How To Make A Satin Bonnet For Curly Hair 2022 (Includes Free Paper Pattern) | Diy Satin Bonnet

  • Posted on 30 December, 2021
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Hey y'all in this video I share how to make a satin bonnet for natural hair, satin bonnet for curly hair and satin bonnet for straight hair using a satin bonnet pattern. I will link the video of the pattern paper below. This satin bonnet diy video shows how to make a satin bonnet. Through this satin bonnet tutorial, you can turn yourself into a satin bonnet vendor for reversible satin bonnet.

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Hello, everybody, my name's lou, and welcome to the amazing okay. So today, i'm going to show you how to make this reversible, satin ruffled bonnet, and to achieve this you're going to need the satin bonnet pattern paper, which you can also see in one of my other videos. I will link it in the icard or the description box below, so we're making a 12 inch bonnet and we are going to need 24 inches of satin fabric because we're going to fold it. So i measured 24 inches of my satin material and then i cut it and then i did this for two of the materials. So i had two pieces of 24 inches by 24 inches if that makes any sense. So those are my two pieces and then using one piece, i'm going to show you what to do next fold, the satin fabric with the shiny sides facing each other. You can fold it horizontally or vertically. That'S that's! Okay! It'S a square! So either side works so make sure the shiny sides face each other and then fold it again to form four pieces or four folds. If i can say, if you count, then they're going to be four next we're going to get our pattern paper and we will place it on the fold and that's why it's called the place unfold so place it on the fold and pin it on both sides. So that the pattern paper does not move next, we will cut around the pattern paper and yeah. Let'S make some bonnets, so i went ahead and cut the other piece of satin fabric the same way. I did yeah fold the shiny sides and then fold them again. Put the pattern paper and cut so that's what i did now, i'm just unpinning the pins, removing the pins. Thank you and then unfolding the um cut fabric. So when you unfold it you're going to notice that your fabric is now in the shape of a circle. Next, we're going to get our second fabric, which we also cut, and it's also going to be in form of a circle. Then we're going to place it on top of the other, with the right sides facing or the shiny sides facing, and next we will pin both pieces of fabric to each other using pins. Just to give you a bigger picture, this is what's going on. We have our pinned circles with the shiny sides facing each other and now we're going to sew round. Let'S hit the sewing machine sew round and leave a space of about two inches, make sure you double stitch at the end of your sewing and cut the thread. Okay, so using that little space that we left of two inches turn the fabric inside out. So now we want the shiny sides that we're facing each other to be outside. Now that we've turned the fabric inside out and ironed it. We are going to top stitch round using um gold thread or thread that's similar to gold, because this is the outside everybody's going to see it. It needs to look neat but make sure you don't cover that little opening, because we're still going to use it to insert the elastic band. So, let's get stitching a little trick that i use to make sure i have even ruffles is to place my index finger. Close to the edge and then sew between my index finger and my middle finger. That way my ruffles are going to be the same all round, and they may be about 0.5 inches. Depending on how big your index finger is. So mine is a little small and yeah so sew all around and make sure that little space is still left because we are going to use it to insert the elastic band. As i mentioned earlier place your index finger next to the first top stitch and then stitch round again between your index finger and your middle finger. So this casing we're creating, is for the elastic band sew around and make sure you cover that little space, and it should look something like this. The next step is to pin the safety pin to the elastic band on one end and then pin the other end. Um to the fabric, so this is going to help secure the elastic band and it won't get lost in the casing. Yeah. So once you've done that get your first pin and insert it into the little space we left and just take it around the fabric and make sure it gets out. The other end make sure you ease your fabric, while you do that so: okay, okay, okay! So this is the bonnet. This is the final product. Okay, thank you so much for watching my video. If you liked it, please give it a big thumbs up, comment down below what you'd like to know and also give me suggestions of what sewing projects you'd. Like me to do next i'll see you in my next video thank you for watching have an amazing week. Bye

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