10 Tips & Products For Healthy Hair Growth

  • Posted on 03 January, 2023
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The question I get most frequently is how to make your hair grow healthy? Or on the contrary how to prevent hair loss. Let's talk about the importance of healthy hair when it comes to hair growth and hair loss prevention. We're talking the tips you need to follow and the products you need to use to help with hair breakage and scalp care to ensure your hair grows healthy and strong.

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It's hair care 101 time! We love healthy hair, we love our natural hair when it's healthy, strong and gorgeous. So let's talk how to take better care of your hair, and that starts with hair mistakes to avoid. Looking for hair growth tips? I have you covered. Hair loss on your mind? I got you. Healthy hair is your goal? Hold my drink. But let's be real, this video is all about how to grow the healthiest hair and hair growth overall. That means preventing hair loss and hair breakage and ensuring our scalps grow the strongest hair possible. We often think we can do whatever we want to our hair and it will continue to operate as it once did, but neglecting our hair care may result in hair loss and hair breakage. So taking care of the hair is essential so that we can continue to grow healthy hair that is shiny, strong and beautiful.

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I started doing hair like this. You want some like really gorgeous like long hair. That'S super healthy. Welcome Back YouTube. We Are. We are something fascinating today that I think you're going to be very interested in these are 10 tips, count them. No, I'm just kidding how to there's 10 tips for gorgeous hair growth. Let'S go one of the most important tips for hair growth, and this is like so so so important. I cannot even tell you how important it is. We'Ve talked a lot before on here about the nature of hair growth, about how this is like a newborn baby, then from here to here. It'S like a toddler then from here to here. It'S like a kid then, from here to here it's like teenager, then it's an adult, then down here, honey. This is geriatric like this has been on my hair for a long time. So what you do not want to do when you're heat styling, your hair, is cook your ends. This has been through way. More washes way more heat Styles, it's just seen way more action down here than up here and because of that, your ends don't need to be heated up for so long to hold a shape because they're a little bit more fragile, so watch this. So when you go to flat iron, your hair or curl, your hair, so you're always going to start more on the top and then work your way down. This is like still my ends: I'm not curling those straight away and in fact, they're really not going to be on heat very much at all until the literal very end so now they're in and then they're out and look how nice that curl is which you Don'T ever want to do is roll it up to the ends and then curl from there. That'S never what you want to do, because your ends need way less heat. The top actually needs a lot more heat because it's healthier, so it's not going to hold the curl as well. So that's super important for hair growth, because the best way to like crack your hair off and not let it grow is by ironing your ends over and over and over again, it's the worst thing, huge tip for keeping your hair long or growing. Your hair out is hair color, especially lightening your hair color. If you're someone who bleaches your hair, you love highlights. You just can't say no to that little highlight moment. Ugh, a lot of times for a lot of people bleach is not conducive to having longer stronger hair. You can totally get away with like highlights if your hair is a little on the shorter side, because you're going to be getting it cut more often. But if you have like hair as long as mine or longer consider switching your hair a little closer to your natural color or just do like the most minimal low maintenance of highlights. If you just get into more risk of more breakage once you get into highlights. So if you can embrace your natural color or do like more of a semi-permanent color, it's going to help your hair be healthier. Foreign for growing. Your hair out is haircuts, but there's like a big caveat on that right. So a lot of times hairdressers will be like you got ta come in every six weeks. If you want your hair to grow, that can and cannot be true. If you don't heat style, your hair too much if you take really good care of it between appointments. You can go longer than six weeks, however, if you do push it way past six weeks or if you go like once or twice a year or like once, every five to six months, it's gon na be like significantly more than a trim like you're gon na Have like considerable amount of breakage and damage on the ends to where, if that stylus doesn't take the ends off the shape won't really like work as well and you're still going to be fighting your haircut and you're like wait, I just