How To Make Satin Hair Bonnet// Reversible Headwrap 2- In- 1

  • Posted on 22 June, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hey Team Flojah today I’ll be showing you how to make a hair bonnet// Head wrap 2 in one method


Half yard of Africa print fabric

Half yard of satin fabric

22cm of elastic band

Hope you enjoy the video thanks

Hate sin flow Jay. How are you all doing welcome to my channel if you're just coming for the first time to flow Jay? Thank you for always coming back so today we'll be doing a Burnett and a drop so reversible, a drop all right. So the opponent will be doing will be needing African fabric, so this is my African fabric. You guys know I'm a lover of African fabric. I am addicted to African fabric. Don'T worry, I don't need help. I am okay with my addiction, so be needing 11 inches long and the breads as well so I'll, be measuring 11 inch to form a cone, which is a second. So you can just me measuring 11 11 to get my ship way. If you have any round stuff, maybe a plate a round plate is good, but you can get the accurate measure from here so 11 inches. This is what a major all which alright so I'm just trying to connect all of them. Together with my chocolate I using Mac - I you can use anything what of you alright, so after continent at like so you fold it back and bring your SATs in, you can use you bring out your such thing, alright. So this is the such thing you can use this satin as well. That'S why it is called reversible, eight wrap all bonnets. You can use it at opponents as well. So this is going to be a three in one opponent: oh, you can actually cut it round. Like so, if you don't want the the cone method, you can just cut it around like this. You can see me I'm just showing through easiest method. You can use to get your your shape all right, so the 11 inches is including half inch sewing rod. So after cutting it's like so all through the circle, I'm gon na sew it around and live it and then live like through ish through inch to tone back so you're gon na turn. The inside out so you're gon na be bringing out the outer part and bring the inner parts inside and if you enjoy it, I'm trying to see so. This is basically me so in its round are living, at least through inches, to bring out the inner pad. Alright, so this is the process I'm done so I'm just watching it, so the why I decided to notch it, because so that would be easier for me when I bring it that I need to be neat, so you have to notch the outer part. Okay, the path you saw so that when you bring it out, you iron it. It would be very, very neat, do to make your walk to be neat. If you don't know, it won't be knit all right, so you can see me, I just pull it out and you see it's already. Looking needs already came out, so beautiful so I'll. Just take you to the iron and iron okay, so I just brought it out. See so I will just take you to the iron and iron, so I'm done ironing. You can see how it came out beautifully. Well, so you want to be careful with. You are not a very true hot iron because of this satsang. So you take your elastic band and I don't know, but I use one inch elastic band: okay, one inches! So if you're using one inches, you want to sew to be 1 point 5. Centimeter. Look at me. You can just measure 1.5 out to get your accurate with, so you just saw each round like so all right. So it's round so after getting my 1.5, so I just saw it out, though I did show you where I was showing it all right. So just to avoid long video, so you just take your safety pin and you put your elastic band entry through that you can fix it inside all right. So you just pin and pin and pin, pin the edges and Chuck in your safety pin and last Ally or elastic band to go into the airport or right into the African fabric, all right, so you can just see me doing it like so attack. My safety pin through the elastic and our just pulling it out, so you just do this method, it's very very easy, so this ed bonnet was less than admit. True, ed bonnet was less than 10 minutes. Okay, so you can make like 50 opponents if you're selling in your small community or in the market in less than two hours, alright. So after bringing out the elastic bomb I'll just go to my machine and and stitch for zig-zag. So you swish your machine to be a zig-zag stitch. You can see the zig-zag stitch make sure it is very, very tight in its elastic, so it has to be very tight, so the opening I have alright. So I'm going to close this opening now just fold. It neatly, then, I close the opening, so your head wrap is simply ready. This is how to get your address in less than 10 minutes and do this. Ok, but because I have it towed like this w me, so that was what make things to be very, very this video to be very very long. So this is just simply it guys for the edge wrap for the headband Assad. I'M gon na go ahead to do the wrap okay, so major from here to here. It'S five-inch, okay, just to get a desired chip in case. I want to tie it as a boat side, so the total length of this rap is 9c. Okay. The reason why it's 9c, because I wanted to go around my head twice all right. So I just get my scissors and I cut it out, cut out the shape that I was so Altru and leave at least two inches to bring out so after sewing and not always not. You can see me trying to rush so that the edges can be very, very, very, very sharp, all right, so the edge wrap the length is 90. You can, if you can get your long night see you can just get 40 40 and you joined together so that the two inch does the little space I left to bring it out. So you just leave a little space to bring it out all right. So you can just see me pulling itself, so the breath is ten inch. So I fold in two three four fold into you to give you five inch all right, so the length is 90 like I said for you to get night, so you can just get 40 40 and join them together all right. So I fast for this video. I don't want this video to be very long. It'S easy, DIY! Okay, you can do it in the comfort of your home, alright, so guys, it's already out. You can see me trying to pull ample ample so after pulling it out I'll. Take you to the iron and iron, all the edges out, alright, so I'll, take you to the iron and iron or the edges and attack it through my head bonnet. So by so doing it return to a drop. So it's like, through a 1 3 1 edge rap and he's also a Edie bonnet, so it can serve as true pop who's. Alright, so it's out city edges! I was telling you so now now that I'm done I'm gon na attack the attack, the ED bonnet and the wrap together like so alright, so I'm done so. This is the reversible, Edie bonnet. Hope you liked this video. If you liked this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel, if you have not done so, god bless you. Thank you very much for watching ciao ciao. So this is Ed Burnett, and this is also ed Burnett and the last one is a drop. You can see how beautiful the ED bonnet is. Thank you so much for watching god bless. You subscribe if you've not done that. So in my next video, I'm gon na show you how to make out to wear your edge, wrap all right, bye,

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