Super Quick How-To: Putting On A Hair Turban

  • Posted on 12 July, 2012
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Just a really quick video showing you how to put on a hair turban (mine is from Primark) :) This is how I do it anyways:)

Thank you for watching:) Hope this video helped:)

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Hi everyone and I got a request from someone to do a video on like where I show you with how to pull on one of these intervals. That'S used for drying your hair, quicker, there's, probably loads of these videos already on YouTube. I thought if I can help one person my maths good, this one is from premark, but you can get these now pretty much anyway and it looks like this, whereas I bigger on one side and then long and narrow on the other side on the big end, There'S like a button on the other end, this loop and I'll show you how I put this on, but I don't know if this is the correct way or anything, but it works for me. So that's why I've been doing, and my hair's already been in this now for a while. So I started to draw a quite a bit, but I'll show you anyway, how I did - and I like to take my hair behind my ears like this. When sort of turn one put him in a ponytail, I twist it up like that, so it sort of rested on the back and when I take the big part and put that over like that. So I look like this and then sort of twist from there and then I do the and I bring buck buck and attach it to the bottom, like sort of adjusted. That'S how I put my turban on, and I probably look really weird, but it works for drying. Your hair, quick and I like to leave in this for a few hours, maybe before I sort of used blow-dryer to do the rest and then that say to me or save my hair as well from all the heat that I have to use. If I have to blow-dry it straight from like the shower, because it's really wet and it's gon na take forever well like if it's already quite Rylan, it won't take me that long so yeah. That is it. So I hope that helps someone and thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video bye.

Gemma preston: This video saved me, I bought one but had no idea how to put it on

Tanika Kapri: 7 years later and you still helping people, thanks girl helped a lot ❤️

jcubed821: 10 years later and you are *still* helping people! Thank you for taking time to make this video. :D <3

MissSparkLinn: Happy to help:) I uploaded this because one person asked me how to use it, and it turns out a lot of people have problems figuring out how to use this thing:) It's pretty confusing when you first get it!

Emma Totney: omg i got two of these from primark yesterday!! literally i feel so stupid now i was putting the button so it was on my forehead:O no wonder it wasn't working HAHAHAHHA thank you:)x

Samantha Senior: Thank you for doing this video. Got one for Christmas but had no idea how to use it or how to keep my hair from flopping everywhere!

A quiet girl called Soph: Got mine from Primark today! Absolutely had NO clue how to do one but I was recommended to get one. You’re an absolute life saver for this video!! Thank you so so much!! ♥️

Niamh Bailey: I have the exact same one (I got it for Xmas) and scrolled through lots of videos to try and find this style and I FOUND YOU!!!! Thank you so much for this, helped me a lot xx

Morino: This totally helped me! Permed my hair recently and didn't know how to use hair turban. Thank you for posting this!

MissSparkLinn: So happy I could help, and glad to hear that I managed to explain how to do it in an easy way:) Thanks for watching!

Abi L: Thank you so much, I was trying to put my hair in the twist and never thought to put it at the back of my head so this was really useful

Bindi B: This was so useful, thank you! I was getting it completely wrong and ending up looking like a smurf!

Alastair Smith: You definitely helped my wife! Now she can wear her turban! Thanks!

ShaBunny: Wow. Bought one of those things a month ago and I’ve been using it completely wrong for over a whole month or more. No wonder I’ve always thought that it looks odd when I use it. *facepalm* Oh well.... better late than never. Thank you so much for the informative video

Isabelle Kube: I just bought the same one in white! So happy I now know how to use it! Thanks xx

Asha Ray: So helpful - been using it wrong for years! Thank you

Squirtle Shell: I can't even express how grateful I am for you to make this video. But thank you sooooo much! I've had this for a while and never been able to put it on, now I can! Thank you !!!!!

David Lynch: Thank you , just washed my daughter's hair and had no clue how to use this as it was my first time so simple thanks

Narimane Orabi: Thank you sooooooo much! I bought this very one and i honestly never knew this was the right way to put it! Thank you for your help and keep going !

naeshell1: Thank you so much for this video. I recently bought one and used it a few times, but it didn’t work and I was getting frustrated. After watching your video I realize I was putting it on wrong. I’m hoping that now I know the correct way to wear it, it will work for me!

