How I Used Avocado And Vaseline For Extreme Hair Growth And Thickness.

  • Posted on 18 May, 2022
  • Long Hair
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Today i bring to you all this super amazing hair growth product i made at home. hope you enjoy the video and please watch it to the end so you understand all the steps. thanks and don't forget to subscribe

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Hey lovelies welcome back to the channel. So if you are new here, my name is bridget and on this channel i do a lot of diy natural hair care videos, you know, show you all how to grow your hair using your own uh ingredients in your kitchen, and i also do a lot of Protective stuff videos for kids so consider subscribing if you are not yet subscribed to this channel and you're gon na, be loving it here so guys in today's video, i'm going to be showing all how you can use avocado and vaseline for massive hair growth, like the Last video i made how to use aloe vera and blue magic. You know for um super fast super healthy, strong long and thicker. Hair growth and many people came to me and they were asking if there is an alternative to you know to those products, because some people claim they couldn't find aloe vera where they lived or they couldn't find blue magic where they leave. And so i decided to make this other video, you know show you all how you can also incorporate um, avocado and vaseline, which i know it is common for hair growth and guys avocados are extremely moisturizing and nourishing because they contain natural oils and both polyunsaturated and Mono unsaturated fatty acid, which are the good fat you know, and while these oils can be beneficial for all hair types, they is, they are especially helpful for dry and dehydrated hair. So avocado is really really good for the hair, as well as as well as aloe vera. So if you do not have aloe vera, you can use avocado, and you know, avocado is also a good source of biotin and adding this b complex, vitamin back into your diet or on your hair, can also help to regrow or to make your head go longer. Stronger and even you know, healthier and yeah, a study done in 2015 found that the minerals in avocado oils, including potassium and magnesium, may sealed uh mesial cuticle cells, which can help your hair to look smooth and shiny and also it may help to prevent breakage. So i blended one avocado and i add the other one guys. You also have to make sure to eat healthy. If you really want to see your head going, healthier, thicker, stronger and longer, because if you keep um, you know taking care of your hair and you do not take care of your body. It is really not going to work. You have to make sure it goes hand in hand, so you have to make sure to take care of both your hair and your body. So i'm going to be adding um this moisturizing conditioner. I just love to add conditioners into my hair regiment, like my deep conditioners into my any of my diys, because i just want that extra moisture where i live, it's very cold and it is drying for the hair. So you really want your hair to be like super moisturized and the reason why i had to put it into the blender was because the avocado was not blending. So if you really have this issue like this is either you add water or you add avocado, i really thought i could get away with it or you can also use a very, very small blender, but this blender is really big, so the avocado, the avocado, was Not blending, so i decided to just make the work easy for me by adding the conditioner. You can also blend, and then you add your conditioner afterwards. So this is what it looks like after i am done. This is the creamiest conditioner diy conditioner. I have ever made like this thing. It'S so creamy like look at how it looks it is so yummy you can literally eat this thing guys you can just. I think you can blend aloe vera um. Sorry, i think you can blend avocado and mayonnaise. It'S going to look like this and you're going to have a good um, a good like sandwich for your bread, like, i think i'm going to try i'm going to try that like just blending some avocado, you put a little bit of mayonnaise and i think it's Going to give you this consistency, so i'm going to put this into the cheese um, the stocking cap. You can use cheese cloth and you can just strain it guys because you do not want anything to be stuck on your hair. Why? If, at all after you have washed your hair, so you can see the particles these particles would have been stuck on my hair. If i didn't um, you know just strain out the the particles and i'm going to be adding some oils. This one is also optional. You can just use, you can use just the avocado and you are going to have the same effect. But since i want the extra moisture - and i also want like my hair to be like super hydrated, i decided to add a little bit of oil. We just which, which i think it is really really important, because if you deep condition your hair guys, even if you have like a store-bought conditioner, try to add some oils into that store-bought conditioner you're, going to see a massive difference on your hair after you rinse Out your deep conditioner, so this is what it looks like it is so creamy i don't know so this is my daughter's hair. It is um. I'Ve not washed her hair for like two weeks, so i'm doing like extreme uh wash day. You know i'm going to deep conditioner, hey some people can skip deep conditioning, but i believe i believe, if you have like so much build up or death on your hair, you really have to wash your hair with shampoo and then you have to deep condition. Your hair, so i