got a haircut. Why is it laying so weird it's probably because they left a lot of really damaged hair that doesn't have integrity in it still because you didn't, they didn't want to freak you out about how short it is. So if your haircut isn't working still, it could be because they didn't take enough off because it got too far gone. So if that ever happens, talk to your stylist ahead of time and say like look I'll come in every four to six weeks for the next three months and let's just take like a little bit off the bottom at a time, so that it's not such a Big shock, but you want to plan for that with your stylist before you, they just like go in there and like whack five inches off the bottom. Our next tip for hair growth is all about being aware of how we wear our hair. Now that that sounds easy like I am aware of how I wear my hair, if you're someone who does a lot of protective styles and actually like protective styles, can be like a deceiving word, because the word protective makes you feel like I'm protecting my hair. But if your protective style is braiding, your entire head into really really tight cornrows and then sewing a lot like pounds and pounds of hair to the braids and then keeping it there for like six eight ten twelve weeks, it's not protecting it's way too much tension And tightness on the scalp, even if you braid your hair and then put the hair net and you're sewing the hair to the hair net, not your hair protective styles are really not meant to be worn like ever for longer than like four to six weeks. If you feel a lot of pulling and like ouchy in your hair, if you're getting a lot of traveling here isn't like pulling, then you do have traveling hairs and it is pulling and you want to get it taken out. It'S especially true of like any sort of weaves, partial or full enclosure, or even just like extensions, when you're doing anything for length like if your natural length stops here. But you have extensions down to here: do not wear them for too long and don't make it like an all the time habit because it really can lead to like long-term, just like permanent hair loss from too much tension. It'S also true, if you're doing like really really slick slick slick, tight, tight, tight, buns or like that off-duty like model look just like super slick, slick slick tension. It'S not good. It can also cause like tension related alopecia around your hairlines. Just be careful. There make sure you're like not doing like repetitive too much stress too much tension on those hair follicles day in and day out, like a slick back bun once a week, foreign thing for hair growth, okay, so there's two types of bonds in your hair. You have the hydrogen bonds and then you have the sulfur bonds. Your sulfur bonds are what get changed and compromised and or damaged from lightening the hair coloring the hair or doing like relaxers or perms. Your hydrogen bonds are what you're talking about when you're wetting and blow drying the hair or like wetting and heat styling. The hair there's actually something called Hydro fatigue, which is when you with like overly conditioned hair, and so basically, when your hair gets washed or wetted. It swells and then, when it's dry it shrinks and doing that too many times can cause your hair to become a little bit fragile. So, unless you're, like laying your hair down on a dirty gym floor, or if you go to like a yoga studio and you're like laying your head on like other people's sweaty feet or like you, got a baby and that baby's like barfing or in your hair Or something or you like work at a hospital like unless your hair is like physically dirty dirty, you don't need to wash it every day like two to three times a week. Week is perfect if your hair is like super short and you load it up with gel. You load it up with product like if you're, just like, really really like styling your hair. So so much and it's really short, then you can wash it every day because you're using a lot of product - and you probably need to get that product out to reset it and you're also going to cut it so often that it's like not going to damage It so bad, but when your hair is like a bob lob long layers and longer washing every day, really is a great way to damage your hair and to break off your ends. It just causes the hair to lose its Integrity through too much like swelling and shrinking. Now, if you're, someone who you're just like my hair is way too oily, I have to wash it every day. I would tell you that part of why your hair is so oily is from washing it every day, like that's, why your oil glands and your scalp are now making so much excess oil, but if you must wash your hair every day, if you're married to it, Please make sure you're using a sulfate free gentle, silicone, free, shampoo, light, JV and hair or undamaged or nurture and arm body would not hurt your hair. It will keep it safe if and it's going to like, not impart that high growth fatigue. The other thing too, with high growth fatigue, is like it doesn't really matter what shampoo and conditioner you're using one way