Deborah Singer: Thank you. That was so helpful. I just got a free hair turban with a cosmetics purchase and had no idea what to do with it. You are lovely and explained it plain and sweet and simple. Thanks again

Grapes and Lavender: Thank you so much! I got this one today just in white and none of my family did know how to do this. This helped really much!^^

Trina Scott: Thank you for the video it helped my daughter in how to use it. I made her an self care Easter basket this year she is 15 and very much into self care.

melmccaleb: 8 years later and you helped me! I bought a pack of these wraps and there were no instructions and I was getting ready to just toss them. So thank you!!

annuk03: Thank you for taking the time to show this. I havent been twisting mine so much and I do find it can feel a bit tight and start to pull sometimes.

Paola Bonilla: Got mine in Primark last week and I was just now struggling for about 10 minutes until I came across your vid!! Thank you !!

Jackiewashere18: thanks so much! now I feel really stupid for how I was putting it on before... haha your way makes a lot more sense and it's a lot easier

Mafumafu fan: Thank you for teaching me something that my mother never teached me. <3

pikapapow3: got two for christmas and i had no idea how to use it! thank you so much for the help! <3

Leah: OMG thank you I got it from Primark ages ago and put it to one side because I never knew how to use it thank you so much! xx

loobsy1: Thank you so much, I just bought the same hair turban from Primark. I was bamboozled about how to use it, so googled it and this video came up, a huge help!

Helen Allen: Thank you - very informative. I was totally confused with the hair turban so this was great. X

Jill Nunez: Thank you so much! My boyfriend bought me one from Primark and I've never seen anything like it. Your video showed me how it's done!

Natalka Kalisz: 9 years after posting and still helpful! Thanks so much!

Hannah Gordon: Thankyou so much! Got the same as this but in pink for Christmas, It's so easy and quick to do now :) tha kyou!

Christina Cole: Wow I have been having one for a year now and just have it sitting in the towel shelf because I couldn’t figure which way it went lol thanks

Josh Thompson: Thank you..... My daughter and I were baffled as to how these work!! Great! Xx

MissSparkLinn: I've had the same problem with the turban feeling too tight a few times, but I guess it's just about finding that perfect medium where you twist the turban enough, but not too much:)

Priscila: Obrigada pelo vídeo, ajudou bastante

Pete Haynes: Excellent video. Very helpful for my daughter. Thank you

PASTOR DOCTOR MARTIN SSEMPA: Thank you. As a guy with long hair switching from hair dryer to a less strenuous routine for my hair this really helped. I had no idea how to put it on.

Sandra Carlisle: Thank you so much! I've been desperately trying to work mine out!

Matt Driessen: Thank you! Tried putting one of these on my six year old the other day and thankfully I didn't accidentally strangle her in the process . Played it smart and did some research this time.

Emilia Hazell - Smith: OMG thank you!! I had been trying earlier this afternoon with no luck! This video was a lifesaver! I didn’t realise the button was supposed to go at the back lololol

casey lazzaro: Made 8 years ago and still helping people today. Now I know how to use the damn thing thank you sis!

Halloween Queen: I got one of these in a subscription box it’s really cute it has bais all over it and literally had no clue how it worked or anything cause it’s the 1st time I have ever seen one. This video helped me so much thank you ♥️

Andreea Alexandra: finally I can use it,thank you!

MelMelLuv: This helppped! Haha.. not gonna lie I feel a lil bit like a dummy for not being able to figure this out on my own, but your simple steps showed how awesome and simple this shower hair towel really is! Thanks!

Nikki c: Thank you!! I’ve been totally doing it the wrong way

Lex: My mum & I both got one today and we have just spent at least 20 minutes trying to work it out! Thankyou for this video! :)

Lily Labyrinth: Very helpful - I would have been stumped without this! X

17rev72: Thank you! I bought one of these from primark months ago and couldn't figure it out! Came across it today so decided to youtube it and found your vid. Can't believe how easy it is...haha thank you!

Jordyn Cruz: 9 years later and we still needed this tutorial ‍♀️ thanks b!

H: thank you so much for this! I got one in pink for christmas and have been struggling so much on how to actually use it :D

Broski: This video helped me I bought one 4 years ago now thanks to you I’ll use it finally

C M: Thank you so much! I have had one for months now and never bothered to use it (my mum couldn’t do it either)

Sally That Girl: Thanks so much for getting straight to it! I was struggling lol

Bluelazor: Thank you! I just got one and you're the first one I've seen with a tutorial on putting it on. Everyone else just reviews how it dries.