decided to take down the the braids. It'S been full. It'S been like that for like two weeks and her hair is a little bit pretty dirty. So i'm just going to go ahead to wash her hair with shampoo wash your hair with shampoo. Before you apply this conditioner, i say it again: wash your hair with shampoo. So this conditioner is a deep treatment mask. It means if you are going to apply the deep treatment mask on your hair. You have to make sure your hair is clean after you, shampoo. I'M saying this because people are going to come to the comment section and ask the same question, so you have to wash your hair with shampoo, so her hair was washed with shampoo and i'm going to apply this on her hair as a deep treatment mask. Not a leaf in a deep treatment mask or a deep conditioner. So, while you're applying this on your hair, just make sure that it goes on every strand of the hair, so every strand is going to be saturated. It'S going to be hydrated, it's going to be moisturized, you know just saturate your hair with this stuff, a pair of jeans just shut up too. We didn't practice if we weren't going back it doesn't matter. If it's true, i've got a, and if it's enough i wan na, see the stuff the world has got in store. I wan na. Take it on it. I'M falling the city skate by night wan na catching my photos where you go. Every corner twice is bright. They'Ll be my treasures forever. When i can't hold you tight i'll, see the stockholm lights, so i'm going to cover her hair with the shower cap and then i'm going to put this um head bonnet guys. This hair bonnet has done the job. I think it's time to get a new one, but i've gotten two are there and they are not as hot as this one. So i don't even know what to do like seriously, yeah. So moving on to making the jelly this one is um. It has a lot of it. It has a little bit of scent, so you can also buy the the original um jelly. You can buy the uh original one. It doesn't have scent this one i use for my before for my kit also, so you can just put a little bit on the bowl like i did with the with the blue magic and then you add a little bit of oil, i'm using the avocado oil. No olive oil rather just add a little bit of olive oil just so you get that light. Consistency like what i did with the with the blue magic yeah. So i just do this. You know for those of you who haven't watched the other video. I just do this because i just want it to be like light in consistency. This is going to lock in the moisture on your hair like crazy, like people have testified, people watch the other videos guys they have testified. Many people testify how their hair stayed moisturized for up to two weeks with that regimen so and it is the same regimen i did on my daughter, but i just changed the products. So if you really really want to like hold moisture into your hair, guys make sure to follow these steps. I am showing you today. It is really really going to help you, especially if you have super dry hair. If you have low porosity hair, which um doesn't keep moisture or you, if you have high porosity hair, which means moisture, can easily get into your hair and out of your hair, you can let moisture get into your hair. And then you trap the moisture with um. With these products, so the next thing i washed off the conditioner i washed the conditioner without shampoo, so i just rinsed up the conditioner with water, lukewarm, water and then i apply leave in the living. The leave-in i'm using is some african pride moisture miracle leaf in conditioner. You can use any leave-in of your choice. You can use any um jelly of your choice. You know there are many many jellies out there. You can just go ahead to to use any of your choice so yeah i just went ahead to comb the hair and then i'll be blow drying the hair, because i love the hair to blow dry to be like straight. So it's really really not going to tangle and guys the power of stretched hair is amazing. Try stretching your hair if you have not been doing that you're going to see less breakage on your hair and you're going to retain a lot of length, so i i discovered it - and i was just so like why didn't i know this before so stretching your Hair or stretching your baby's hair either with a blow-dry comb, a dryer or maybe african trending method is really really going to help your baby or your hair to like retain a lot of length and why you blow dry, your hair do not make your hair to Like burn straight just make sure that it is a little bit stretched and then you just use um the other product. You know to just seal in that moisture. Trust me. If you do this, your hair is going to stay super moisturized and also make sure to wear a headbone, a satin, hair bonnet or sleep on a certain pillowcase at night, because my daughter is asleep with a certain pillowcase um satin bonnet rather - and i also sleep With a certain bonnet, if you do all of these, and you do not sleep with a satin bonnet or in a certain pillowcase, the moisture is just going to um is the the cotton pillowcase you sleep with is just going to soak up all the moisture like This has been tested and proven so yeah. Thank you guys for watching and see you in my next video have a blessed day. Bye. You

Naturalzana: first of, i have to acknowledge how fresh and beautiful that avocado is. this is a great recipe. i use vaseline mixed with jamaican black castor oil and other ingredients and the results on my hair is amazing. using that and other natural ingredients have helped me a lot to grow my hair faster after i did my big chop. thanks for sharing this .

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