Why You Shouldn'T Wear Hair Bonnet In Public | Styling Tips

  • Posted on 24 November, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Never leave home wearing a hair bonnet, pajama pants, or bedroom slippers. They belong at home. Unless it is an emergency, you should never leave your home wearing these items. Give yourself the best chance possible to shine and show up ready for those opportunities awaiting you. It's proper etiquette.

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Hi, ladies, it's me again, Jackie Vernon Thompson, your favorite etiquette consultant. Let'S talk about something! That'S kind of sensitive. Ladies leave, the hair bonnets at home. I'M sorry, but we have to discuss this. Our hair bonnets belong in the home, not out in public. I have a motto: if you slept in it, it doesn't belong on the outside, keep in mind when you leave your home, there's the public out there, which means folks have opportunities for you, your presentation matters. Your presentation communicates non-verbally. If you're in the store wearing bedroom, slippers wearing pajama pants wearing a hair Bonnet that communicates to individuals that you are simply not prepared and keep in mind, opportunities do not die. They simply move on to the next person ready to take that it doesn't matter your ethnicity when you leave your home, leave those hair bonnets at home. When you leave your home, keep in mind that you are non-verbally communicating to the public and we need people, people need people in order to climb the ladder you need someone I need someone up will determine if the opportunities will be presented to us or pass before You leave your home. Take a look at that mirror. Make sure that mirror is your best friend when preparing to leave. Ask yourself which message does this send to the public? Be honest: if you don't feel that it's a positive message or it is an appropriate message, go ahead and change. It'S no biggie you're communicating verbally or non-verbally all day long. What will be your message?

LoveMusic: Thank you!!! It’s ghetto!

Lee Lee: I always thought bonnets were for sleeping or showering ?

pinkblackbrown: the mirror is my bff

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