Sarah Ross: I've had mine for 3 years and never used it because I didn't know how! Thank you!

Kiri Clark: Thank you - I was given one of these and didn't know how to use it, so you were very helpful.

L Brown: I did it finally thanks to this video! Good job.

Genevieve Works: Thank you so much !!! I have been putting it on wrong for over a year ❤️

Stephanie: I bought one of these about 2 years ago and forgot about it. Finally remembered today and realised I had chucked the instructions. Found your video and now I will never wear my whole bath towel on my head to dry my hair , these are so much lighter!

Alyssa Hill: Thanks so much you helped me so much I had no idea how to put it on

Tylerr-Jane Lawrie: Omg thank you so much!! Have had a turban for 1 year and never new how to wear it

Emily Rose: this was so helpful! i was doing it sooo wrong haha

Natalja Cekinova: Thank you for this. I had no idea how to put it on and was just wrapping it randomly round my head. :)

ellenlauraa: got this for christmas and have been struggling to put it on. this video helped me so much - THANK YOU XX

Bobbi Woods: Thank you so much this really helped and after 45 mins it was dry xxx

Hadley B: So helpful! Thank you!

Tania: Thank you SO much! You're incredible, take care ✌

Vicky Markham: Thank you so much x got one of these in my stocking and couldn't figure it out at all!!!

Phoebe Storch: Thank you! Really helped, I couldn't figure out how to wear mine for ages... :)

Miss Shadae: Thank you! I got one for my birthday and had no idea how to actually use it!

Ashley Welsh: You helped me! Thank you!!

martha irwin: just got the same one from Primark and I was so confused haha, thankyou so much for making this xox

Lisa020488: Thank you so much! I bought one today :-)

Mimi: Thank you so much, I felt silly trying to figure it out for ten minutes . I gave up and I found your video

Amy Phillips: excellent video finally worked out how to use mine!!!

Simran Narula: Thank you, this helped soo much!

Bara: Oh wow, this was really helpful! Glad you shared it with us. I just couldn't figure out how to use that thing. :D

Carrie Harrison: Very helpful, just got mine from avon and had no idea how to use it, Thank you makes so much more sense now

Deborah Sanders: Thank you for posting this video. I bought two of these, one for my travel bag and the other for home use, but I laughed because I did not know how to use it. Now I do. ;)

Paula Sewell: Your video helped hugely! Thank you :) xx

Sean Atherton: Great, thanks - was trying to work it out with the larger end with the button in the front thinking it was decoration!

TBIcan Sparkle: So happy I found this video I had no idea what to do with this thing!!!! Thanks so much!

Deborah Rodgers: Thank you so much; you are a sweetheart. I had no idea what I was gonna do. For the life of me, I couldn't figure this thing out. Again, many thanks for your video.

MAE HAY: Thank you for sharing how to do this with your hair wrap to save time and not have to use your hair dryer as often as you keep your natural hair from whatever damage might be caused by using your hair dryer. I hope all is well with you.

Marysgirl04 Marysgirl04: Thank you. You helped me sooo much and it seems like you've helped many people.

Dharishinni Ambalagrame: Thank you so much , was trying to figure this out for so long

Barb F: You are wonderful! I received a video showing how to MAKE one, but not how to put it on. Thanks to you, I not only now know how to wear it, by seeing you put it on I am inspired to make some for gifts. Previously, I thought "Since I have no idea how to put it on, why go to the bother to make it?" Again, thank you so very much for taking the time to create this video!

Rianna Marie: I bought the exact same one but in pink! I was so confused on how to wear it lol thank you

Carla Brennan: I thought the diamond was for decoration at the front

Celestial Crafter: This video did help at least 1 person! Thank you so much

Stacey-ann Stapleton: Thanks very much ☺️ A very useful video!

Zoe Collins: I had no idea how to use it before but now I do, thank you

Gaye Venville: Yes same here. I bought one too but could not figure out how to make it work. Miss Sparklin utube demo was very helpful! Thanks

Sophia Mecklem: So helpful!! Thanks so much!!

PuddyGeeks: Thanks so much for posting this, I just bought one and it came with no instructions, I was trying to put it on backwards lol! :)

TheSwoosie: Thank you for this video. I just bought mine today from Primark and was stumped when I realised it didn't come with any instructions. Now I wish I'd bought more for friends .

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