to prevent. It is from like not going to bed with your wet hair, like don't, have your hair be soaking, wet and then braid it like. It also can happen from like your hair, just staying wet for way too long, it's okay! If that happens like sometimes, but you don't want to do that, like every single day, other huge issue for growing your hair out long is sleeping with your hair up now, a lot of our textured girlfriends, our friends. Our families who have textured hair coily kinky hair, are already sleeping with a gorgeous silk Bonnet, so, silk bonnets. Yes, Queen protect the texture, protect the blow dry. We live. Silk just doesn't conduct as much heat as cotton does or those like really tight elastics. So it's really helpful for you to just take your hair, put it on top of your head and a loose top knot: silk, scrunchie, no tension and that's going to help your hair grow out. It'S going to help your ends, not get so fuzzy and breakage and like fragily, so it really really helps it makes a huge difference and once you get used to it, you'll never want to sleep with your hair down again another gorgeous tip for hair growth, especially For our summer girlies, our summer, boys uh our Australian, like Southern Hemisphere, people that are like fully going into summer or like already in summer, because, like what's time, if you're a swimmer, if you're someone who spends a lot of time in the pool, make sure make Sure make sure to wet your hair in the shower before you get in the pool. Your hair is a lot like a sponge. So if you fully submerge your hair in like nicer water, that's not chlorinated and then even take it one step further and put some conditioner on your ends and then you get in the pool. Your hair is not going to be able to absorb nearly the same amount of those chemicals, the chlorine and what other other stuff is in that pool water. Similarly, when you leave the pool make sure you have some complete conditioning Mist by jbn hair honey that actually has cassia bark polymer extract in it, which is a natural UV protectant. So it's not SPF, but it will protect your hair from the damage of the UV rays as far as like color faded or like your hair, just kind of lightening and becoming that like orangey, like brassy Vibe, so complete conditioning mist super BFF. If you're someone who swims a lot to what it is, your hair needs right. So when we take showers, the water typically is on the warmer side. Most of us take hot showers and heat expands, the cuticle of our hair. What'S our cuticle? Well, if you were to take a microscope and look at my hair under that, you would see like a lot of layers of what almost looks like fish scales like all kind of packed down on top of each other, and that's what the cuticle is. When you wash your hair in hot water, it's going to lift the cuticle, so it's going to become more open. Cold closes the cuticle. You want to make sure that you're giving your hair what it is that it needs if your hair is really dry, make sure you're using a really Moisturizing Conditioner in the shower. So it can get all that good, moisture and hydration while the cuticles open. If your hair is really fragile and prone to breakage, make sure you're using a strengthening, shampoo like are undamaged and conditioner. That'S going to set you up for more strength and that's going to set you up for better hair growth, and then you can do a cold rinse. We do a cold rinse because that's going to seal the cuticle down all around all those great ingredients that are going to fortify your hair next tip, always practicing safe heat styling. The best way to break off your hair and to like forego all of your new hair gains is by not using heat protectant. If you diffuse your hair, if you round brush your hair flat iron, it curling iron, it any heat at all. You have to use heat protection, it's going to help your hair stand up to that heat and not bear the brunt of all of that breakage and fragility. It is so helpful foreign for growing your hair out even better, is to just put all of the heat stylers down now with someone like jvn hair, you can engage in safe heat styling and have the best of both worlds like get all down with your heat Style self and still have your natural, healthy hair, but if your hair has been chemically compromised from like a bleach and tone too much color treatments, whatever try to keep your heat settling down to like once a week, maybe twice a week. But it's not your go-to thing every time, so you can let your natural texture shine and it will just help your life a lot I swear to God. Those were our 10 gorgeous tips for growing your hair out long, strong and healthy. We hope you loved it. Thank you so much for coming by YouTube. We love you, we love you, we love you. We will see you next time and honey if you're loving these YouTubes comment below. If you want to see more of, you want to see some more tutorials. What are you curious about? You got questions. We got answers. Let us know, thank you for supporting. We love you so much and we'll see you next time. Youtube. Bye,

