How To Wrap Your Hair With A Bonnet

  • Posted on 16 February, 2009
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Techniques and tools used to wrap your hair for nightly maintenance!!!!

I was coming back to show you all how to do some nightly maintenance to your hair, ie rapping and showing the tools that are preferred when you wrap your hair and also giving you a couple of options depending on your hair type. As far as like whether it's oily or whatever, the maintenance will have to be for your hair type, so here we go um first thing: you're going to need is a paddle brush like this. Most people call it a week brush this one is by Crickett another one that I really really like, of course, is my all-time. Favorite is the FHI, and that one also looks very similar to this, except for its red in black instead of silver in black, and the reason why I chose to prefer these over the regular bristle brush is that these will help someone. The curl doesn't get brushed out too soon, as well as it helps to comb through each strand much better because of how the the pegs are put in. So this is why I prefer this over using a regular bristle brush and I'm gon na. Do it two ways for you today, one is wrapping, and this is so old, but one is wrapping with the bonnet. I'M gon na show how to do that. This helps so that if you have a particularly oily scalp, this will help so that your wrap will be able to stay longer. It'Ll still give you the look that you're looking for and it'll be able to stay longer without looking too greasy like two or three days, which mostly that's what I have give them about. Two or three days tops, and then I'm look like. So if you don't need to shampoo your hair as often but yet you want to have some sort of nightly maintenance and your hair's oily. This is gon na, be your best bet and I'll show you this one first, because it's easiest and also showing you with the traditional silk scarf. This normally helps as far as making sure that your hair isn't drying out. What you don't want to do is use a cotton bandana that is going to dry your hair out. Please stay away from those anything that satin silk polyester blend not really too happy about it. But you know it's better than the cotton, but anything satin or silk is going to help as well as I'm going to give a reinforcement tool, which is the satin pillowcase. This really really does help because a lot of the times and if you're like me, you're wild sleeper when you wake up in the morning, your scarf is off and you want to be able to make sure that you are protecting your hair at all cost. So I definitely recommend to use the satin pillowcase as reinforcement just in case one of those other two options falls off so that your hair, and especially in the back, if there's a lot of breakage, that will help to alleviate that as well. So we'll get started. First thing that I do is I comb everything from the middle of my head forward. So I'm gon na do that, and this is very, very simple, and these are just you know little things that you can do to make sure or to ensure that the health of your hair is the best that it can be. So, as you all can see, it's like a little hole in the middle there and what you're going to start to do is you're going to start to brush it, don't necessarily start wrapping it yet but start to brush it in the direction that you want. Your app to be that's the first circle now, once you come around to the second circle or the second go around, that's when you start to brush up and as you can see, it still leaves this middle part. So that way I won't have hair. That is coming over or falling out which that typically is the biggest problem for most people. So you're going to continue to come around, I always like to do the head tilt. I think everyone doesn't have to pet it so you're going to continue to come around after you have that all up now. This is for all of my body. People who are like me. They have a very, very oily scalp. So what you're going to do is my bonnet. It has a rubberband lining if this is on the inside turn it inside out, because this will also have a tendency to rub and cause some breakage so just to be on a safe side. Make sure that the rubber part is out, so what I'm going to do is just put that on. Like so, and I always like to turn my bonnet just to make sure all the hair is sweeping in one direction underneath, and I do the same thing. If I was to wrap it with excuse me if I was to wrap it with this scarf now what's happening on the inside of here, because I know people are like well, how does it stay wrapped? Well, the thing is, what you want to do is make sure one when you sweep it that it's all swept in there and once the hair falls inside of the bonnet, it's going to fall in the way that it's wrapped, if that makes sense, so you don't Want to necessarily worry about your hair ruffling up too much on the inside, not unless you're like me and sleep very, very heavy, and although I sleep very, very heavy, this still works very well for me and it keeps it from getting so oily so soon. So that's one method:

babyuv3: Thanks for the advice. I tried your technique last night and my hair looked very nice this morning! Thanks again and keep the videos coming =)

Vittoria10538: You're so pretty, and you're so nice to help others by taking the time and trouble to make this video. I am of European descent (German and Sicilian), but my hair is long, thick, slightly coarse and VERY difficult to get smooth. Wrapping is so much healthier than using a hot iron, so I will try this. Thank you! xo V

Zenaida: Amazing tutorial!! Now i know how to avoid that scruffiness at the top of my head lol i could never wrap it without it getting all scruffy at the top in the middle thank u so much! :) :) :) u have gorgeous hair by the way!

ICH8RS: Wow you're so fast and your hair is so beautiful!! I've been trying a procedure like this but my hair is very "white-girl" like and falls, falls, falls. So for a while I would just throw it in my unattractive silk cheetah bonnet from Sally's that all my dorm friends make fun of me about. Call it my "Granny-Due"! Well, I'm off to try your technique! Thanks again for taking the time out to teach us lost souls. =]

Vern W.: I love the advice you give... I never thought of using a bonnet with my wraps. Love the makeup (hope there is a tutorial) and what is this songs? Thanks a lot and keep the great videos rolling : )

SS Superhero: wow I actually wrap my hair just like that and I thought I was doing it wrong. lol and now they have a bonnet without that elastic band around it and it stays on much better. love the video!

Sandra Omoye: Thank you so much for making this video! it helped me alot

Cantetinza17: I'm still trying to get the technique because I have transitioning hair, so wrapping the two tectures is a little difficult, plus I have short layers, so I have to pin my hair in sections so it will stay.

andi325: Rachel :-) how do you prevent the 'line' across your forehead from the bonnet? also, my wraps won't stay without clips...and the clips hurt! :-( can I get an appointment? lol help!

gbritaney: you are very helpful! What kind of relaxer do you use. Is it a pro product?

rudegyal321: your hair is beautiful:D and i love your second picture!! it looks professional;)

Tanyetta Mckoy: Thank you! You have BEAUTIFUL hair!

ddixon06: WOW! Your hair is just amazing

SHA' Miles: I thought the video was going to end without her ever getting started

S S: yeah you could do that as well! I wrap my hair almlost everynight with a bonnet;

Shruti Hardat: @TouchedbyanAngel25 Hey. You are supposed to keep changing the direction you wrap your hair in every other night. This keeps your edges from thinning. :)

Sometimes it snows in April: I am a wild sleeper and that's why I stopped wrapping my hair!! I'll try it again though.

RachelOlivia: Thank you I got it from Victoria's Secret.

Cantetinza17: I can never wrap it right! it always puckles

finey23: very pretty hair

vanilla coke: Thanks!

Jade Harris: WOW.your hair is so pretty.

Mochaprincess07: hi Rachel!! Where is your salon based?!! I go to Spelman College and I want to get my hair done by you :) Best,

TheLalena30: girl ur hair is fly as it gets thats what i want tell me your secret perm and all god has blessed you

RachelOlivia: Hi Andi!!!!!! If you turn the bonnet inside out then it won't create a heavy line other than that I will have to research better methods so you won't have a hard line!!!!! As for the clips you can try to use the large pins like what I had in the video and then slide them out after you put the bonnet on or you can leave them in because the larger pins shouldn't leave a hard line in your hair. OF COURSE YOU CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!

vanessa w.: ahaha i liked the intro!

JamaicanCutie18: your smile makes me smile

london4life16: Ur hair is so looks fake lol

Tlove: omg lol u need to put the songs u feature on ur vids i luv dem lol thanx :)

The One True Jade: i think she is natural.

lauren72486: how do you wear your hair if you're staying with ur man?

ninanee2008: i hate your hair!!...:) it's beautiful.

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