Hair Kinetics3 - Luxe Silk Collection 100% Charmeuse Silk Drawstring Bonnet Demo (Long Version)

  • Posted on 12 January, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Is one of our offices, the Onyx and it's a beautiful charmeuse silk. So when you get your your box, you'll receive care instructions that will come in your box and so the first thing you want to do. If you want to take the joshing, you want to fold it just like this, and then you want to put it on top of your head just like this, and then you can begin to pull the strings and see how it begins to take shape over your Head and you take these glasses off and voila, and you can mold this to whatever you want to adjust to your head size, and you see that little bit from the back and you just pull it, you can tie it and that's not difficult to do, and I leave we leave the string this long because you know, depending on your head size, so it adjusts and then I just simply tuck it in there in the back and voila, and you have your silk drawstring bonnet now. The beauty of this is is that this area, right in here, is where you kind of want to make sure that there's no friction, because this is where it has a tendency to thin the edges of the hair and once you've locked it down. It stays in place, it doesn't come off the head, it's very comfortable and very lightweight, and it's a beautiful drawstring see that from the side, everybody, yes, so then you want to take it off simply loosen it. Pull it off shake that hair out and voila. We'Re back to norms alright, so that's how you use our shower. Mousse, silk drawstring bought it. You can get yours at WWDC and x3 comm and the one that we just showed you is a is a large

Tanesha Walker: Ohh, love it! I'm going to have to get me one of those.

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