How To Make A Hair Bonnet //Reversible Satin Bonnet //Diy

  • Posted on 13 October, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

An indept tutorial on how to draft and sew a hair bonnet This video contains both : DRAFTING and SEWING

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Hi sweeties welcome back to my channel. It'S been a long time. Yes, i know, but i had my reasons which i am going to be sharing another day, but today, let's just make this beautiful bonnet. So, first of all, you just go ahead and fold your fabric into two like so, and then you fold it into four okay, so after folding it into four, i have 15 inches by 15 inches, okay. So the next step is to from this point. Okay from this folded point, i'm going to put my tape measure there and then measure 15 inches or 14 and half inches okay, so i'll do this all round. So the next step is to connect all of those points together, like so okay and then i'll go ahead and cut it out. So with this we'll do the same thing to the lining. As you can see, i've already colored my lining and then right sides facing each other. We are going to be sewing. The edge using a five 0.5 allow once okay, 0.05 stitch allowance. Okay, so i'll just go ahead and then sew all round like that, so guys, i'm done sewing all around and i left some portion open where we'll be turning it to the right side from there. Okay. So after turning this in i'll just go ahead and press it with an iron and the next step is to just go ahead and then sew along a 1.5 inches away from the edge okay. So just go ahead and sew 1.5 inches away from the edge leaving. The space right around the area - i left the very first piece: okay, so once i'm done with that i'll just go ahead and then mark one inches which this is going to be the elastic casing. So i'm going to go ahead and close that side. Okay, i'm not going to sew and leave that side. So just like i have done. I have sewn that place closed. So my round head measurement is 22, but i'm going to subtract 4 inches from it and then i'm going to cut out 18 inches. So i'm going to use 18 inches as my elastic band and mind you i'll be sewing half inch, so it will be left with 17 inches, so go ahead and pass your elastic too and make sure you hold the end of this with your pin like so And then continue to pass your last stick through to the end, okay, foreign, so make sure when you are passing the elastic to you, pull and then position position it in place. Okay, now guys, please don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Please subscribe motivates me by subscribing to my channel. I have a lot more for you guys. Okay, so please subscribe please subscribe subscribe. Thank you so pull and position pull and position, okay, so that the elastic does not turn the other way around. Okay, so guys. I am almost done with passing the elastic through and it's left with um pulling it out and joining it or holding the stitch together with my sewing machine. Okay, so go ahead and pull it out that way and then remove the pin that you've used to hold the other side and then make sure they are lining. Okay, before you pin make sure that they are lining so i'll, go ahead and stitch on my sewing machine and then i will close the sides i have opened so this side and then this side. Okay, so guys here is the bonnet. This is a reversible bonnet. It'S so beautiful, like i said like i wanted it very big okay. So if you don't want yours babe, you can just do um 14, 13 cheese and 12 inches okay, but i wanted mine very big. So that is how that was how come i used. 15 inches before so, this is how it looks guys. Thank you make sure you

CONNIEMARTS TV: I need one for myself, this is the ish in Ghana

Abena & family: I love it so much

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