Step By Step In Making Hair Bonnet With African Print

  • Posted on 11 June, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Do you have pieces of African print, You can use it to make your own hair bonnet just in 8 minutes.

We are going to learn how to make an amazing helpful next potatoes leader for today's tutorials. We need a fashion fabric, our line, a advocates in or a me affordable lining, but wait in and out. You need something to give it a new. We have us in this tape, measure and gently with a pencil to the next person. Okay, so fast. Yes, that's our 13 put your fabric into four so test. We have to fold it into two then fill the second food. So this the spoonful to give us four layers of fabric, so I mean you have to get only as then we take your feedback. Thank you. Perhaps our musical. It is once one two three such a vicious friendship is a pencil or a pen. So let's use pencil, but let's do the measurements of 9 inches and their rituals. Okay, all right! So you start from the point where this would be after you point so from neh measure. My intentions, when I teach is there: if it's one outdoors, you can estimate inches and take tight images or 14 inches to enlarge your deviled eggs, but what idealistic to 9 inches unless these points you're not point together to focus it. So if you have a camper to use your head for the connection now, let's cut it up, remember to place your hand on the fabric representation to play, see brown eyes and brown boys technical use, the same party to custom classes that students are fashion pocket. Let'S use the same pattern and we have four decision as far as well so it'll be fun to watch the Pope at the you detract ambience, that's concern, but the pattern is guitar, so you don't need any backup. Just lay your hands on it and has around well now we have let you so those it nicely done. Our next step is to join these two. So, let's move on to this diction and when we are to join these two and what you have to do. This the right side of your family, the right side, you put the two right side together, then you stitch half an inch whole round, leaving a small part about one inch to turn it out. Okay. So let's move to the stitching path. Now you can turn everything, so that's how we clean tonight. So from this you have to mimic one inch away. You make a stitch on that one inch. They believe a little all half an inch they stitched on that. We have two stitches. You have to stitch and line with the help of exceptional. You can push it to business economic edge. We almost radio, your PIN out, take the two things out. Please before you can see the edges with a to last day. So all I have to do is to bring the two elastics together, then Sean. So for this lock double stitch, so you can strain portraits to make your control. I can push it in. I spread the culture please. While you turn it that raw edges will be showing so what you can do, if you have a helmet, you can use an image there. You I own is the edge on that pattern. You know you can stitch. In fact we Tesla can tell this. Yes, we know we are done, but our tutorials, those how they how to look like and they look like we as I say you can't waste food out and pee. So there's a you know this for your business. We want to also wear one on the mother. Playoff, I also as a goodness just increase the size so from our next video are going to show you how to make a fascinator for your hair. Look amazing, I change or in will be forwarded, so don't just view. I keep on subscribing to my channel to have feedback from every new tutorials

Deborah Nartey: I just finished making my hair bonnet with the guidance of this video. Thanks girl

Grace Manzie - Sewing Made Easy: Awesome tutorial

Emmanuel Osei Awortwe: Awesomely Awesome

Okoye Helen: Ma what's the size of the elastic

Akorede Adenike (Aniky F.I. Couture): Keep it darling

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