Professional 1300 W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer Stand Up Rolling Base With Wheels

  • Posted on 08 February, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Equipment by Nova Microdermabrasion

Video done in Hairitage Hair Lounge

Professional 1300W Adjustable...


Hi guys, this is our review for the professional 13 watt, larger bonnet dryer. It comes in this box and it has a whole bunch of styrofoam and it comes with instructions. These are the instructions even they'll, probably like you. We did not use them to put it together, it's fairly easy to put together. You want to make sure that you have all ten pieces. If you don't have ten pieces, you got to return it. Unfortunately, so you could make sure that the pieces match up and here's a fast-forward on assembly. The only thing that I would watch out for is unscrewing the circle on the bottom of the black pole and inserting it into the circle then screwing the cylinder back on to assemble the entire thing. That'S the only thing that we might have needed the directions for have to take off the tape because the bonnet does come up. So that's kind of cool has on/off switch. It has a temperature gauge up to seventy-five degrees, a timer up to sixty minutes and the best thing about it is it's so quiet you could hardly even hear it. It'S amazing. Now, let's turn on traditional yeah. You can't even hear yourself think and then this one turn that one off this one's on this is the game. Changer. I got this guy on Amazon. The link will be attached and make sure to follow us. You can also follow me on instagram at just a hair, see you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope this was helpful. Information.

Candace Cross: So I'm having an issue with the dryer pulling plastic caps and hair in general up into the fan. What did you do to prevent this?

Beeyond Beauty: Girl you know that screw was not that easy to take off, I’m in here struggling

Dhariana De Los Santos: Thank you soooo much! This video saved my life. The package instructions sucked! This helped!

Miss Toya Motivated S: Thanks for sharing

Mabel Delossantos: Hey. Im looking for a hooded dryer and I came across your video. Do you still use this dryer? Do you like it?

uzoma ochonogor: Please which of the buttons do u turn on first? The timer or the temperature control button

Black Mimosa: THANK YOUUU!!!

NotYourNanasWigs: I feel like the bolt is so tight

Jamie Walsh: I might save up my money for one on amazon

Beer K: Why the speed?? I need to know how to attatch the diliver cylinder to the black one,

Kylieann Phang: Idk I can’t get the metal cylinder attached to the black piece it’s not fitting :(

Jamie Walsh: I'm getting the black one

Onajournee: I’m slow I still couldn’t figure it out lol

Serah Chava: Can't even see what you are doing the words are covering up everything there no visual

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