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ashton201000: You are awesome always love the energy thank you for the tips I really needed this!!

Britney Daniels: Thank you! Learned a lot!❤

Cheryl Carlson: Gotta add that postviral illness hair loss is real. Especially after covid is almost expected to have more hair loss and change in texture. Give hair complete break on stresses till notice some regrowth which can take 8 mos. Seriously, covid does this. Also pay close attention to your diet, lots of good protein and good hydration. This helps recovery of whole body.

Rita Clower: Should you always style your hair after you blow-dry it? I shower at night and dry my hair but I don't always want to style it then go to bed.

Alexandria Stipe: LOOOOOOVE!! Love all the content! Any styling tips for short hair? Shoulder length and up?

Mahdis Hildebrand: Omg, I needed to hear tip #1! Thank you JVN!

Nic Nic: The question is: is it better to make a keratin treatment or straight your hair with iron almost everyday?

Lezlie R.: My first question…Can anyone out there tell me if there’s a difference between highlighting your hair with bleach and when he mentions bleach and tone? Is one worse than the other? 2nd… I have highlighted my hair with bleach for years and now that I’m in my 50s I have noticed my hair is more fragile so I’m going to extend the length of time between highlights from every 8-10 weeks to 14-16 and the last time I didn’t have bleach put in but told her to put in the lightest color she could put in that’s not bleach (so a golden brown). Is that still more damaging than a semi permanent color like he mentioned in the video? I have wavy fine and now more thinning hair so the bleach has been helpful with some new grays that have started to come in but I want healthy hair so want to do what is the least damaging. Any guidance would be appreciated.

MsCharlyD: Love all your videos and tips!

Karen Marie: I work out everyday and my hair gets suuuuuper sweaty- is it okay to just rinse it? Not necessarily washing with shampoo but rinsing thank you JVN!!!

Honeychile74: Oh god! I’m guilty of some of these things. I have shoulder length 3b hair with a full head of highlights that I like to wear straight. I’ve dipped in and out of wearing my hair curly since 2007; but I prefer to wear it straight. I was lucky to receive a Dyson Airwrap for Xmas, so hopefully I won’t be so reliant on my straighteners in 2023.

Aaron Patnode: It would be awesome to see some more tutorials on each hair type and lengths kind of a mixed bag of people perhaps a in the chair with JVN moment! Similar to a consult / hair care hair cut maybe type situation! Love your products! The repair cream is a game changer!

Ellen Ford: Jonathan what about when I’m restyling my naturally curly hair and need to get it wet? I have so much trouble with 2nd and 3rd day hair especially since I workout

Jorie Stroup: That was helpful, thank you!

hayley l: I ordered your shine drops (arriving this week) and I can't wait to try them! They should help with frizz I try to counteract with a blow dryer, thus cutting down on heat styling. Am I a good student or what? (I am a teacher..ha) Love your spirit so much! Have a great year xoxo


Kaeleigh Ray: I’ve been living all your videos, but I would like to see more curly hair content. I am not adopted but I am the only person with doily/kinky hair in my family and I have always struggled with it because there is only 1 curly hair studio in my town and a year long waitlist! How do I manage both my hair and my PCOS?! Testosterone kills hair, I get it. Other helpful tips?

Claudio Zampa: Hello from Italy Jonathan and Happy new year, thank you for your precious good vibes and the beautiful contents on your channel I do have a question for you: since you didn't mention it among the tips of the video, is using a wooden brush really a game changer in terms of health and beauty of my hair?

Lloid Rocket: Can you teach us simple and fast beginner hairstyles for shoulder-length hair please? All I know how to do is a ponytail

Laura Cassar: I used to only wash my hair twice per week until I cut it from waist length to just below the shoulder. I have tried not washing my hair every other day but I've tried almost every dry shampoo out there and none of them work well enough on my hair that I can go a 3rd day, unless I'm not leaving the house at all on day 3. I would love to only wash my hair twice per week again but I can't figure out how to get there xx

Rexouse: Not a question but I got the pre wash scalp oil and it’s amazing

Jennifer Ludewig: I rarely use heat and yet my hair just doesn't grow. I'm trying the rosemary oil method now hope it works

Runna: Hi Jonathan! I have super thick, curly, coarse hair.. Is it okay to rinse and condition between washes just to detangle my hair and refresh my curls? My hair gets tangled af, but combing my curls just makes my hair frizzy.

Gabriela Torres: Hi beautiful! Some HELP for curly hair please!! Thank you so much, love your videos Xo from Argentina

Luis Pedro: I would love a video about hair extensions. If you could explain the types of extensions and a pro/con review, would be life changing

shawn: I logically understand the cold rinse in the shower to seal in moisture, but won’t that prevent leave in conditioner from getting into the hair after your shower?

Annie Whitmore: Fab tips JVN - thank you from the UK! I'm someone with oily hair but if I don't wash it daily it itches and aggravates seborrheic dermatitis. I find it so difficult to find affordable shampoo, conditioner etc for oily, thin, itchy scalp needing volume. J Just purchased a Dyson multistyler and finding it difficult not to allow machine to take ends onto barrel first - especially as that is what they seem to recommend. Watched your Dyson video and tried to copy how you rolled hair but my hair got tangled and I had a real panic. I feel like a lost cause!!

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