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  • Posted on 05 February, 2021
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I Made A Satin Hair Bonnet From an Old Pillow Case! Sewing Tutorial | Natural Hair


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What'S up guys welcome back to my channel or if it's your first time welcome in general, my name is rhys, and today i'm going to be showing you guys how i made this jumbo silk bonnet for my hair, i usually use like bonnets from the beauty supply Store but they're super thin, so i wanted to make one that was thicker so that my product would not leak through onto my pillow so and of course, silk is protective for your natural hair, so yeah i have to put this on just so. You guys could see, so this is how big the bonnet is super gigantic. This is kind of a look hold up if you guys are interested in seeing how i made this thing just keep on watching all right, you guys so i'm starting with a 28 by 28 piece of fabric and i'm just going to start by folding it in Half and then folding it in half again, so i have two raw edges and i also have two folded edges. So, as you can see here, i have two folds on this side. So that's how you know. That'S the part you're gon na wanna cut around. So i'm taking my ruler and i'm just making a quarter of a circle, shape um from the corner and just all the way around, so i'm pinning or putting my pins at about 12 and a half inches or so, and i'm just going to continue to do This all the way to this other side and then, when i'm done with that, i'm just gon na go ahead and cut this shape out. Okay. So now i'm moving on to my pillowcase and since pillowcases already are two layers of fabric. I just need to fold it in half once but again you see that side has two folds, so i'm going to take the two folds from this kente fabric and line them up and then just go ahead and cut the shape out onto the pillowcase okay. So now i'm just gon na go ahead and open both of these up and you should have two identical gigantic circles. So what i'm gon na do now is just place right sides together and sew all the way around, leaving about a three inch opening so that i can flip this right side out. So here's the opening i left and i'm just going to push the fabric through that hole, turning it right sides out. So once you're done turning your right sides out you're just going to push the edges out so that it's nice and flat, and then you can also go ahead and iron down the edge of the circle as well. Just so that the fabric stays in place. And so there are no weird folds or anything like that um. So once you're done with that now, you're gon na go ahead and cut an elastic band to fit around your head, and i didn't measure it. I just again took some elastic put it around my head and cut out that exact measurement um and yeah. So that's what i did for the elastic and now i'm just gon na measure um the thickness of the elastic band and put pins all the way around. The circle so that i know where to sew to create the casing for this elastic so, as you can see here, is what that casing. Stitch looks like it's just another stitch about maybe an inch and a half away from the edge, and i sewed that all the way around into a complete circle. Now i just put a safety pin on the end of my elastic and i'm just going to go ahead and feed that elastic through that casing, that we made on the edge of the circle and once your elastic is starting to disappear. You'Re going to want to pin it down to this end of the fabric, so that you don't just pull this end all the way through and so that it stays in place as you continue to feed the elastic through your casing, all right. So now that i'm back at the opening, i'm just going to go ahead and pull that in through and remove the safety pin. Then i'm going to remove the push pin from the other end and just place. These two ends on top of one another and then i'm going to sew it together, just using one straight stitch and once i'm done sewing this elastic into a complete circle, i'm going to fold over the ends or the edges of that opening and just sew a Straight stitch: on top to close up that hole and then you're literally done and it's so easy now you have a nice big bonnet with a silk lining to protect your hair that is technically reversible. I personally wouldn't use the cotton part on the inside but feel free to do whatever you please so yeah. This is the finished result. Are you guys so that is going to conclude this video? I hope that you enjoyed if you did and if it was helpful, then please don't forget to give this video a thumbs up. Share with your friends and yeah also subscribe down below turn on your post notifications by clicking that bell, and thank you guys as always so much for watching. I love you and i will see you in the next one.

Sam W.: Thank you for being so detailed and thorough, this was exactly what I was looking for!

Morgan Jimenez Maldonado: Thank you for being so detailed! This was so easy to follow and exactly what I was looking for! Appreciate you

Jessknotty: I love this, I'm going to try to make me some

Ms A: I like, good job. Thanks for sharing.


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