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TheAnxoiusHero: I thought putting my hair in twists would stop this, now I just wake up with my twists flat against my head

ItsYaBoiLester: For me when I wake up I look at the mirror and it’s a whole pyramid on my head

Ian Nieves: This used to happen to me a lot because my hair wouldn’t be %100 dry, make sure yo shit completely dry before you go to sleep, it might get a lil flat still but like he said just puff it out. Don’t go and wet yo hair every time you wake up

DJ King: Watching this makes me feel comfortable about meh hair..

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Lee Felix's Egg: My hair doesnt work like that tho. If i go to sleep it will go from "ㅇ" to "ㅣ" perfect vertical. The sides FULLY stuck to my head and all the strands going up. Its just how my hair is. I have to wet it...

Code uojared: This is such a good solution for headset hair ngl that’s just pure logic/common sense thanks lol

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Collins Mokaya: “If I smush the paper, it’s gonna get smushed”

Fire Content: Nah white with curls it doesn’t work like that for me at least it’s all bent lookin and shit gotta take a shower or at least idk maybe I’m not giving enough time to it but usually wetting it and letting it light works Edit: move my hair a lot might work gotta try that thank g

Patrina Mitchell: The way I do it is by going into the shower with nothing on my head and letting the steam on my hair so it would be easier to pick out when I get out the shower

XSP: Me waking up to a fade,when I went to sleep with a full on afro

Dv: The thing with my hair is that there are no curcles left on the sides. Everything is smooshes togheter and just spraying it with a bit of water doesnt help. I wash anf go everyday and i dont like it but the smooshing is just so bad. Got any tips?

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That girl Jay Jay: Thank you I was about to just wash my hair out again

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laura blanes: Nueva seguidora! eres guapísimo!! ♥

NachoSeventeen: even when i pull my hair it just goes back to flat after a couple of minutes

Andy Mint: when i’m laying down it’s only the sides of my hair that’s flat it’s literally like a box (also gets straight again after having super wavy hair, my hair is bleach damaged)

ElitePlayer Gg: It’s funny how he thinks that everyone’s hair is as nourished and moisturized as his

Zezrys: When I wake up it’s so flat I have like a mowhawk then when I fix it the top fluffs and the sides don’t help pls the side is uneven with the top

Mulattopapi: I literally Gotta sleep on my hand so my hair don’t make contact with the pillow it’s so stressful lol I work early in the am

Leo Deltoro: Somw idea but may not be comfy. Use one of those face pillow that they use in massages. Sleep with you head hanging off the bed. Sleep with the pillow resting in your neck instead of side of head.

TOXIC DX: My hair gets hella flat especially after wash day but I’m scared to pick my hair or touch it because I like might lose definition any tips??

abyss: I sleep on my back and i have curly hair but when i go to sleep and get up the next day the back of my head is flat, like my hair on the back of my head gets flat and almost straightens out and ifs so annoying

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Jeremydagreat: HELPED ME THE MOST

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MrMain65: Physical science is a class you take in college to avoid chemistry class

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Chris Chann: Make a video where you go from a Afro to a curly hair

Kevin Perez: The thing is , when I wake up it’s flat . I make it fluffy . Then it becomes flat again in like 2 minutes . Anybody know how to make if puffy for a long time ?

Will: Yo finally a video that it explained it good.

Marvos marlios: Thanks for the advice

SpAz 🎸💫: Everytime I wake up my hair is flat I think its preventing growth

broggli: It’s a different story when your hair is straight

Noah Medina: I get a middle part that gets pushed up into a triangle

Ju: my hairs naturally curly and when i sleep the side turn straight

Roshaud: physical science and physic is definitely not the same i can tell you that from my current highschool experience

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MoneyMan: I can't even fluff it out my hair too short for that

xXhyperion-X: İt stays flat and it doesnt curl anymore even when i wash it is that damage because i dont use heat but i lay down on my head now its wavy or straigt

Lil KlutchZ: ngl i wish i had his hair though it looks good

Amr D: My man just have to explain basic live knowledge

Cometboi Fever: When you want a hair video but you got a chemistry video

j doubleu: This will only work with your hair type. Most ppl that have this problem are gonna need to use see water and a pick.

CreamySzn: What if u have dry and brittle hair?

TheNewRequired: Ok so I don’t have a lot of hair like u but my Afro is a little big. And I do wet it and sprinkle it with water, but if I do that often can I actually lose hair?

Doxxxable: When I wake up my hair be like ‍♀️

Rumi: After waking up, I have no hair, I got 1 year old toothbrush

1 Peter 3:15: Do you have a video of how to refresh wash n go?


Kent Murrmann: Bro the problem is you not really considering the fact that not everybody’s hair can be pulled back out after eight hours like my hair doesn’t came out I can pull as hard as I can’t and it says matted and flat and the only way to fix that is to wash it but that makes it frizzy

• M1KEY •: my hair comes out lookin like a sand castle when I wake up

Soleiman Yacoub: My hair get frizzy when i sleep

Folasade Osibodu: You’re hilarious

Zack Prince: I have like 2 inches of hair hella short so when I wake up and massage it with water some small hairs come out is that normal?

Ramon Owens: Us short hair niggas in struggle mode it ain’t that easy for me bru

2un: i always ruin my hair when i wake up

tyler nader: My hair is coiled on the coast if my hairline and on the top back area is strait asf bc of my pillow

Shido Hasugami: bro im so mad rn, l can't believe it was this simple

Maruwan Shahbandar: Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says 'smush'

Carmen Dooms: Thanks for sharing

Rambo-YT_- _: Just water it than pick it out

Yemie.smooth: And how to stop shedding also??

f r: It’s easy to do it with curly hair cuz every stand of hair isn’t bunched up and nappy

JUKEBOX: Is it ok to put Eco gel with water in my hair every morning?

Owl kill: What happens if we use steam to Manipulate it?

Salman Aden: When I rub my hand on the sides they become wispy

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Richie Rich: You Can Also Protect Yo Hair By Laying On Yo Arm (Only Fo Us Niggas)

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why you: Gel magically keeps the hair in place even after you sleep.

tj Tanner: Skin on point!

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Vava g: I used to put conditioner in my hair when this used to happen and then put it back in its place

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Zay: mans said....”It’s simple physics”

Aunt Ogyaf: bro so why are my curls on the sides and back of my head not really as curly as the front of my hair. also my curls are tight in the front but loose on the sides and back. I need help

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