How To Tie A Satin Hair Bonnet If You Wear Hair Extensions! So Easy To Sleep In

  • Posted on 23 October, 2021
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

I purchased the best tie satin bonnet ever from those I’ve been looking for this kind of bonnet. I’m able to secure the bonnet, my hairstyle last and it prevents my hair from drying out. Love this bonnet!

When you think that you can't find a bonnet that fits or a bonnet that retains moisture a bonnet that holds your curls a bonnet that holds a big hair weave, look guys girl space, look no further, finally got the bonnet that fits from those This is a satin bonnet, of course, with the little logo, letters very cute, and it has the elastic stretchable band. That way it can be adjusted. However, you like for it to fit, so i just want to put this bonnet on show you guys. I usually use a little clip bam so just like that, okay, sometimes hair might come out, which is fine, just take the ends. Push it on up in there. It will hold. This bonnet is really really really nice. It holds the curl patterns. It retains moisture prevents dryness, and it's fashionable all that all that, so because you have these two cute little pink elastic bands that come with it bam your time, you turn to your comfortness, so you adjust it like this. You can also bring it all the way around and tie it like this and or you can tie it on the sides in a bowl like this or you can bring it back some like this and tie it whatever suits you. I just wanted to come on and share see all my hair is in this bonnet. Now you see it's not touching my neck, it's just really comfortable, so you can wear it anywhere to sleep in the streets and, however, you feel like you want to wear so when you want to take it down, you just take it off. Take the clip off and you just pull your hair back in place. That'S it and the curls come back, it's not dry and it's perfect so head on over there to those and order your bonnet today, all right!

Brianna Lane: x5nwmu

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